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A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World Chapter 1838 - Guarding Against Him

Chapter 1838: Guarding Against Him

And Shi Xiaoya seemed to be very used to Han Zhuoling taking such good care of her already. She did not try to be polite with him at all.

Han Zhuoling shelled prawns and even dipped them in a generous amount of sauce before placing them on her plate.

Shi Xiaoya just ate them straight away, without even lifting her head up.

Seeing that made Shi Nancang stunned and speechless.

It seemed like Han Zhuoling really was not just giving cheap talk. He really treated Shi Xiaoya very well.

But looking at how much chemistry these two had, did it seem like they just started dating?!

Shi Nancang scoffed twice in his heart and asked, “When are you both intending to go home to visit? Since both of you came over today to meet me, you also intend to go back home to let Dad and Mom have a look, right?”

Shi Xiaoya nodded. “I don’t intend to hide it from you either, or else we wouldn’t have come over together today.”

Shi Nancang nodded. This was more like it.

“Then have you both confirmed the date and time?” Shi Nancang asked again.

Shi Xiaoya then asked Han Zhuoling, “When are you free?”

Han Zhuoling thought about it and said, “Is this Saturday okay?”

“Should be fine. I’ll ask Dad and Mom.” As Shi Xiaoya said that, she was about to call her parents.

“Wait a moment.” Shi Nancang stopped her and said, “Can the timing be confirmed? What if Young Master Ling suddenly has work to attend to then?”

Shi Xiaoya thought about it, and it made quite a bit of sense.

Han Zhuoling smiled at Shi Nancang and said, “You can just call me by my name.”

“…” Shi Nancang gaped, then said, “I actually really can’t bring myself to say it.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

“Saturday is fine.” Han Zhuoling did not quibble with Shi Nancang over how to address himself and said, “Even if I have work then, I can push it back, it’s fine. Or I can let Zhuoli take over too.”

When he was single, he had helped Han Zhuoli take on quite a lot of work.

This time, he could let Han Zhuoli help him shoulder some of the burden.

As family, this was how they should make use of each other.

Shi Nancang was really starting to believe what Shi Xiaoya had said just now, that Han Zhuoling put Shi Xiaoya before his work.

To meet their parents, he would even push back his work.

Shi Xiaoya smiled widely as she raised an eyebrow at Shi Nancang. “How is it? What I said just now was correct, right?”

Shi Nancang: “…”

This silly younger sister, don’t be so delighted in front of Han Zhuoling.

As he was concerned about Shi Xiaoya being too tired, they did not take too long to have the meal.

The specifics can wait until Saturday, when Han Zhuoling would come over to their house, and they could talk more then.

The three of them stepped out, and when they reached the entrance, Shi Nancang said to Han Zhuoling, “I can just send Xiaoya back. It’s also quite tiring for you after filming for the show. Rest earlier when you get back.”

Shi Nancang actually adjusted to it quite quickly, putting on the airs of an older brother-in-law.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

What else could he say?

Shi Nancang was guarding against him now.

But could he guard against him?

“Brother,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Why? Can’t your brother send you back now? You kept following the production team, so I haven’t seen you in a long time,” Shi Nancang said.

Shi Xiaoya had no choice. How would she not know Shi Nancang’s intentions?

She could not bear to leave Han Zhuoling, yet she could only say apologetically, “Then I’ll go back with my brother now. Take care on your way back. Rest earlier when you go back.”

Being nagged at out of concern by Shi Xiaoya like this made Han Zhuoling’s heart feel more and more warmed. He did not find it annoying at all and hated that she could not just keep on nagging like that.

He wanted to stay with her for a while longer. Alas, out came a Shi Nancang in the middle of it.

Han Zhuoling did not want to leave her so early at all.

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