Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 129

[Vol 6] Chapter 8 – Trial of Pleasure

The place where Hajime and the rest got teleported to was inside the same sea of trees as the first time.

However, we didn’t know which way we should go, even doing an examination did not help due to the vastness, the ceiling… the goal that had to be faced was also not seen.

Apparently this place was in the jungle area of the underground 【Orcus Great Labyrinth】 where we once came before. In the innermost of the area, there was a suspicious large tree towering over the surroundings which was different than the other trees. Most likely, that place was the location for the new teleport gate.

“It seems all of the members are here this time.”

Hajime squinted and glanced around at the members. There was an anxiety that something might happen during the teleportation earlier, but it was an unfounded fear.

“….Hajime, fake?”

“No, it’s alright. My eyes and my intuition said that everyone is real.”

“If Hajime has already said so then it’s alright.”

Shia’s face showed trust. Hajime shrugged while saying “Are you okay by yourself?”. Yue and the others saw him covering up his embarrassment for a moment, which shows the length of their relationship.

Hajime gave the command to start departing when a giant tree was seen in the distance in the densely growing sea of trees. When he turned and took a peek over his shoulder, he saw the shadowed expressions of Kouki and Suzu.

It was easy to imagine what kind of dream that Suzu woke up from, that’s why I understood that she was unable to escape and was hurt deeply. However, what on earth did Kouki see in that dream. Nah, anything he saw, it made him shocked after coming back from his dream.

However, this was a great labyrinth. It would not be strange for this demonic region to make us fall into a despairing scene of carnage in only one second. It will not be good to drag this out forever like this.

“Amanogawa, Taniguchi. Do you still want to keep going?”

“Na, th-that’s obvious!”

“Eh? O-of course!”

The two people were pierced by Hajime’s sharp glint. Their biting words were voiced in desperation, even the short-tempered Ryuutaro who was their comrade raised his eyebrow. However, Hajime kept going before Ryuutaro could say something.

“This is a great labyrinth. Taking one step ahead, the future after one second, this place is where death awaits eagerly for us. If you are unable to concentrate, it’s better to give up now. You will be dying in vain”.

“Wa-wait, I am….”

“Now what kind of excuse will you make? The fact that you failed on the trial a while ago won’t be changed. Just now, it’s necessary to at the very least make a determination to overcome it. Right now you all are unable to see it. You all have no guts which becomes a burden for us.”

“It’s still possible to open a gate towards the outside, I can also prepare the barrier. Continue or return, decide it now, I won’t permit a half-hearted advance.”

Silence permeated the surroundings. Kouki seem to suppress his resentment by clenching his teeth desperately. However, it’s not because of what Hajime said, instead Kouki’s anger was towards himself.

Even though he felt down because of a lack of concentration, he felt safe because there was Hajime’s party, he noticed the fact that he unconsciously depended on them too much. Unable to stomach Hajime’s way of thinking, he wanted to be more stronger than Hajime, that’s why he wanted to capture the great labyrinth, and yet he miserably depended too much on Hajime, he really wanted to punch himself.

However, even if you let out your fury now, the overdependence towards Hajime needs to be answered. Kouki breathed deeply many times and expelled the gloomy feelings in his chest along with the air to the outside, he inhaled the fresh air.

“Nagumo. It’s alright. I’ll keep advancing!”

Hajime nodded with a light feeling and shifted his gaze to Suzu. Suzu in an instant, shook herself with a start but she showed a resolute expression at once and stared directly into Hajime’s eyes.

“Suzu is also going. I still have plenty of motivation!”

“I see. Then that’s good. Don’t lower your concentration.”

After Hajime said that much, he began to walk quickly ahead. Ryuutaro whacked Kouki’s shoulder! He striked hard. Kouki was aware that his childhood friend was worried, he was staring at Hajime’s back with the eyes of gratitude.

Suzu too, after being encouraged by Kaori and Shizuku began to recover her spirit. The two people began following Hajime.

Hajime’s party advanced and aimed straight for the great tree.

The surroundings became silent, the insects which usually cried were not heard. Because there was no wind blowing, there was no sound of leaves rubbing against each other. The sound of Hajime’s party pushing through the big plants was loud.

“Hmm~, I have a bit of an unpleasant feeling.”

“Yeah. Somehow, it’s like the Orcus’s ambush.”

“Indeed… There are no signs of demons either.”

When Tio frowned and said that, Kaori and Shizuku remembered when they got ambushed by the demon girl Cattleya, sharp gazes filled with tension and caution were showed to the surroundings.

“First, there was nothing from the spider golem which I sent as a scout. Even though there is nothing, I doubt it… Rather, isn’t it better to burn the entire sea of trees to reach the great tree?”

“Nagumo… I don’t want to say it, but first of all your destructive thinking is troublesome and problematic.”

“Ah, sorry about the previous hell of flames. Because I seriously didn’t expect Suzu’s barrier would make us feel more dead than alive.”

Towards Hajime seriously thinking of razing to the ground all the hiding places instead of being wary of hidden things, Ryuutaro and Kouki sent a tsukkomi about it. When the surrounding area became a sea of flames, he can’t help but feel his courage shrink.

After the admonishing gazes from the other members, Hajime, who already had taken out the Getsurin Rings and Cross Bits reluctantly put them back into the “Treasure Box”.

At that time, obviously, they didn’t think that Hajime will repent on what he did. From now on they will become more attentive, because they don’t want to taste the carpet bombing by themselves, especially Shizuku.

“…. hm? Raining?”

“It’s true. It’s falling drop by drop.”

Suddenly, feeling the dampness over his head, Kouki frowned. Suzu agreed while holding her hand over her head. When the two people looked at each other, both of them simultaneously bristled when an impossible phenomenon occurred.

“Tsk, Yue!”

“….grunt, “Divine Interruption”!”

Hajime, reacting quickly toward the abnormality and called Yue. Yue developed an area barrier by harmonizing. (EN: breathing technique)

Immediately after…


The heavy rain poured onto Hajime’s party all of a sudden, the rain slipped down the surface of Yue’s barrier… because, no matter how you look it, it’s not ordinary rain. Rain was impossible in here. Even though the viscosity of the rain suited this place well, but this place was a closed space, so it does not have a sky.

Then, it’s true form was naturally revealed. It’s possible this liquid that was pouring on us was a trap of some sulfuric acid or some other toxic, or is it a sort of demon?……… Whatever. Right now, It seems it’s the latter this time.

“Nagumo-kun, the surrounding area.”

After carefully watching over the situation of the surrounding area, Shizuku called out with a tense voice to Hajime. From the previous glance, the trees, grass, ground, from all those places there was something milky white oozing out.

“Slime, eh? Damn, it’s also the concealing type too, no wonder I couldn’t sense it with the Devil Eye.”

“Nagumo! From your feet!”

“Kya, take this, “Decomposition”!”

Hajime who didn’t notice the slime, clicked his tongue secretly. The white slime began to appear from the ground at his feet. Even though “Divine Interruption” was a spherical barrier that can form in the ground, it’s impossible to intercept something which was attacking from inside the ground itself. The white slime which lurked on the ground assaulted Hajime’s party from inside the barrier.

Suddenly, splosh from our feet! When the white slime jumped, Kaori quickly invoked “Decomposition” as she was swallowed up to her knees.

The white slime collapsed and became particles. A typical slime attack was making the best use of its strong characteristic against physical attacks, it approached the target, absorbed it into its body and then dissolved it. Somehow she was able to eliminate it before completely dissolving.

“Oii~! Don’t cling to me!”

Ryuutaro’s fist pounded on the white slime, which was about to expand onto his back. The impact of the piercing effect from his gauntlet-type artifact was transmitted, in an instant the white slime became stains when it collided with “Divine Interruption”’s inner wall and scattered, leaving nothing behind.

“He-, idiot Ryuutaro! It got scattered over here!”

“This muscle-brain! Not thinking at all!”

“Oh? Sorry, Sorry!”

“Eww~, it’s so sticky and gross…”

Kouki and Shizuku raised a voice of protest on the troublesome way Ryuutaro defeated the slime. Kouki’s party who fought on the side got splashed directly.

“Oh my, are you okay? Shizu…”

“Yeah, I’m alright, Kouki. These fellows died unexpectedly easily… What’s the matter?”

“Eh? No, it’s nothing! Ah, it’s nothing at all!”

Though it was a little dubious that the monsters they were fighting were so fragile considering it’s a great dungeon, Shizuku was told by Kouki to be carfull. But, the way of Kouki’s speaking was like an old grandma! He quickly turned his face away as if he heard something while avoiding taking a glance at Shizuku.

On the way, Suzu also entered his field of view, he avoided her gaze in a panic because it was the same situation Shizuku.

Though Shizuku turned an inquiring look at Kouki who was pointing at the slime, in the end, it was not much now since the “Thunder Flower” skill of the dark blade was used to destroy the white slime inside the barrier.

It was the source of Kouki’s trembling.

It was a milky white slime. That creature, was the real form of the rain earlier. A little while ago, Shizuku and Suzu were bathed in it when Ryuutaro scattered it. In other words, it was a thick cloudy liquid.

With this, it was needless to say to what Kouki reacted to. Frankly, the appearance of Shizuku and Suzu was dangerous. The people themselves seemed to not have noticed yet…

And also, Yue’s group was also the same.

Yue destroyed the White Slime while maintaining the “Divine Interruption” by frying it with her small version of a blue dragon. Though the splash of the white slime that was defeated did not cling, the amount of rain that fell from earlier had attached firmly. The thick and cloudy liquid flowed down the nape of her neck and her cheek…

Shia too, because a white slime that had started to hang over her just like with Ryuutaro, she blew it away by invoking “Magic Smash Wave” with her Drücken. The scattering splash clinged a little bit. That’s natural, because unlike Ryuutaro who causes high shock waves, the amount was extremely few. Even though it’s small, but still…

The most dangerous one was Tio, who was splashed with the milky white slime that Shia had blown off earlier. Shia didn’t aim it towards Tio, this was to say she was purely unlucky, she was bathed right from the front as if someone threw a variety of pies at her.

Tio right now, her glossy black hair and her black clothes based on a kimono style were sticky with the cloudy liquid. Moreover, the liquid was also flowing onto her beautiful leg from the open hem. It really was a dangerous picture.

The one with the least damage was Kaori. She did not need to worry about the splash because there was “Decomposition”. Moreover, the little bit of liquid she was covered in from the rain earlier was not that different from the other members.

As the other white slime was jumping, Hajime who had noticed the slime’s limits, became invincible after unfolding “Lightning Clad” all over his body to conceal himself, I should poke both the eyes of Kouki and Ryuutaro before they catch a glimpse of Yue and the rest of the girls, he was thinking of a dangerous idea.

But, since there was a possibility to be vulnerable from a white slime attack, because there was no knowing what would happen next, he decided to not do anything at the moment.

(If somehow they saw them, let’s hit them multiple times until the memory is erased.)

Instead, there an even more dangerous idea appeared. The lives of Kouki’s party might be a candle in the wind.

In the meantime, the fact that the clean-up of the white slimes inside the barrier was done so quickly was disappointing. It was confirmed, as far as the eye could see saw, the outside of “Divine Interruption” was covered thickly by the white slimes. He slowly approached with his Cross Bits and Getsurin Rings to near the inner side of the barrier.

“In the end, it ended up like usual…”

The view of outside using the Devil Eye through the Cross Bits, it was overflowing with numerous white slimes. From the wall on the ceiling, the slimes kept pouring down. The crowd of slimes that was drumming onto the ground was like a white sea.

If there was no one who had an instant superior magic defense like Yue, one would most likely end-up getting swallowed up with surprising swiftness. The future is really dark inside the great labyrinth.

“Yue, barrier please. Everything, I’ll burn them down.”

“Nn… Leave it to me.”

After Hajime received Yue’s encouraging word, he invoked Light Speed. And then, he flew to the sky while operating seven Cross Bits and Getsurin Rings at the same time.

“Ah~, damn, another reproduction of hell!”

“Again, it will come upon us…”

“Uu, at that time, if it wasn’t for Kaorin’s recovery magic, Suzu’s barrier would break you know? Will we seriously die? There won’t be any enemies from Nagumo-kun’s attack!”

Ryuutaro who guessed what Hajime was gonna do had a dejected expression, Shizuku’s eyes became like a dying fish. As for Suzu, the wall of flames seems to have created a minor trauma for her, she was somewhat teary-eyed. By the way, Kouki had been averting his gaze for a while. The image of Ryuutaro passing out seems to still be remembered well by Kouki.

(Kaori, please use decomposition on the slimes who are attached to the bodies. It’s a dangerous scene.)

Kaori was surprised at the sudden telepathic communication from Hajime. Why, had he contacted her on purpose? When she tilted her head, she realized the real intention from Hajime’s words about the “Dangerous Scene”.

And then, looking at the ladies who were dirtied by the cloudy liquid “This is certainly…” I blushed at once. Hajime had contacted me on purpose because he considered the fact that Shizuku and the rest were not aware of their own appearance. It’ll be bad move in various ways if a man like Hajime points that out.

As expected, Kaori gave her gratitude while blushing and began dealing with the cloudy liquid.

After confirming it, Hajime began to concentrate on the image of the outside from the Cross Bits.

(… The slime rain seems to not be showing any sign of weakening at all. Is this infinite? If it’s like this, then if something is not done to the ceiling, it will be meaningless.)

The sea of slimes increased in volume before one’s eyes every moment. Hajime let fly the Getsurin Rings at the ceiling. While they flew to the heavens with their high-speed rotation they flicked of the milky white slimes that tried to wrapped them up, as it is one after another collided with the ceiling without weakening in momentum.

It was the creation magic “Wind Claw”, it tore up the wall so easily like butter. The blade part of the Getsurin Rings were firmly buried. There was a horizontal hole created on the ceiling wall.

The Getsurin Rings were all in the hole, after confirming that the buried tip of the blades drew a small arch on the ceiling, Hajime pulled out a large amount of Getsurin Rings and Spider-type Golems from the “Treasure Box”.

The cheeks of Shizuku’s party cramped up when they saw the large amount of metallic spiders appear.

However, the golem-type spiders who were overflowing did not care about these types of things, one after another they left the ground, by way of the Getsurin Rings, and went towards the other rings that were stuck in the ceiling. They simultaneously spread out and clung onto the ceiling.

Now, in the non-battle state of Hajime’s “Light Speed” one hundred units was feasible. But with the battle state, it was possible to do the previous simultaneous operation up to 14 times.

The result was, the 80 spider-type golems that had poured out, while clad in a red phosphorescence, rushed about all over the ceiling while one by one they activated “Drilling”. The milky-white slimes that oozed out of the occasional small holes and gaps in the wall planned on hardening themselves in order to seal the drilling on the walls.

It seems this was the correct answer because the part where the spider-type golem were drilling the flow of slimes stopped. The intensity of the falling rain had slowly become weaker. There were countless bright red traces on the ceiling, it seems similar to a meteor storm.

(Alright, the drilling on the ceiling is good with this. Now the ground…. For starters, it’s absurd to not blaze the ground.)

While Hajime was thinking of something like a terrorist, he rotated the stuck Getsurin Rings and made the spider-type golems that were clinging to the ceiling fly away from there. And then, opening the gate with the Getsurin Rings on hand, this time he took out tar from the “Treasure Box”.

“How dare you, to make Yue and the girls dirty. I’ll burn you up without a trace.”

Hajime showed a fearless smile while showing his canine teeth in his mouth. His eyes glistened with a brutal gleam. He seems to be really pissed-off because Yue, Shia, and the girls have had the cloudy liquid poured on them.

Where on earth are his admirable words of endeavoring to keep his temper in check from a little while ago…

“Demon, it’s a demon, sweat! I’m scared~”

“……That shouldn’t be seen, Suzu. If possible you didn’t see anything at all! Maybe, surely…”

“This is bad, Kouki. That guy, someday will do an outrageous thing someday.”

“Yes, that’s right, the demons look more human than him….”

Towards Hajime who had an appearance like a devil, Suzu clung to Shizuku while trembling in fear, Shizuku was averting her eyes while saying things like a mother who warned her daughter, Ryuutaro shuddered like watching a terrorist in the future, Kouki, as a Hero felt that he should defeat that guy… was in reflex driven by his sense of justice.

As for the other side, Yue’s group…

“Aa…. Hajime, so dreamy.”

“Totally right~, it’s so heart wrenching~…”

“Master… Haahaa, what a nice view. Please watch us with those eyes too.”

“…Hajime-kun… gulp”

Somehow they got charmed. There was a saying that love is blind. No matter how you look at, he only had a brutal face, but according to Yue and the girls there apparently was a superb charm that could make someone’s heart race. It would be too late in a lot of ways.

If it was long ago, Kaori would have likely wore a complex expression when watching the warlike Hajime. But after watching Hajime, whose eyes shone and had not given up at all, when they had fallen into the desperate situation of eating the repulsive meat of the enemy in the Meljeene Deep Sea Ruins, she decided not to mind such a brutal-like face now and had fallen in love again.

When looking at Kaori like that, Shizuku looked far away and muttered “Kaori has gone too far….”

Even in this situation where we are exhaustively covered by slimes so the outside could not be seen, after seeing Hajime burning with killing spirit and exterminating with composure, Shizuku immediately averted her gaze. It’s because his expression was so villainous. Till the end, she looked away from that brutal expression that drew attention. It is so if I say that it is so!

At that time, a terrible detonation sound resounded outside the barrier. The sound of destruction didn’t just stay at just once, it resounded continuously and increasingly became louder. Consecutive ‘plosive sounds like firecrackers were heard, these were incomparable to the thunderous roar. The carpet bombing from Hajime’s Cross Bits had started.

Somehow, it seemed that the white slimes which covered the barrier were writhing. Right now, Hajime was clad in a transparent red light. Moreover, Yue’s group were charmed by him. Hajime who didn’t notice them, earnestly concentrated on the scene through his Cross Bits.

Reflected in his Devil Eye behind his eyepatch, the sea of slimes turned into a burning hell.

The black rain that was pouring down instead of the rain of slimes made the white slimes before our eyes become dirty one after another. In addition, the Getsurin Rings flew fast on the outside circumference of the white slimes and scattered a large amount of tar.

Immediately after a sufficient amount of tar soaked the slimes, the heavy rain of cluster bombs from the Cross Bits joined the rain of black tar. Even though the diameter of the small bombs were only several centimeters, it was not incomplete because the skill level of Hajime’s compression training had risen. The contents were packed with an unbelievable amount of combustion powder, its power could blow away a small house with only one of them.

The cluster of bombs that impacted the sea of white slimes exploded one after another before our eyes, the viscous bodies were pulverized into small pieces. And then, the spreading explosive flames ignited the surrounding tar and created a sea of hellish 3000°C flames.

The tremendous amount of heat from the flames licked the earth, it generated an upward pinnacle of scarlet red. The white slimes continued to burn and perish without a means to be free, but still the flames spread and thoroughly burned everything down. The tsunami of scarlet, which contained the murderous intent of Hajime, burned the trees, melted the ground, swallowed the sea of trees and even scorched the air.

The scorching red finally showed its visage when the slimes on the barrier and created a gap to look outside. At the next moment, someone who noticed it “Ah” raised a voice, outside the barrier had been transformed into a sea of flames. Before long the white slimes naturally flickered and turned into ash.

Before long, the white slimes completely disappeared from the surroundings. While observing the situation outside, the remaining tar was collected as only the fuel was blazing here and there. Hajime muttered…

“Nn~, apparently, it seems everything was roughly burnt out.”

“…Geez, is it safe to take down the barrier?”

Yue takes a confirmation from Hajime’s words.

“No, keep maintaining it a little more. There is a chance that some are still lurking underground.”

When Hajime said that, the divine stone on the ring shined bright. Just now, innumerable black objects fell from the ceiling at a fixed speed. The spider-type golem descended with its thread from the ceiling.

The surprised Shizuku instinctively let out an adorable scream towards the shocking scene of numerous little spiders falling from the sky. However, everyone agreed to magnificently ignore it. They didn’t see Shizuku cheeks blush from her scream. Although, some of their mouths were grinning broadly.

The spider golems landed, spread to the surroundings and simultaneously began drilling up to the giant tree like they did on the ceiling.

Hajime began to concentrate while closing his eyes and said something to everyone.

“It’ll take awhile to drill and reach the target of the giant tree. I don’t know how many of the white slimes there are, it would be fine if there was no trouble, but you all should prepare an attack measure in this spare time to avoid a timely defeat. In the meantime, though it may be difficult please keep maintaining the barrier, Yue.”

While still concentrating on moving the spider-type golems, Yue willingly consented to Hajime’s direction. The other members understood that the crisis was temporarily avoided and they slumped their shoulders.

Still, after being removed by Kaori, the ladies who were dirtied by the cloudy liquid all have clean appearances. Although the fate of Ryuutaro’s memory hadn’t changed.

Hajime was drilling the ground rapidly, but it takes a little while to plan for counter-measures so the distance to the giant tree wasn’t obstructed. So, thump he sat down cross-legged right then and there. There was not a problem physically but it was an ironclad rule of adventures to take a rest when you can.

After seeing that, the other members tried to take a short rest.

But, at that time, a soft weight was suddenly felt from Hajime’s back. “Hm?” When he looked over his shoulder, he saw Yue’s appearance. Apparently, she was clinging onto his back. Have you been spoiled far more than usual? In front of everyone, Hajime showed a small smile ….

“Haa haa… Hajime, I feel strange… Haa haa, I really want… I really want Hajime so much.”

“Hah? No, what are you saying at a time like this… Yue? What on earth is wrong?”

Yue’s breathing was rough. Her sighs were also burning hot, her eyes were moist and teary-eyed, her tongue was lightly drawing in and out lewdly from her lips seeking Hajime. She was really sexually excited.

Although he would respond with pleasure if this was an evening at an inn, but during this situation such a carefree attitude was impossible.

It’s impossible to suddenly become ***** in this situation. There was obviously something abnormal in Yue’s body. When Hajime held Yue and turned her around with a serious expression, Yue’s body went hot while trembling and writhing. And, as if to say it was not possible to endure it, she forcefully pressed her body continuously against Hajime.

When Hajime was observing Yue’s condition with many questions in his head, there was a shadow approaching before he was aware of it, when Hajime looked-up there was Shia.

“Hajime… I… I am too… Haa haa.”

“Shia, you too?”

“Haa haa, Hajime-san, like. I like you.”

“Wa…wait a minute.”

Shia prevented his escape by clinging onto Hajime’s arm between her cleavage and her thighs, and then, she began rubbing it. Obviously, she had the same symptoms as Yue. Her face was flushed, her eyes were misted with animalistic passion. The sexual appeal that she didn’t exude very much was flung into full throttle. She emitted a sweet fragrance that made Hajime giddy.

“What, on earth is this…”

Hajime was puzzled and sent a glance to the surroundings. There was the appearance of other members who were in the same condition as Yue and Shia was here.

Kaori too, her eyes were moistened and she writhing something unbearable towards Hajime. She was slowly moving little by little on all fours while restlessly rubbing her legs together. While Tio… was somewhat dazed.

Kouki’s party was also not an exception. Suzu was leaning over and hugging herself while writhing, the hollow eyed Ryuutaro who had lost his sanity was crawling closer to Suzu. Kouki was watching Shizuku with bloodshot eyes, he slowly stood and reached towards Shizuku.

Only, Shizuku had shut her eyes while kneeling straight, she writhed similarly to the ones before her, biting her lips without make any movement. Even though she kept her silence her cheeks were red. She seems to be trying to do mental concentration or something to endure the sexual excitement. It doesn’t need to be said that she was on brink of losing her sanity too.

However, before my eyes Kouki was already drawing near as it was but it was not known what he would do. Ryuutaro starts hanging over Suzu who had collapsed panting. During this heat, it’s clear what they are trying to do from their appearance and the way they were calling each other names.

“****. Is this that slime’s essence?”

While spewing curses Hajime took out the bolas from his “Treasure Box”. While simultaneously throwing with two snaps of the wrist, Kouki and Ryuutaro were crucified into the air. Two people were struggling and flailing while raving about Shizuku and Suzu, on top of that, Kaori and Yue’s names were called out. It was not possible to escape because the bola was a restraint-type artifact that did not deviate from a fixed space.

Although it seems safe for the time being, next was Suzu, she slowly began moving towards Shizuku who was nearby. She already showed an expression which was not like a girl anymore. Her beloved ones, that kind of expression should be only for the people who are dearest to her.

Hajime clicked his tongue again, and threw the bola towards Suzu and fixed her in place.

“Unh~, Master, are you alright? Apparently, the demon mucus seems to have become a strong aprosodiac.”

Hajime after restraining Suzu, Kaori finally reached him and embraced his left arm. Tio with her calm expression steadily came near him.

Hajime unintentionally stared in wonder.

While she didn’t know what Hajime was thinking, Tio continued speaking normally.

“Even your ability to use magic will be inhibited by the intense pleasure. The more time passes, the more you’ll lose your sanity and would probably end up drowning in feelings of arousal from the pleasure. There’s nothing as troublesome as that, is there. It would probably be impossible to not get sprayed at all if you’re assaulted with the weight you’re carrying. If the battle is drawn out, just that can lead to total annihilation. After all, even if you survive, if you have comrades it won’t end with not trying to copulate with them, so your relationship with them will end up pretty grave it seems.”

“A-ah, that’s right…”

“Yea. Most likely, that’s its aim. To be able to withstand the pleasure over our companions?… Or maybe if our bonds can be kept even after we are defeated by pleasure…. Either way, this “Liberator Person” is very nasty. Moreover, master has a high poison resistance so the enemy doesn’t match well.”

“…. Hey, Tio”

“Yes? What is it, master?”

Hajime, even though he agreed on what Tio said, he still had a huge doubt after comparing the condition of Yue and everyone.

“I agree with your conjecture that the mucus caused this situation. Because I also think so…. But, but you see. Why are you still able to keep calm? If memory serves me, you’re the one that was bathed in the mucus the most among us.”

“Certainly, the effect of this mucus also affects our body. In truth, magic can not be used properly because it is hindered by the pleasure running through this body. But then, we do not want to make light of it, master. That is what we thought.”

Hajime, watching Tio who was puffing her chest out while showing a fearless smile, this time had his eyes wide open from astonishment for an altogether different reason.

Tio seems to still be keeping sane by force of will against the strong pleasure. Even though she was usually very perverted, compared with her latest perversion, she was from the high Dragon-tribe who boasts of living for a very long time. To such a demon’s toxin…

“We are master’s slave! This kind of pleasure, is lukewarm compared with the pleasure-pain inflicted by master!! Except for master, do not think us to be a light woman who shakes her hips!!!”

“I-I see.”

Her eyes are scary~!! With her wide open eyes, she raised her fist towards the heavens, thus stressed the useless dragon. Hajime’s gaze turned like he saw filth. Tio who withstood the pleasure from the mucus calmly, her body shook thrillingly because of that glance.

“As expected of Tio-san, no, Clarice-san. Seriously, it can’t be helped. For now, can you please don’t approach any further?”

“U-using honorifics!? Moreover, calling me by my surname! This sense of distance! Well, I never! Being treated as a stranger with this timing. Haa Haa, this is bad, I seem to be drowning in pleasure….”

The earlier calm Tio was forgotten and rapidly succumbed to pleasure. Trying to desperately preserve her sanity she was currently on all fours. From that sort of Tio, it was not even worth watching anymore so Hajime changed his line of sight from her to Yue’s party who clung to him with trembling bodies.

And then, he talked to the three of them while putting a certain trust in his eyes.

“Yue, Shia, Kaori. There is no way a mere demon of this degree is sufficient for you all to become spellbound. You three are still able to maintain your sanity, right?”

Then, with a red blush on their cheeks, a constant hot sigh leaking from their mouth, the three girls who were clinging to him felt his definite intention and looked up to Hajime.

“Nn~ ….Of course.”

“Urgh~, Naturally that is so~”

“I-it’s alright! Haa Haa, I know!”

As I thought, this was to see if we can fight the intense desire to succumb and pleasure ourselves, Yue’s party was preserving their sanity by clenching their teeth. Hajime was laughing satisfied while watching them in turn.

“Listen, this is a trial prepared by that shitty great labyrinth. Then, it’s impossible that you are unable to get over it. Look, even Yaegashi and that pervert are enduring this. If by any chance you were defeated, won’t you be soooo embarrassed?”

Towards his provocative words, the zeal of Yue’s party rose and their mouths curled showing a fearless smile.

“There is a method to immediately solve this problem. You just need to drink holy water. There might be a chance it won’t work…. What will you all do?”

At the same time when Hajime finished saying it, the three girls answered together.

“….It is unnecessary.”

“I don’t need it.”

“No need for that.”

They have chosen to solve the trial by themselves. Towards Hajime’s “As I expected” and soft look, the girls smiled gladly. It’s because they can feel Hajime’s belief and trust.

Worried about the three who had determined themselves to endure, Hajime tried to distance himself. Since he thought that it would be easier to bear with the pleasure if he wasn’t there.


“…. Hajime, hug me tight.”

“Won’t it hurt?”

“Hehe, there is no such person here who thinks it is painful to be hugged by Hajime-san.”

“That’s right. Instead, it calms our mind…. Please?”

As pleaded by the three people, Hajime who was embarrassed a bit, spread his arms and brought the three of them together. Shia on his right arm, Kaori on his left arm, and Yue was held in front of him.

Yue and the girls were trembling for a moment, felt relieved instantly, and began to normalize their rough breathing immediately.

After that, they closed their eyes before long and they concentrated on balancing their spirit. Unaware, the hot temperature from the three girls abated and they began to transmit a normal pulse to Hajime. Apparently, they might be able to pass this trial without any issues. Hajime slightly smiled while staying still to avoid making any stimulus for them, he kept supporting the girls.


“…. Master, may this mistress join there as well?”

“You must be joking, Clarice-san.”

“…! …I’m defeateed, I’ve really been defeaateedd~”

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