Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 188
Arifureta After – As the Daughter of Demon King Part 2

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Part 1

A group carrying assault rifles and wearing masks were rushing through an underground corridor in a dark building. The place they were heading toward was the place where the children who were taken as hostage were imprisoned. Their comrades who were going there went out of contact one after another, so understanding that something strange had happened to them, this group rushed to that place in a panic.

In total there were nearly twenty people in this armed group. One of them, who was running at the very back, heard a sound like something jumping in a room the group was passing by so he came to a stop reflexively. His other comrades were gradually rushing ahead, but the comrades nearby him also stopped running and looked at him questioningly.

He made a gesture that conveyed to his comrades how he had heard a sound come from inside the room, and just in case, he proposed to investigate inside. The men who came to a stop were six in total, they nodded to each other and left behind two people in the corridor as they passed through the opened steel door and stepped inside the room.

Immediately after, *kii* the door was making a sound while it automatically, no, a small hand that wasn’t noticed by anyone was quietly reaching down from the ceiling and closing the door.

One of the men who was left in the corridor spontaneously charged at the door while the other man tried to let out a warning voice, but just before that, gunshots echoed inside the room.

「Gah!?」「Guah」Pained voices could be heard as bullets that flew from the ceiling granted a severe impact to the two men who exposed the back of their head defenselessly. Their consciouses were instantly blown away. The remaining two men turned around and sprayed bullets at the door from where they entered, but there was no scream from the enemy that resounded inside the room.

In exchange,


A sinister sound resounded from behind them. The two men moved only their eyes to look at each other. Then matching their breathing they turned around all at once. There――

「Slow nano.」

Dangling upside down from the ceiling, with a pair of handguns――”Donneer-Schlaag” aimed at the forehead of the two men, was a figure of a little girl. The two men were about to spit out some swear words, but before they could do that, the girl――Myuu―― pulled the trigger. The heads of the two snapped backward grandly.

*gon* Their heads crashed on the door and interrupted the intrusion of the two remaining men that tried to enter inside for an instant. That instant was a fatal opening against the beloved daughter who had received the teaching of a monster gunner.

The moment the door opened with a force that knocked back the bodies of their comrades, the dry sound of *pan pan* resounded, and at the same time, the two men crumbled down.

……The figure that was dangling from the ceiling, who had lured the enemy into the room before shooting them down, while still in an upside down posture――was truly like the hit man Le○n! (TN: A character from a French movie, ‘Leon’.)

「Now, everyone, before those guys come back, we are going out nano.」

When Myuu called out to the corner of the room, right after that, the corner of the room where there should be nothing suddenly distorted and the figures of the children appeared. Every single one of them was holding a large cross in their palm. Those crosses were the artifact “Don’t Touch, You Pervert”, but as a supplementary function, they also had the concealment ability that made use of light reflection.

「He, hey, Myuu. Just now, how did you stand up on the ceiling?」

While moving, Natalia became unable to endure and asked that. To that Myuu answered with one word「Guts」. Natalia’s shoulders dropped while saying「At least I want you to say that it’s magic……」. Of course, the cause that Myuu could be like Leo○ wasn’t because of guts, but because of the “gravity stone” and “Air Force” inserted into her boots.

But, at that time, the sound of an explosion came from quite a distance away.

「Myuu-chan, just now……I think that came from around the place where we were at earlier.」

「Myu. Perhaps they got caught up in the trap that Myuu set up there and went pyuu nano. Their weapons are excellent, but those criminal-san’s movements are relatively rough.」

「Is, is that so……」

Emile’s cheeks cramped from knowing that it appeared that Myuu had even done something like that by taking into account the movement of the enemy while they hadn’t notice. Or rather, to listen to a ten-year-old girl finding fault in an armed group……it caused him to become bothered about Myuu’s true identity all the more.

Myuu beautifully used gun kata with twin gun art, war hammer art, whip art, and two sword art to thoroughly take care of the enemies she encountered while moving. The children were sending sparkling eyes at Myuu as though they were looking at a hero while following behind her. Finally, they discovered a door that had the word “EXIT” written on it.

It was a door that connected to the outside.

While the expression of Natalia and the others burst bright in joy, Myuu’s expression turned complicated instead. But, at the same time, she could hear the sound of a lot of footsteps from deep within the path they had just passed through, so while sighing deeply, she opened the door while telling Natalia and the others to hold onto the cross firmly.


「So, you are the devil that slipped in among the children, huh.」

A masked group of nearly thirty people that was fully armed was lying in wait while aiming their rifle muzzles at the door. Natalia and the others screamed「Hii」when witnessing that.

Myuu didn’t answer the question of the man who seemed to be the leader of the armed group, instead, she ran her gaze around the surroundings. The place they came out to appeared to be a huge warehouse. If it was normal, there should be a lot of material put in each container that was placed in here.

The nose of Myuu who was a sea dweller race sensed the smell of salt, from there she understood that this place was adjacent with a harbor (she understood that from the beginning already though). Yes, this place was a warehouse district to deposit the luggage of cargo ships.

Right now they were in a warehouse that was jointly established with the management building at the corner of that district. However, inside that warehouse was quite a good amount of strict security. Not to mention the dozens of armed people, there were also a lot of heavy weapons and a lot of computers for the command room lined up. In addition to that, there were also things like an armored vehicle that was in the middle of being camouflaged and a vehicle that looked like an ice cream truck on the outside but it had a gatling gun and so on attached on the inside.

「Uu~n, from the weaponry and the hostage-taking, I have imagined that by some chance it might be like this but……as expected, you all are not mere kidnappers, but a terrorist group nano.」

「Just what the hell are you? A bodyguard prepared by the government?」

The terrorist leader was recalling a kid soldier of his own country in the back of his mind while speaking out his conjecture. Be that as it may, it was hard to believe the fact that a single girl like this was able to beat up his organization’s soldiers, and he was also concerned from where this girl got her weapon.

By all rights, this girl was an irregular existence, someone like Myuu whose identity they couldn’t confirm should be quickly killed, but her abnormality made this leader question her.

「Myuu’s smartphone, where is it nano?」

「……Answer my question.」

Even though it should be a checkmate with nearly thirty guns aimed at them, Myuu’s composed attitude didn’t break and she instead questioned back. This caused the leader’s voice to go lower.

「I want you to answer first nano. If you do that, then I’ll answer.」

「Do you think you are in the position where you can negotiate?」

Myuu’s way of speaking was retorted by the leader with the rise of one of his hands. Immediately, a gunshot resounded. One of his underlings had aimed at Natalia and fired. But, naturally, because Natalia’s hand was clutching “Don’t Touch, You Pervert”, the bullet was blocked by an invisible wall and stopped midair.

The terrorists became agitated and went noisy. Amidst all that, the leader was also looking in wonderment, but he then opened his mouth without losing his calm.

「……What is that? So America has even developed something like that.」

「Rather than that, where is the smartphone nano?」

The leader guessed that the cause of Myuu’s composure was because of that invinsible shield, however, in the back his mind a solution appeared immediately, that they could just directly take away the shield if a gun didn’t work. If they could steal that shield, it would be advantageous for their terrorist activities from here on. Thinking that he snickered in his heart.

Perhaps the leader felt whimsical from the composure that he had just obtained because he answered Myuu’s question by moving his gaze. The place where his gaze pointed was a corner of the simple command room where there were a lot of computers gathered. Most likely the smartphones of the other children were also there.

「So, who are you?」

This time the leader questioned her. Because he had taught Myuu the smartphone’s location, he felt that this time it was Myuu’s turn to answer. In response to that, Myuu was making an exasperated expression.

「There is no way I will answer nano. You must have something wrong in your head if you are accepting what your enemy said seriously like that nano.」

The leader was wearing a mask, but surely right now a vein was throbbing visibly on his forehead. Really, he wanted to see the face of the parent that was raising this girl.

「Are you thinking that because you have that shield that all of you are absolutely safe? Something like that can just be wrestled off directly and taken away, and that’s it. I thought that you were someone that had received special training, but you cannot even make a proper situation assessment. Did I overestimate you? Or else, are you thinking that you can do something against this number of people with those tiny guns or those primitive weapons?」


The hand of the leader rose quietly. A man at his side guessed what the leader wanted and whispered something into a wireless earpiece, and then another group of armed men with more than ten people appeared from the door behind them. In addition to that, a group of thirty men flooded in from outside the warehouse and surrounded Myuu and the children.

「Don’t take up our time too much. We are going to be busy with our operation after this. There are still more than fifty men outside. There is no place for you all to escape. Go back to your prison obediently. Perhaps you kids will be able to return home alive depending on your parents’ attitude, you know?」

The leader slapped the children with despair. He showed them the overwhelming difference in battle strength and also dangled a slight hope in front of their eyes. Natalia clutched tightly to the sleeve of Myuu’s clothes. The other children were also snuggling Myuu with scared expressions.

Myuu looked over her shoulder to them while showing a smile that had not even a speck of despair. It was a fearless smile that would make anyone gulp. Her canine was exposed, her eyes were glaring with fierce atrocity, and her back was straight and imposing.

Myuu turned to the leader again, then stored “Donneer-Schlaag” in their holsters.

「That’s right, that’s how you――」

「Difference of strength? That’s too much even for a misunderstanding.」

The leader took a step forward thinking that Myuu had resigned herself, but his step reflexively stopped from Myuu’s words that interrupted his own words. At the same time, he saw the figure of Myuu quietly rising her hand straight up.

And then, the crimson jewel that was fixed on the ring finger of that left hand was beginning to shine for some reason. Noticing that, the leader gazed in astonishment.

Myuu fearlessly grinned while resounding her words boldly.

「Since when were you under the delusion that Myuu is alone?」

「Wh, at?」

Right after that, a crimson light burst out. The terrorists who pulled their triggers spontaneously witnessed it. The bullets they fired were blocked, not by an invisible shield, but by a physical obstruction.

Six metallic arms. Multiple legs like a spider. On the back, and on the front, were multiple weapons that looked brutal even from just a glance. Stylish heads, and eyes that suddenly flashed! Strange looking warriors with a metallic composition――there were seven of them.

Walling in Myuu and the children, those bodies that boasted the greatest hardness blocked all the bullets, yes, they were……

――Grave Sin Squadron Demon Rangeeeerrr!!!!

*DOPAAN!* Out of nowhere smoke screens of seven colors exploded, and the seven living golems took cool poses as they pleased.

Dumbfounded amazement.

Without distinction of enemy or ally, all the humans stiffened.

‘Because, this is impossible mon!’ It felt like such a tsukkomi of someone that had retrogressed into an infant could be heard from somewhere.

「If you want to stop Myuu, then at least prepare apostles of god in double digit numbers before speaking, nano.」

「Wwha-, wha-」

Myuu smiled fearlessly at the agitated leader while giving her order.

「Everyoneee~, kill them nano!」

“Aye aye, Ma’am–!!” As though saying something like that, the demon rangers saluted smartly with adoration, then in the next moment, *gashun* their weapons deployed with mechanical sounds.

The curbstomp began on the terrorist who was threatening their princess.

The two gatling guns that were attached to one body turned everything inside the warehouse into mere trash while the small missile pods attached on the shoulders rained down missiles like a meteor shower and turned the area into a sea of crimson all the way until it reached the outside of the warehouse.

Rushing around freely with high-speed movements as though they were gliding using the rollerblades attached on their multiple legs, the portable Acht Acht as their back weapon and the super electromagnetic cannon fired. The opponents who carried explosives launched suicide attacks with the resolve to explode themselves were instantly cut into pieces using the laser blade attached on their two arms and many legs. The person who tried to use the heavy weapon loaded on the camouflaged truck was pulverized and sent flying together with the truck body by the giant stake “Pile Bunker” fired by a Demon Ranger who showed a jump that didn’t suit its large body.

「Impossible, America has created even this kind of weapon-」

(I think, that’s absolutely not it……)

When the terrorist leader yelled that loudly while desperately commanding his comrades to fight back, Emile-kun whose father was actually a US army lieutenant general showed a dry smile while making such a retort inside his heart.

「It’s that brat-, kill that brat! They should stop if she is dead!」

“Lucifeeer” and “Mamon” and “Leviatan” were already rampaging outside the warehouse, screams and explosions echoed from outside. The leader who survived obstinately amidst all that glared at Myuu like a demon while shouldering a rocket launcher.

In response to that, Myuu took one of the jewels that were fitted on the gun belt on her waist. It was a jewel that shined yellow like a topaz. But, inside that bullet sized jewel, some kind of geometrical pattern――a magic circle was carved in.

Myuu held that jewel using her index and middle fingers, and thrust it toward the terrorist leader, as though to oppose the rocket launcher.

She then spun toward the leader while using the power of words to cause a supernatural phenomenon.

「Order(Myuu commands)! Syvil Aul Tonitors(Get shocked by the golden lizard)!!」

In the next moment, the topaz emitted a golden radiance, and then in a flash that light emitted an enormous spark while taking the shape of a huge dragon.

「Ah? Ha? Eh?」

While coiling above the head of the princess who had summoned itself, the dragon that was clad in golden lightning――the “Thunder Dragon”―― glared fiercely at the leader who was leaking out idiotic sounds. Right after that, the dragon raised an intense lightning roar.


The leader raised a scream like a girl and tried to escape, but there was no way someone could escape the thunder dragon using human legs. The surrounding underlings were also dragged into the roar and the dragon’s mouth snapped them up.

――Myuu’s exclusive use jewel type magic invocation artifact “Yue-oneechan’s Love”

This artifact would react to Myuu’s soul and power of words. Where she would then be able to use the magic that Yue sealed into the specific jewel (one time use). The colorful jewels fitted into the gun belt in place of bullets were each charged by Yue’s handmade magic, and only Myuu could invoke them.

It was just like the magecraft that was used by a certain careless family some…… something like that surely couldn’t be said. Before, when Myuu was watching a certain anime, she was saying「Jewel magecraft is really cool nano. But, Yue-oneechan’s magic is more amazing nano」. Even though this artifact was the result of Yue’s affection that gushed out when she heard what Myuu said, if it was said that there was no connection with that then there was no connection!

「Myu-myu-myu-myu, Myuu! Just now! Just noww! Ma, magic, magiicc!」

Natalia was getting all flustered while asking for confirmation that ‘as expected, Myuu is a magician!’ with inarticulate words.

「Uh huh, that’s “Yue-oneechan’s Love” nano.」

「Eh? No, that was magic, wasn’t it?」

「Uh huh, that’s “Yue-oneechan’s Love” nano.」

「Eh? Huh? Love? No, but magic……」

「As expected, that’s “Yue-oneechan’s Love” nano.」


Natalia’s mind was in chaos! It seemed, that after guts, next Myuu was causing a supernatural phenomenon with love! ‘Geez, isn’t it fine already even if you confess that it’s magic!’ Natalia shouted in her heart.

A hand was put gently on the shoulder of Natalia. When Natalia looked back, there was the youth Emile beside her who spoke「Isn’t it fine, love」with an enlightened expression. The capacity of the youth Emile seemed to have met its permitted limit since long ago. It felt like he could accept whatever was spoken or did as it was if it was by Myuu. For the time being, Natalia shut up Emile with her fist.

The screams of the terrorists stopped less than five minutes after that.

Myuu left the liberation of the children who were imprisoned at another room to the Demon Rangers and she headed to the command room. There, she discovered her normal smartphone and sighed in relieve.

「Hey, Myuu-chan. This is……」


The youth Emile was taking back his own smartphone while looking at the PC’s display which he pointed at Myuu. The PC was mostly broken, so what was projected in that display was only an image that stayed frozen but, what was reflected there, was the scene of a destroyed airport somewhere and a smoking stadium.

It appeared the terrorists not only did the kidnapping this time, but they also performed terrorist activities at other places somewhere.

Myuu nodded with「Fumu」and walked away *tote tote* briskly, and then she stood still beside the leader who was charred black while smoking up, though it seemed that the man was still barely breathing.

While Natalia and the others were watching over Myuu wondering what she was going to do, toward the leader who was lying upside down unmoving, Myuu……kicked his crotch.


「Quickly wake up nano.」

Leader-san opened his eyes while raising a queer shriek. He was writhing and rolling on the ground while pressing on his crotch. Myuu called “Satan” to pinion the arms of the leader to stop him from moving around. That figure who was limply restrained with his arms spread wide, looked as though he was being crucified.

「Yo, you, bast――」

「Don’t talk as you please, nano.」

Saying that, Myuu once more launched a splendid yakuza kick at the crotch of leader-san.「Hahiiiiii」leader-san raised a queer shriek once more from that. With the young Emile as the first, the other boys were also turning pale with their hands pressing on their own crotch while standing pigeon-toed.

「The thing that is happening right now. Your plan, your objective this time, spit out everything nano.」

「Who, who will――」

Myuu suddenly took some distance with brisk steps, then she took out the black whip “This is Weapon Desu” into her hand. And then, *hyun hyun* she made the whip move in a spiral around her that caused the sound of cutting air.

「I want you to talk nano.」

「Su, such, th, threat won――aa―――!!?」

As expected, the crotch of leader-san who was refusing Myuu’s demand while turning pale was whipped hard by the tip of the whip that was swung fiercely along with *hyun* the sound of cutting air. Leader-san who was shrieking, and the paling boys, and the girls who were staring fixedly *jii* at the event’s development from between the gaps of their fingers that were covering their face.

「Now now, quickly speak nano! If you won’t, then your son’s life will be gone nano!」

「Thi, this, DEMON girl-――Aa――――!!!」

「Riight, leeft, riight, leeft, nanoo!」

「Stoopp-, don’t lay your hand on my son anymoreee-」

「Until, you talk-, the whip-, won’t stop nanoo-」


「Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora-, nano-」

*pan- pan- bishiiii, bashi bashi supaaaaa-*, the whip became a black storm, however, with a superb strength management, “This is Weapon Desu” was torturing leader-san’s son. To left and then to the right, the son was tormented with hellish torture as though it was receiving Dempsey Roll!

The figure of a male terrorist shrieking from getting his crotch whipped hard by a ten-year-old beautiful girl was right there.

Before long, everything of the large-scale terror plan this time was spoken by the leader who was weeping his eyes out *hics hics* while pressing on his crotch with his body rounding up like a turtle. Myuu, who listened to him, then stored away “This is Weapon Desu” and walked toward the leader.

「I, I beg you. I’ve, talk already……that’s why, please――」

Leader-san was earnestly entreating. The brutal haki that he displayed at first couldn’t be felt in the slightest anymore. Toward such a frail leader-san, Myuu smiled sweetly like a fairy. Leader-san, and also Emile and the others, were forming a smile that was colored with relief thinking that Myuu’s forgiveness would be given……

「You can become a manly woman nano.」

「Wai-, do-, AAa――――――!!」

A single gunshot roared. On this day, leader-san’s son was called to heaven.

Blowing ‘fuh’ at the smoking gun muzzle, Myuu then turned on her heels while leaving a backward glance at the leader who didn’t even twitch anymore. It caused the boys to curl themselves thinking「That’s just too merciless」 while Natalia and the other girls were sending Myuu heated gazes with red cheeks thinking「Myuu, how lovely……」.

Myuu who returned back to those children then took out her smartphone.

「Myuu, what are we going to do?」

「Tha, that’s right. Terrorism is happening here and there, isn’t it? Quickly, we have to inform this.」

Natalia and Emile talked to Myuu, telling her that they had to inform their fathers what was happening right now to the government.

「Nn. That’s also good, but I think that surely they won’t be able to do anything about the places that have been blown up already, or the plane that is being hijacked right now, or all those besieged soldier-sans that are stationed at that foreign country nano. If it’s normal.」

Indeed, it was just as Myuu said, the current situation was grave. There were already several airports and stadiums that were blown up, there were also several planes that were being hijacked. Near the coast, there was a ship loaded with missiles anchored where it would soon fire toward the city while the army that was being stationed at the country of the terrorists were currently even now being besieged and annihilated in an isolated situation.

In addition, the terrorists had another base other than this base. There were a lot of hostages that were being imprisoned there too, and it appeared that even an attack targeting the president was being carried out right now. It seemed that the president was attacked when he was in the middle of returning to the White House from his outdoor official business in order to deal with these terrorism cases.

Like this, it would surely be impossible to resolve everything without any problems. It was easily imaginable that from here on too, within a few hours, there would be a tremendous amount of damage that occurred.

Yes, it was just like Myuu said, that was if it was normally.

Natalia and the other children were showing anxious expressions, however, Myuu was ahem-ing proudly while puffing out her chest before making a declaration with a voice that was filled with absolute confidence and trust.

「I’ll call papa after this nano. That’s why everything is fine already nano!」

Part 2

*jiririririri*, A ringtone of a black rotary-dial telephone ringing was reverberating in the living room of the Nagumo household.

「Hm? Is that from Myuu? I guess right now is about time that the party is over huh.」

The receiving phone was Hajime’s smartphone. Hajime was smiling warmly by recalling his beloved daughter going out in high spirits all dressed up while taking his smartphone into his hand.

「Ou, Myuu. Is it the time to pick you――」

『Papaa! Right now, it seems that the world is in a pinch, so I want help nano!』


The first sentence of his daughter’s that came out from the smartphone caused Hajime to spontaneously leak out an idiotic sounding voice. Yue, Shia, Tio, Remia, Kaori, Shizuku, Aiko, Liliana, Shuu, and then Sumire who were relaxing in the living room went「Oh?」and directed their attention to the conversation. Hajime turned the voice to speaker mode and then he asked just what she meant.

『Uu~n, see, when Myuu arrived at the party I was then kidnapped by terrorists. At the place where Myuu was kidnapped, Myuu acted rashly. As the result of Myuu having a talk with terrorist-san’s son, it turned out that the world is in a pinch. Right now that’s how it is nano.』

「I see, I can understand……not-! Just what were you doing that it became something like that……」

『Because Myuu is papa’s daughter nano.』

「「「「「「「「「「I see, I get it.」」」」」」」」」」」

Yue and others nodded deeply at Myuu’s words. While staring at them all with reproachful eyes, Hajime changed his expression quietly.

「So? What do you want papa to do? I don’t really get it, but Myuu had annihilated the kidnappers. right? Of course, I’ll cover it up, but where do you want papa, papa and everyone else to go and what do you want us to do?」

『Ehehe~, as expected from Myuu’s papa nano. Myuu loves papa nano.』

Myuu hadn’t given any satisfactory explanation, but Hajime comprehended only the important points and left behind the trivial circumstances while asking for Myuu’s wish. Hearing that Myuu replied in a joyful voice. Since Myuu was an infant she had been straight with her expressions of love like this, but recently, perhaps it was just Hajime’s feeling, it felt like there was a charm that was excessively filled into her voice.

When Hajime took a glance at “all the onee-san”, for some reason, all of them gave him a thumbs up at once. Hajime could only smile faintly.

After that, Hajime used the compass and determined the locations of terrorism that were currently happening. He left the house sitting to Sumire and the others before using the crystal key to teleport to the locations all over the world.

Although it was unintentional, the terrorists had kidnapped Myuu and intended to publicly execute her important friend. The wish of his beloved daughter was to help with that……

For Hajime, the ideal or the sense of value or the objective of the terrorist organization was already something of no concern to him.

The one who indiscriminately scattered tragedy was them the terrorists. For the daughter of a monster to be included amongst those tragedies, it caused them to be exposed to irrationality because it was nothing more than reaping what they sowed.

And that would be proved to them within a few hours after this.

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