Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 190
Arifureta After – As the Daughter of Demon King Part 3

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In a room of a certain building, the fierce sound of a gunshot reverberated. A man past his middle-ages with ruffled silver-gray hair was confirming his smartphone with an expression as though he had bitten something bitter.

「No good. As expected, there is interference. What about the others?」

「No, it’s no good. The transmission device is also not reacting.」

「Mine too……President.」

A black person clad in a black suit holding a hand gun shook his head while answering. It was as he said, the man with silver-gray hair was the President of America. He received a terrorist attack on the upper level of a skyscraper where he was undergoing some concealed official business, and he somehow managed to escape and survive thanks to the do-or-die spirit of the secret services.

However, they were unable to escape from the building itself, their communication was also being interfered with, and like this, they were hiding in one of the rooms. Although, their opponent was a few dozen terrorists that were fully armed. In this situation where they were unable to expect reinforcements, it was clear that it was only a matter of time until their fate ran its due course.

The President――Artold Schwarnenegger, could feel the sound of the god of death creeping up gradually from behind him.

「……The existence of the person who leaked out the information needs to be dealt with, but it looks like our lives will run out first before that, huh.」

「Something like that……」

「But, we ran out of bullets already, right? You all have done well. George, Chris, Bacchus, Keyes, Neil, Hank……you all have protected me well until now. It’s an honor for me that I can fight together with all of you at the end.」

「President……no, we are the ones who are honored.」

The President smiled calmly while holding out one of his hand. The male secret service which was called George, instead of a handshake, he handed over his spare gun. It was because the gaze of Artold was demanding that.

It was exactly as he said; he was planning to fight until the very end. He was a former commando even with his age that was nearing fifty-years-old but seeing his body that was still clad in muscles that looked like armor; he wouldn’t drag the others down. Not to mention this was the man who was once called the “End Bringer”, a man who had amassed numerous legends behind. It was impossible for him just to sit around waiting to be killed.

Artold and George nodded to each other. But, right after that, 「Gaah」a pained voice was raised, and Bacchus somersaulted from the other side of the door and returned inside the room. Just by looking at him you’d notice that his stomach and shoulder were fiercely bleeding. Furthermore, 「Shit-」along with such cursing, Neil, who was shouldering Keyes, also entered. It seemed that Keyes also had his stomach shot and his consciousness was already hazy.

The front line holding back the armed group from the corridor outside had crumbled. In the next moment, *kon-* with a light sound a black object was thrown into the room.

「President-, get down-」


George threw his body in order to cover for the President. Chris covered the two of them further to turn his body into a shield.

In the next instant, explosive light and sound trampled inside the room. All the people inside the room were feeling a sensation of weightlessness, perhaps from having their body getting blown away, at the same time their breathing got blocked due to the impact from below toward their body.

「Gehoh, gehoh?」

「Guu, aa? We are alive?」

「-, what? How?」

Even though a grenade should’ve just exploded from a really close range, they survived while only feeling a dull impact and hearing an explosive sound. That situation caused Artold and the others to make dubious faces while looking up. And then, their eyes opened wide in astonishment for sure this time.

「The, the room is different?」

Yes, exactly like those words implied, what the eyes of Artold and the others were witnessing wasn’t the scene of a room that was trampled by an explosion, far from that the scenery of the room was completely different from the room they were in just before.

Suddenly, a clear voice called out to those who were being dumbfounded.

「I’m glad, looks like I made it in time.」

「-, yo, you are……」

The surprised Artold turned around, and there he witnessed a further unrealistic sight.

At the window, with beautiful black hair in a ponytail that was swaying due to the wind from outside, and a black katana that was held in one hand, there was a dignified female of orient――it went without saying, that this was Yaegashi Shizuku. (However, this was the recognition obstruction glasses equipped version)

「I had you all fell to the lower floor by directly cutting the ceiling. It was a rough method, but because this is an emergency, please forgive me, okay?」

「Ye, yeah. Eh? No, cutting the ceiling?」

「O, oi oi, this is a lie, right?」

Artold’s mind was in chaos while George was at a loss for words when he looked up. Up above, there certainly was a ceiling that was cut up in a triangular shape. When he then turned his gaze under their feet in fluster, there was the fallen floor there, and when he further ran his gaze over the surroundings, there were also Neil and the others a bit of distance away who had also fallen into this lower floor with them.

「Just who in the world――」

「I’m sorry, but there is no time to explain. Go to the corner of the room, right now.」

The president was overpowered with that strong tone that didn’t tolerate any question. But, at the same time, the hunch that it would be bad to stay where he stood pushed his back, and he dragged off Neil and the others to the corner of the room along with George. The swiftness of that decision was just as expected from the person who stood at the top of a country and his bodyguard.

Right after that, multiple masked men peeked down from the hole in the ceiling. They then saw Shizuku who was grinning, and they gazed with puzzlement for a moment before aiming their guns at her. But, before the triggers of those guns were pulled,

「――Sword Draw – “Flash Cut”」(TN: Battou – “Zendan“)

The drawing hand couldn’t be seen. The blade also couldn’t be seen. There was just a small whisper as Shizuku’s left hand that was clutching the sword hilt turned hazy. However, the result was an obvious phenomenon――it was displayed by the collapse of the ceiling.

With a thunderous roar, the terrorists who stepped into the room upstairs fell down, along with the ceiling. There was no way they could land properly, so the terrorists tumbled down unsightly. At the next moment, *chin-* a clear sound entered their ears, and like that their consciousness fell into the darkness.

「President. I heavily acknowledge about how you must be brimming with questions and how suspicious I look, but if you want to survive, then please believe in me. I will protect you.」


The situation was too absurd. Was this reality? The beautiful woman who appeared before his eyes, was she actually the personification of the devil, and she would demand an enormous compensation in exchange for her help? Such questions were running around in his mind. But, he had no option. If he was only looking at the fact that was currently happening, putting aside the impossible phenomenon, they were certainly being helped.


「Got it. I’ll follow what you are saying.」

「How decisive. Then, give the people over there this――」

Shizuku’s words cut off in the middle. She could hear a lot of footsteps from the corridor coming here.

「President, please give this medicine to them.」

Shizuku took out some magical recovery medicine from her “Treasure Warehouse” and threw them to Artold. Artold opened his mouth about to say something, but before he could do that, the door was knocked down, and bullets assaulted the inside of the room.

What he could hear next was *gin gin gin gin-*, such a hard sound. The jaw of Artold and the others dropped down comically. It was understandable. After all, countless beautiful curves were drawn in the air, and at the same time, remnants of bullets were getting scattered in the surrounding.

Consecutive god speed sword draws. From a glance, they could only see Shizuku standing still holding a sheathed katana, but when they looked carefully, Shizuku’s right hand was blurring. That was exactly the proof that even right at this moment the small pebbles that were attacking her with speed surpassing sound were being slashed apart altogether.

There was no way the terrorists could comprehend the abnormal situation occurring inside the room, but even so, the terrorists who sensed that their target was still going strong inside the room kicked open the door and tried to charge inside.

But, within an instant, Shizuku drew out her katana with a large motion. She didn’t immediately sheath the katana just like before, so the blade of the black katana that was being swung could be properly seen.

After that, what could be heard from outside the door was the thudding sound of collapsing bodies.

――Yeagashi-style Katana Art – Black Katana Kata Secret Technique “Zenith Severing – Soul Demolition” (TN: Shizetsu – Hakuhou)

By ignoring all the obstructions in the path of the blade, this technique cut only the target that was aimed for regardless whether it was the flesh or the consciousness. Against the current sword art of Shizuku, the option of blocking couldn’t be taken. People who couldn’t evade would have everything of theirs that were aimed by Shizuku to be cut apart by that one attack without harming anything else.

Shizuku quietly closed her eyes and searched for any presence. She captured a total of seven presences on the same floor as her.

「――”Zenith Severing – Soul Demolition”」

The sound of the drawn sword, which was like the ring of a bell, rang out once more. In every direction, the invisible sword flash penetrated every obstruction and severed the consciousness of the lurking terrorists. Surely they felt it, the sensation of a cold blade caressing their insides, just before their consciousness was severed. And then, they surely hallucinated it, the scene of their body being bisected into two.

「President. All the attackers on this floor have been suppressed. They won’t wake up for a few days, so when you have time send someone to apprehend them. Wait, just what are you doing! If you don’t make them drink the medicine quickly, they will be dead for real, you know! Now, don’t just stay dazed like that and move, move!」

「Ah, yes.」

It was an unbecoming response for a President. Artord made Keyes and the others drink the recovery medicine with a mechanical movement and expression that was still dumbfounded. After the medicine was taken, Keyes and the others bleeding stopped, and their complexion was clearly becoming better. Witnessing that, Artold couldn’t do anything anymore other than laugh dryly.

「Well then, let’s go. I will guide you all to the first floor like this. Right now there are terrorisms being carried out toward this country everywhere, so please quickly return to the White House.」

「Ah, yes. Thank you, very much.」

The man who was once called as the “End Bringer”, a former commando, and the one who stood at the top of this country, seemed to have become a mere yes-man.

After that, the terrorists who had half-occupied the skyscraper and were moving to murder the President were annihilated by Shizuku using a slash that penetrated the wall, or by a charge after cutting apart the wall and hitting them with the back of her blade, or by flying kick or slap, or after making them lose their spirits when they saw their bullets get cut apart. Then Shizuku succeeded in escorting Artold and the others safely to the White House.

It went without saying, that due to Artold, George, and all others of the surviving secret services, the black haired samurai girl became a hot topic not only in the White House but also all over the world through mass media.

At the same time as Shizuku was slashing apart through the terrorists attacking the president, in a certain airport.

That airport became the target of terrorists just like several other airports and was destroyed, so currently, the site had been transformed into a picture of hell in pandemonium. Here and there the fire was bursting, crying and yelling voices were reverberating, and the rescue squad was trying to rescue the people who were buried alive under the debris in desperation.

In that place, there was nothing but despair. There was not even a single factor that could be considered as salvation. Inside the destroyed airport there was a spreading hellish scene that could only be expressed by using the word tragedy. Everyone understood that.

「Aa, damn it……」

A young man from the rescue squad was desperately performing first aid on a heavily wounded infant before his eyes while cursing with a face that could break into tears anytime. The bleeding was not stopping. An arm was torn apart, and a deep wound was on its stomach……he couldn’t stop the bleeding no matter how much he treated the injuries. The blood that was flowing out was the life of that young child, and the child’s face was already colored by the shadow of death.

The child couldn’t be saved. Such feelings beat down the young man from inside his body. Inside this maelstrom of a tragedy that was like the personification of hell, this young man was completely powerless. Just why the hell had he joined the rescue squad? Even these thoughts were passing through the back of his mind.

「I don’t care who, someone, please help. Please, just help this child.」

While talking to himself like that, only his hand was continuing to keep moving following his training. However, reality was ridiculing the result of the young man’s effort. Right now, in front of the eyes of the young man, the light of a small life was vanishing.

His hand stopped, the young man hung down his head crestfallen. His head understood that this wasn’t the time for this. Right now, there were still a lot of people waiting for help other than this scattered life. Even so, he couldn’t put strength into his four limbs.

The young man looked up to the sky, with an expression and tone that could be thought of as hatred, as a courtesy, as escapism, or as prayer.

「……God……I beg you. If this voice can reach you then, please save this child……」

He whispered.

At that moment,

Pure white light poured down from the sky. It was powerful like a flash. However, it was soft and gentle like a moonlight. Such light, all of a sudden, without any advance notice, was pouring down, enveloping the whole airport.

And then, right after everyone had looked up to the sky wondering what was happening,

「Wha-, th, the airport, is vanishing!」

「Ju, just what is, that!?」

「What!? Just what is happening!?」

People unanimously yelled. They pointed their fingers with a shocked state, and while getting half-panicked they turned their gaze, and there, indeed, just like those words were implying, an abnormal situation was occurring where the destroyed airport was vanishing into dust from the top as though it was going through an accelerated weathering.

The great mass of rubble that was touched by the pure white light was vanishing without effecting the surrounding people at all.

「O, oi, that-!」

「A person? No, but, he is floati……wait, wings?」

Someone noticed the silhouette that was descending slowly from the sky. But, they hesitated whether it was really okay to call that silhouette a person. Even though there was no parachute that could be seen, even though descending down slowly from the sky itself was already an extremely strange phenomenon, that silhouette was even witnessed having a pair of pure white wings.

The people were in a stupor from the disappearing mountain of rubble and the winged silhouette descending from the sky, and it was at that time,

「――The wind of blessing to the children far and wide, the light of salvation driving away the calamity――”Mighty Breeze of Turning World”」(TN: Kaiten no Ibuki)

Such a prayer was echoing with a voice that sounded like a ringing bell. Right after that, every single person was wrapped in pure white light. Without any reason, emotions of relieve and joy were welling up in the heart of the people. Without any reason, they understood. That currently, they were being aided by a large existence.

「Aa, good lord……」

The young man was trickling tears while his gaze turned toward the child that was already gone.

A miracle had occurred there.

The arm that should have been lost was returning to its former shape as though going through a rewind while the injury on the stomach was healing in the blink of an eye. The expression that showed the color of the shadow of death was changing into a gentle color with good complexion.

Right now, from the site where the rubble had been completely erased, the buried people who were lying down on the ground were showing their figures, and as expected they were being healed into perfectly good health from being enveloped in pure white light.

The airport site was flooded with the light of a miracle. The people were following the hard to describe great impulse that they couldn’t hold down and shed their tears.

Before long, all the wounded people were healed, by that time the space around the silhouette in the sky undulated and like that the figure was quietly vanishing along with space.


「Oh god, my greatest gratitude to you.」

The people who were left behind were shedding tears that weren’t stopping while offering their feelings of gratitude with words or with the whispers inside their hearts toward the angel that caused the miracle and the god who sent her.

……Actually, that god, was the man that was called as the godslaying maou and so on, while the angel was the mistress of such maou……such a thing though, no one would even guess even in their dreams.

After that, the angel that was Kaori flew around to all the sites that became terrorist targets and healed absolutely all the victims.

Through the internet, a certain recording was being broadcasted to all over the world in real time. The place that was reflected in the recording was a large room that was painted pure white, with small children whose heads were covered with a cloth made to kneel. There were about forty children.

Surrounding the children, were masked terrorists holding rifles, they were staring at the scared children with cold eyes.

With those children and the armed group as the background, a terrorist was standing in front of the camera while unfolding a speech with a smooth tone. The contents of the speech were bullshit that wasn’t worth listening to. Something like the vested interests of the large country, or the god that they believed in, or the liberation of their compatriots that were being held in injustice, or the simultaneous terrorisms that were being carried out as the punishment of not recognizing their grievance, or the withdrawal of the stationed army, the contents were things like that.

And then, the people watching the recording began to harbor suspicion「This is, not a trick?」while the government officials were gritting their teeth watching the children of their country that were going to be publicly executed. In front of all of them, the terrorist speaker commanded his subordinate to drag one of the children in front of the camera.

「The judgment ceremony that will be carried out after this, everything, is the proof of the sin of you all. Carve it into your heart, you foolish people.」

The terrorist put a large knife on the neck of the kneeling child. If that knife was pulled back, then a tragedy that even the word tragic would be insufficient for would spread in front of the camera.

The common public reflexively covered their eyes while the government officials yelled「Stop-」even knowing that it was meaningless. Perhaps guessing those reactions, the terrorist’s cloudy eyes shined darkly with unbearable joy, and he put strength into the knife his hand was gripping.

「Now, judgment’s ti――」

「Time to stop, desuuu――!!」

The man was sent flying. The beautiful woman with faint blue hair that leaped into the room from the pulverized wall along with a thunderous sound made the man eat a jumping kneepad on the back of his head. The man was spinning in midair.

*dokusha* With such a graphic sound, the terrorist crashed into the wall at the opposite side. Blood was flowing like a river from his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth while his body was convulsing *twitch, twitch*.

The common public, and also the government officials, had the same feeling. That was, 「What the hell happened!?」.

「Hey hey, you criminals. This lovely rabbit ear onee-san will give you all a beating all over. Have you all resigned yourself desuu!?」

At that moment, rabbit ears appeared from the head of the beautiful woman with faint bluish-white hair, at the same time, a huge war hammer materialized from the empty air that caused a sudden gust when it was swung.

The gust toppled the camera down, and the recording went sideways with a blurred image but……





Such sounds that sounded like screams along with crash sounds resounded, and then, a masked man flopped down in front of the camera with the white of his eyes exposed. The people who were watching that recording guessed that the beauty with rabbit ears growing on her head just now was beating up the terrorists using that huge hammer.

Before long, when all sounds were dying down, the white eyed terrorist that was lying down in front of the camera got blown away with terrific force, and in place of that terrorist, a white slender, beautiful leg was projected.

「Ee~, I think that you all are likely to hear this, the people of the government? Anyway, all the criminals in this base have been all beaten up, for the time being, so please quickly safeguard the children. Very very please okaayy~」

With such words as the last, the recording cut off.

The people who were watching the recording were all dumbfounded while they sputtered out「What the hell?」

A few minutes after that, at another place, a different terrorist with a similar background of children hostages was about to recite out his principle and position「We are~」, but「CHEEESTOOO――!!」as expected a rabbit eared beauty leapt and curb stomped that place.

Such a scene repeated for three more times in succession after that but……the government officials who narrowed down the places where the recordings were taking place were all greatly cocking their heads in puzzlement. After all, each of the terrorist bases were all separated by a great distance of more than a hundred kilometers. Thinking from how the recordings were all taken in real time, it was unimaginable that the same person could run around to all those places in such a short time.

「Just who in the world, is that woman……」

That was the honest feelings of all the people watching the terrorists’ recordings.

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