Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 192
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Part 1

Off the shore of the America East Coast.

There a large cargo ship was anchored. It was an unregistered cargo ship, so the coast guard immediately rushed to the ship and called at it, but there was no reaction. The coast guard kept calling for a while, but not a single response was given. With no other way left the coast guard decided to board the ship.

Suddenly, several people appeared on the deck of the cargo ship. The coast guard spontaneously stopped moving and called to those men. However, those men didn’t respond at all and instead took off the sheet that was covering the cargo that was placed on the deck.

「-, those guys, are they sane-!?」

One of the coast guards turned pale while cursing. That was only natural. What appeared from behind the sheet was a missile launching pad. At the same time, the men――the terrorists――leaned their bodies forward from the deck. What was held in their hands were familiar weapons for the coast guard.

「-, Get back-」

As the coast guard captain yelled out those orders, the terrorists pulled the triggers. Violent bursting sounds rang consecutively, *poshu-* along with a stupid sounding sound; the grenade launcher that was attached to the rifle mercilessly lobbed an explosive onto the coast guard ship.

Several people got caught up in the explosion, and they fell to the deck of the coast guard ship while screaming. Next, the steering room erupted in flames.

Naturally, another coast guard ship returned fire, but the attack of the terrorists was fiercer than they imagined and caused the coast guard to be unable to get near. They called for reinforcements from the navy, but in the end, whether the navy would make it in time or not before the missiles were launched to the city was……

「Shit-, don’t-. Stop itt-」

Several of the coast guards yelled. Right at this time, their beloved birthplace, the coastal city, was about to be destroyed. Thinking about the range of the missile, it could aim at anywhere in the coastal city. The place the missiles landed could perhaps be where their acquaintance, friend, lover, or family was.

But, emotionlessly, a mechanical operating sound was reverberating while the missiles were aimed toward the coastal city, and then……they were launched.

From the multiple launching pads, a total of six missiles were sent flying toward the city.

「Aa……how can this be.」

Someone whispered in a tragic voice.

The missiles crossed above the coast and kept flying toward the center of the city; it was at that moment,


A black flash cut through the sky. A very thick laser that no one had ever seen before, except in a SciFi movie, suddenly flew out from further behind the cargo ship.

The black laser instantly swallowed the missile that was at the very right, and then the laser kept moving horizontally and annihilated all the missiles.

The coast guard, and also the terrorists, felt the same astonishment from the unimaginable happening. As though they had made an arrangement beforehand, all of them similarly turned their heads to the direction from where the laser came with botchy movements *gigigi* that was similar to a machine that hadn’t been oiled.

There, ahead of their gaze, the sea was beginning to swell up as though a mountain was forming. Like that, what appeared from there was……


A dragonified Tio. By no means was it Godzi○ but with that appearance, it couldn’t be helped even if they thought like that. Dragon eyes with vertical slits on its pupil and jet black scales. Sharp fangs lining up in a row. Such a monster was appearing while stirring up the sea!

Tio spread her wings and flew up and descended toward the terrorists who were staring vacantly with mouths wide open. And then, ignoring those who were screaming, Tio’s sharp claws pierced the hull of the cargo ship and lifted the ship up all at once.

The terrorists were screaming while firing bullets and grenades at Tio. Having the experience of fighting a giant monster was an experience that was too valuable in a sense; however, the fact that they couldn’t make a single scratch caused the terrorists to expose their expressions of terror.

『Foolish people. Thou can cool down thy head a bit.』

Suddenly a majestic voice came down from the sky; it was at that moment that the ship was powerfully thrown. The cargo ship fell on the coast while the terrorists were scattered out from the deck like snack scraps. The ship split into two with a thunderous sound.

『I guess these gentlemen will have questions, that’s why I will go easy on all of ye.

The voice poured down once more, and then within an instant, thunder fell on the cargo ship from empty air. Thunderous roars and lightning trampled the coast. The terrorists inside the cargo ship were grandly electrocuted and collapsed without even a single exception.

Right after that, a slight sound was reverberating. It was something like the sound of something flying overhead that was created by an aircraft. When Tio turned around, she could see a large missile coming at her.

Actually, further offshore there was a ship that was loaded with long range missiles standing by. The cargo ship at the coast was also acting as a decoy in this attack on the coastal city.

『How lukewarm. Thou foolish people can perish.』

Such an attempt couldn’t even be considered as an attack. Tio, who proclaimed that, opened her jaw wide open. Inside, a black light of ruin was converging.

Right after that, a second dragon breath was fired. The breath instantly reached the missile and annihilated the missile without causing any explosion. It continued its path and impacted the ship that was anchored several dozen kilometers away.

Just before the breath impacted, the terrorists who were on board the ship saw the black wall approaching them. There wasn’t even time for them to pray to their god. Just as they were aware that an incomprehensible black shining wall was approaching near everything blew up altogether, along with their consciousness.

Tio, who finished firing her breath, gave a glance at the coast guard members who were unable to stand up due to fear before she used regeneration magic and healed the wounded. Even people who had stopped breathing were also similarly healed by soul magic’s resurrection.

The scene of their comrades being enveloped in black light before their wounds were closing up was truly far removed from reality.

In the eyes of the coast guard members, the pure terror began to be replaced by awe.

『O protectors, be strong.』

Tio left those words and began to dive into the sea once more.

The coast guard members sent their salutes while staring wholeheartedly at the greatness of that figure. No matter how separated from reality this happening was, no matter how atypical the existence of this figure was, it had protected, saved, and gifted them with valuable words. There was not a single person who stopped saluting until Tio’s figure vanished from view.

And then, with awe and respect, they called that name.

「Thank you, Gozira.」

Currently, an American army was stationed in a ruined city in a certain country in the Middle East. The reason for their stationing there ranged from apprehending or killing the leadership of the terrorist organization to humanitarian aid to the vicinity.

If it was normal, the evening was supposed to be the time when the army would distribute food rations that were given out twice a day even while staying alert of terrorist attacks. The army garrison should be crowded with the local residents visiting in order to get water or food, or visiting the army medical facility to have their injury treated.

However, at present,

「Reinforcement request from east gate-. Many are injured. Delta and Zeta are almost isolated-」

「Take some men from the second division-」

「An enemy tank appeared at the west gate-. They are receiving concentrated fire-. Request for air support-」

「Someone-, three people got done in-. Send the medic-」

「South gate, they can’t hold on anymore-」

The bellows of the American soldiers, the fierce gunshot sounds, and the thunderous sounds of explosions were everywhere.

The America army base of this city right now was in the middle of receiving a large scale attack from the terrorist organization.

The base that was using several buildings of the city, surrounded with barbed wire, was now receiving simultaneous attacks from the east, west, south, and north of the city. Because the attack time was matched with the ration distribution time, there were already many citizens that had gotten involved and departed for the next world.

Although the American army immediately evacuated the people, who had barely gotten away from the disaster, into the base and the soldiers quickly fought back, the fierce attack which was to the degree that it made everyone wondering if this was actually the gathering of all the war potential of the terrorist organization, caused the American soldiers to fall behind and they were forced into a hard fight.

「Shit-, are the reinforcements still not here-. At this rate……」

The leader of this base, Armando Aston’s fist hit the desk in the command room loudly. Aerial bombing toward the enemy force was already impossible because the enemy’s distance to the base was too near. There was one other American base at the scale of one division in the neighboring city, but it would take them twenty minutes to reach this city. If they used a combat helicopter, then it would be even faster, but……without crushing the enemy’s anti-air weapon first, it would be too dangerous for the helicopter to give their support.

In the end, whether this base could hold out until the reinforcements came or not was……Armando scowled with impatience and roughly wiped the unpleasant sweat that trickled on his jaw.

But, at that time, a fierce impact sound assaulted the command room; clouds of dust were scattering down from the ceiling. Armando, who almost stumbled unintentionally, held onto the desk and braced himself while「What happened!?」yelling angrily at the communications officer.

A transmission that deepened the impatience of Armando further came from the radio.

『The enemy, they have a great number of unmanned attack aircraft-! Currently, the east gate is receiving aerial――』

「Impossible, just how far did those guys go to prepare their equipment-. There is no intelligence about that at all! Just what was the intelligence department doing!?」

After hearing the cut off the transmission, even while understanding that this wasn’t the time, Armando still spontaneously cursed. He immediately gave out instructions but……in the back of the mind of everyone in the command room, the word “annihilation” was floating.

Armando was considering whether he should abandon the citizens and instead escape from the city even if they had to bulldoze their way through. Despite understanding how low the success rate of doing such a thing, and the risk that they might lose their great cause for deploying their army in this foreign land, he was still about to make that decision. It was at that time, *hyuuuuu* an ominous sound of something cutting through the air entered his ear.

「-, all hands, get down-」

Armando’s immediate instruction made the surrounding soldiers’ faces grow pale while they dived to the floor. Right after that, a violent impact and thunderous roar assaulted all of them. Their consciousness was shaken as though they had been entered into a mixer and got whipped up.

「Guh, someone-, situation report-」

Armando was feeling a painful ringing in his ears as he was pressing his hand on his forehead. He somehow stood up and looked around him. And then, a part of the ceiling crumbled down, the sight of many of his subordinates being crushed under rubble, and the sight of the outside that was completely visible from the blown up external wall entered his eyes.

When he stepped outside with staggering steps, he could see many black smoke columns rising from the south gate. And then, he witnessed the enemy tank force advancing while crushing cars and humans on the street; they were flattening people underneath them as if they were bugs while forcing their way through.

The south gate had been breached. In the end, just what happened with the unit that was defending that spot……

「……To all hands, retreat by following the judgment of your own commanding officer while maintaining your force as much as possible. We are abandoning this base. Aim to link up with the third battalion that should be heading here.」

Armando, who was speaking into the communication device, was quietly watching the countless tanks that were approaching from the other side of the street while running over everything in their path. He made a bitter smile. He ridiculed himself, at how powerless and incompetent he was.

And then, he saw the tank that was running at the lead moving its turret toward him, or more accurately, at the command room behind him, and he discerned his end.

「……You demons. Even though I am incompetent, my country is different. Someday, the hammer of god will――」


A terrific impact rushed through, cutting off Armando’s last words. The tank’s shelling――wasn’t the cause. Instead, it was the sound of that tank getting pierced by a jet black stake three meters long.


A stupid voice leaked out from the middle-aged man named Armando.

His shock was only natural. The movement of the tank force belonging to the terrorist organization was also stopping.

While time on the battlefield had stopped, on top of that jet black stake, without anyone knowing just from where he could possibly have come from, a single young man landed down with a thud. With a face that looked oriental, it was a normal young man that seemed like could be found anywhere, if you didn’t pay attention to the giant things on his two hands, which seemed to be weapons, that couldn’t possibly be carried by flesh and blood human.

Everyone had already stopped moving. That young man――Hajime―― shouldered the pile bunker while his right hand casually lowered down the gatling gun, and then he opened his mouth with an expression that was like a yakuza.

「Now then, it will be a curb stomp after this, but is there anyone who wants to surrender? Good, there is none huh. Then, die.」

In this battlefield where sounds of gunshots and explosions were still knocking incessantly on the eardrum, for some reason, those words could be heard clearly as though they came right from the communication device. Hearing those words, Armando and several of the terrorists made a retort in their heart「Fast-, you’ve got no intention of listening right from the start, right!?」but……in the next moment, such voices of the heart were sent flying.

Along with the situation, where the tank force was literally sent flying.

*DOU-DOU-DOU-DOU-* Consecutive heavy bass sounds and *DURURURURURURU* peculiar rotation sounds sounded off. Those sounds were the indication of the pile bunker stakes that were fired rapidly and the crimson swarm of bullets cutting through the air becoming countless flashes that were like meteors.

The two ton stakes that were fired six times per second pierced through the tanks with a force that made the tanks look like toys and pulverized the tank crews inside one after another. The gatling railgun was instantly changing the buildings into scraps just like paper scraps while mercilessly changing the terrorists that were at the other side into meat lumps.

「We surrender-. Stop it-」

Several of the terrorists riding in the tanks came out with both their hands raised. This was honestly unexpected because he thought that these people were all having martyrdom mentality. And then, Hajime who received the surrender proclamation was,

「Eh? What did you say?」

While saying something that sounded like a deaf protagonist that came out in a gal-game somewhere, he fired his pile bunker as though he hadn’t heard anything at all. The tanks somersaulted in midair from the impact. The man who declared his surrender was squashed underneath as a red stain was slowly spreading.

「Wh, why-. You heard already that those guys are surrendering, right!?」

One of the terrorists raised his voice at Hajime’s unreasonableness. In response to that, as expected, Hajime without even replying properly……

「No negotiation with terrorists. This is international common sense. Don’t you know that?」

「A surrender declaration, is not negotiation, right!?」

If it was asked whether that statement was too much or not, then it was too much. However, the terrorist couldn’t even object for the second time as he received the strafing of the railgun and ended up as mere pieces of meat.

「Chih, they are like bugs huh. I don’t like those guys who only swarm in numbers. Annoyingg.」

The tank force that broke through the south gate, which should be called as the greatest land battle force of the terrorist organization, was literally instant killed. Hajime stored away his gatling railgun and pile bunker, and then he kicked on the building wall and jumped to the rooftop. Following the rooftops, he reached the rooftop of the highest building in the city.

Armando who saw that sight with a faint smile,

「……It appears that salvation isn’t bestowed by god, but by a demon, huh.」

Whispered such thing.

Hajime fired a lot of missiles from the rooftop using “Agni-Orkan”; the fire trails of the missiles covered the sky of the city like a spider web. The unmanned aircrafts were easily shot down, and grand explosive sounds could be heard resounding from everywhere in the city.

After that, Hajime, who annihilated the large scale troops of the terrorist organization, next operated his smartphone to activate the satellite artifact “Bel Agarta” (By pouring down light exposure that had been enchanted with regeneration magic, it would regenerate the target at the above ground. Hajime developed it, so it was possible to immediately heal his friends and family even when they were far away) that he willfully launched in stealth mode using space magic until it settled above the satellite orbit before this, and healed the American soldiers.

Looking at his subordinates that should have died coming back to life (It was impossible for those who had died too long ago), at the enemy force that was easily turned to ash, and at Hajime who was interrogating several terrorists before leaving the battlefield like nothing had happened and vanished, Armando could do nothing except laugh.

Armando later returned home to his country. Even though he was a pious believer of god, his new tendencies, which were starting to have an excessive interest in demons, greatly worried his family and colleagues but……that was another story.

On the other hand, Hajime had asked about the current whereabouts of the leadership of the terrorist organization from several of the terrorists attacking the city and teleported there.

The location seemed to be in a suite at a high class hotel in the capital. Surely, the choice of this location came from the thinking that the possibility of aerial bombing was nonexistent in this location where there were a lot of common people, making it into a safe place.

It seemed that they were reserving the whole floor as their base; thinking about the extravagant terrorist force just now, it appeared that the terrorists were in possession of considerable financial clout. Actually, Hajime became curious about the connection of the terrorists with that area.

Hajime ignored the front desk, directly teleported to the floor, and advanced through the corridor with brisk steps. Then, men who seemed to be guards immediately pulled out their guns――faster than them, however, Hajime floored the guards with a double lariat.

While confirming that the presences inside the room suddenly became noisy, Hajime kicked open the splendorous door with a yakuza kick. Immediately, countless bullets rushed at Hajime. While carelessly warding off the bullets with his left hand, Hajime entered the room with a rude entrance and,

「Who the hell are-gobohaa-!?」

The first thing Hajime did was launch a yakuza kick at a middle aged old man that seemed to be the terrorist leader. The man seemed like he was about to say something, but he was made to swallow his words back, so it was unknown what he was going to say. Even terrorists weren’t a match to the approaching of old age.

The people around the middle aged man were about to fire at Hajime further, but as expected, Hajime’s slap was overwhelmingly quicker. The guards were all artistically rotating twelve times in midair before getting floored, or getting buried into the wall, or breaking through the ceiling and losing consciousness.

「Now then, old man. You are the mastermind of the simultaneous terrorisms this time, huh?」

「Guh, gohoh, you bastard――」

The yakuza kick burst down on the middle aged man’s solar plexus for the second time today. Trampling on the middle aged man that was vomiting while screaming with a voice that normal people wouldn’t be able to endure, Hajime grinded his foot further as though to add on the pain.

「Well, it’s actually inconsequential whether you are the ring leader or not though. I’ll have you spit out the information about the shitty bastard financing you all here.」

The middle aged man who seemed about to prattle “Who will tell you huh!” got the muzzle of Donner pressed hard on his forehead by Hajime who searched for the company and person who was financing the terrorist organization.

「Wait, you, do you understand what the meaning of this revolution is? The exploitation by America is――」

「Aa, enough about that.」


The head of the middle aged man that was about to start talking about something got blown away. That act of Hajime who seemed as though he didn’t know of the existence of the word mercy itself caused the remaining leaders to back away while shuddering.

Hajime turned toward those leaders while tapping Donner on his shoulder. The leaders were desperately begging for their lives, saying things like they would give him money, or they would prepare women or anything he liked, but,

「Oy, look here you guys, it seems you tried to execute my daughter and her friend publicly. I won’t let you guys get off with the excuse of not knowing, you know? Indiscriminate terrorism is something like that, isn’t it? You guys tried to push for your own conveniences, indiscriminately. And then among those people there was a relative of a monster. That’s why you guys die. That’s all there is to it. Think of these in your mind, ‘I have done something stupid huuh’, ‘I failed huuh’, and then die.」

Like that……on this day, one terrorist organization, which was once the biggest, was annihilated from this world. Just in case, it seemed that there were two or three people of the leaders who were thrown at a garrison of the US army in a state of beaten up black and blue, where they were safely(?) retrieved.

Part 2

In the living room of the Nagumo family, Hajime and the others were enjoying tea time while watching a special news report. If it was asked what kind of special news it was, then naturally, it was regarding the simultaneous terrorisms that occurred in America the other day and the many miracles at those attack sites.

The male presenter was moving the news report forward with a voice and expression that looked excited.

「Now then, there were existences that changed the many tragedies that were caused by the cowardly terrorists on that day into miracles that will remain in history. Many people killed and wounded were healed by holy light, a passenger plane that was protected by golden light just before it crashed, the hostages that were on the verge of execution were saved from the terrorists by flying kicks and a giant hammer, the president was protected by someone using a single katana……just what in the world were those women? No, just what in the world were those existences? Were they secret agents of the country? Such opinions also seem to exist, but no matter how, it was unimaginable that what they had done was the work of a human. It-was-truly, the work of god! Many people who witnessed them had spoken unanimously.」

There, the male presenter put a long pause before,

「They spoke that those women were exactly “goddesses” that descended to this world.」

Kaori and Shizuku fell prostrated on the table. Their ears were dyed bright red. When Hajime sniggered, the news report moved to the recording of the interview of the witnesses.

A young man of the rescue squad that was carrying out the rescue operation at a destroyed airport was answering the interview in an excited state.

「Eh? You are asking me what I think of the woman’s true identity? Such a thing is obvious. She is a goddess, a goddess that is overflowing with kindness. If possible, I want to know her name but, no, that is too disrespectful perhaps. At any rate, that person is too beautiful, noble, and warm. The light that rained down on those injured people, it was truly divine. That was――」

The interview cut off. Surely if that young man was allowed to keep talking, then he would keep at it even for several hours. The screen changed back to the male presenter.

「He was really excited, wasn’t he! But that too is only natural. Clad in whitely violet light, with a beautiful pair of wings, raining down the light of healing that resurrected even the dead. Furthermore, she appeared almost at the same time at multiple locations that were damaged by the terrorisms, protecting the people with warm light. This existence that cannot possibly be human has been called with a certain name by the people, and this program will recognize that given name. Now, everyone in the studio, and then, you who are in front of the television, let’s extol that great existence! Her name is――Angel of Kindness!」

「「「「「Angel of Kindneesss!!!」」」」」

Kaori sunk down. She crouched while plugging her ears and entered the posture of seeing no evil, hearing no evil, and speaking no evil. It appeared the limit meter of her shyness had already surpassed its max number.

Wasting no time, Yue was making a sadistic expression while she was trying to make Kaori stand up and watch the television. After giving a glance at Kaori who was saying ‘no no’ with her head shaking in refusal and Yue that kept pulling on her, Hajime and the others then paid their attention to the next interview in the news program.

The one who made the next appearance was the unit members that belonged to the coast guard of the West Coast (TN: I realize that at the beginning of the chapter it said East Coast. But it was written West Coast now here.).With body and hand gestures, they excitedly spoke about how tremendous the existence that saved them before protecting the city from the missiles.

And then, they said it. With their mouths in unison, they called that existence as――

「「「「「It was Gozira-!!」」」」」

Like that.

「Why――!! No matter where and how thou see it, it was a dragon, wasn’t it!? It was a legendary existence that everyone loved art not it!? What’s with this fictitious character treatment!!」

Tio went ‘UGAA―’ while standing up in protest. However, the coast guard members in the television were all greatly excited saying「Thank you Gozira!」「We won’t forget Gozira forever.」「Gozira-tan, haa haa」「Gozira, FOREVER」extolling Tio=Gozira.

「Oh maaan, who ever thought that Gozira really exists! And, it appeared at the same time as the angel, and saved the people……the world is just too lovely! Does everyone also think so!? It will come you know; it will absolutely come you knoow~. The GO-ZI-RA Boom is coming-!!」

The tension of the male announcer was already reaching ecstasy. And then, the tension of Hajime and Shuu who had anticipated the coming boom and had already bought a lot of the stock of the company that was selling Godzi○ goods were also in ecstasy.

The next interview subject was the army colonel that was stationed in the Middle East. When the colonel was asked, just what he thought about the kind of existence that had annihilated the large scale army of the terrorist organization attacking his garrison, the colonel floated a nihilistic smile while answering.

「Fuh. That’s obvious. He was a demon――no, he was the demon king-sama.」

Hajime spurted out the black tea he was drinking. No, certainly he was called as demon king, but he had never imagined that of all thing he would also be called with that name here in earth too……his cheeks were cramping from that. The colonel inside the television was passionately speaking just how merciless, ruthless, unreasonable, and overwhelming Hajime was, how mere humans were like trash compared to that existence. It was as though the colonel was being possessed by a demon.

「Whoops, it feels like this program will be banned if we broadcasted more than this, so let’s finish the interview with the colonel there. It’s concerning what will become of the colonel from here on though, isn’t it! Now then, it seems that this man who repelled an army of the terrorist organization by his lonesome has many female fans with their number rapidly increasing. For some reason, all recording of this man is blurry which caused us not to be clear about his appearance, but the girls all over the world are going heart-eyed from that mercilessness you know. It seems there is even a fan club formed up already!」

The high tensioned yell 「How enviouuus!」of the male presenter, and then the calm yet excessively cold gazes that were in contrast with that yell, were all stabbing Hajime. Hajime was pretending not to notice anything while he drank his black tea once more.

「But, his popularity among men is also not losing! The gays from all over the world also seem to go heart-eyed. Really, my condolences!」


Hajime spurted out his black tea. And then, he was sunk by the kisses and fierce winks that seemed like they were making *bachikon* sounds thrown at him from across the screen by the many “big sis” who were excessively wriggling and acting flirtatiously despite their muscular build. Hajime fell prostrated on the table with a *gon-* sound that sounded painful.

While Kaori, Tio, and Hajime were plainly receiving damage, the news continued with the interview of the pilot that witnessed Yue; he was making a statement that sounded like he was somewhat awakened to lolicon, the male presenter wasted no time to cut that off before moving onto the last interview with the president who was treating Shizuku as a Valkyrie. Furthermore, the male presenter mischievously disclosed how the bodyguards of the president had formed a fan club for the black haired Valkyrie, causing Shizuku to turn red greatly.

「I have done the information manipulation and recognition manipulation through the net on a world scale, so no one will know that those people are us but……in the end, we still received damage huh.」

Hajime’s tired words were nodded by the people who had saved the world and now were drinking tea in the living room of the Nagumo house.

「Come to think of it, Myuu. After that, what happened to your friend? Just in case, at that time I took out Myuu from the recognition of the children that were in that place but……that child named Natalia is the only one whose recognition I didn’t tamper with. Will it become a problem?」

On that day, Hajime applied the measure on the children that Myuu saved so they would only remember that a blond haired girl annihilated the terrorists while making them forgot that the girl was Myuu. Hajime used a silver tube artifact to go flash on the children. That thing which was exclusively used by the black suited agents who protected the earth from alien.

But, regarding Natalia, with Myuu’s wish and the strong hope of the person herself, she was not given the recognition manipulation treatment. Natalia herself also promised that she wouldn’t reveal anything about Myuu to other people no matter what. Just in case there was a situation where for example someone knew about Myuu and tried to do something to Natalia, Natalia was given an artifact to make other people believe the girl’s deception as truth.

「Yep, no problem nano. But……」

「But? Is there something?」

「Uu~n, perhaps it’s just Myuu’s feeling but, it feels like the way Na-chan is looking at Myuu has changed……」

「……Like how?」

「It’s like, Altina-san when she is looking at Shia-oneechan……」

「Myuu, cut off your relationship with Na-chan, right now.」

「It’s fine nano. Because Na-chan’s face looked satisfied when Myuu gently patted her, and she immediately returned to the usual Na-chan.」

「……I see.」

Hajime’s expression turned into one where he couldn’t say anything. Shia was directing a gaze that was shuddering at Myuu while saying「Myuu-chan, has she surpassed me before I realized it……」. It appeared that Myuu was steadily climbing the stairs of “wrong person”.

「Ah, that’s right, papa. Have you flashed Emile-kun too properly nano?」

「Hm? I don’t know which one is this Emile that you refer, but all the children at that place other than Natalia, every one of them has been treated for sure. What’s the matter?」

「……Emile-kun, for some reason, he remembers about Myuu nano. It looks like he doesn’t know that the one who was fighting at that time was Myuu, but he remembered that Myuu was there as Na-chan’s friend, and it looked like all this time he was contacting Na-chan saying that he wanted her to let him meet Myuu. Although Na-chan is refusing it all.」


It appeared, the youth Emile was unable to forget the battling fairy of that day. Strangely he was remembering Myuu and seemed to wish for a reunion. Surely it would be boorish to ask what kind of feeling that drove him to do so. After all, if it had to be said, then it was the case of ‘Boy meets girl”.

The doting parent papa Hajime who guessed that emitted a voice that sounded a level lower than usual. He was thinking, so there was one more pest that was approaching his beloved daughter. Since Myuu was advancing to elementary school, the number of pests that were approaching Myuu was increasing day by day.

Young Emile, now what to do about you, was what papa Hajime was beginning to ponder. Myuu who was seeing Hajime being like that looked excessively happy, and she cheerfully sat down on Hajime’s lap. And then, she looked up at Hajime with a wide smile while speaking.

「Papa doesn’t need to be that worried. Myuu will forever be papa’s Myuu nano.」

「Mu, that’s, well, I don’t have any intention of doing anything about such a brat though……」

「Papa, Myuu said that Myuu understands.」


Hajime was making a troubled face and turned his gaze at Yue and the others asking for help, but before his face could move, Myuu’s small hands caught Hajime’s cheeks from two sides and fixed Hajime’s gaze on herself.

And then, while she was showing a bewitching smile that reminded him of a certain someone somewhere,

「It’s better for papa to think, that you won’t be able to escape forever nano.」


She said such a thing.

Hajime thought. In this five years, Yue’s magic, Shia’s taijutsu and war hammer art, Tio’s whip art, Kaori’s twin swords art, Shizuku’s Yaegashi-style, and then, Hajime’s gun-kata were all learned by Myuu at a high level. Originally, the sea dweller race didn’t have a body that was particularly excellent in battle, yet regardless of that Myuu had achieved all those.

That was surely because all the cheat characters around her taught Myuu their essence to her without sparing anything, and Myuu who trusted and adored those girls from the bottom of her heart was seriously working hard, but even with those factors, Myuu’s learning rate could still be praised without reserve.

Perhaps because of that, Hajime hallucinated, of his own figure that was being held down by Myuu even after he used all the methods in his possession and yet he still got outdone……

(No, no way that could be……)


With a surprising switching speed, her bewitching expression of just now had gone somewhere, Myuu had returned to the usual innocent Myuu with her tilting her head, that appearance……

For some reason, it caused Hajime to shudder with a sudden shaking.

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