Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 214
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「Haa, haa, kuu, what persistence-. I should just obediently follow Hajime-san's warning.」

Shia cursed while nimbly running with her beautiful faint bluish-white hair trailing behind her. Her usual innocent smile couldn't be seen on her face, her own failure and the evil hand that was currently cornering her into this bitter situation caused her prided rabbit ears to busily twitching around in vigilance against the surrounding.

Shia was pushing her way through the narrow path among the buildings while nimbly evading the trash cans and plumbing like an acrobat. It was as though she was in the middle of a desperate escape……no, in fact Shia was really forced to escape no matter how hard to believe it was.

Shia who was categorized as inhuman person along with Hajime and others didn't have any existence that could be a threat for her. Her ability was such that even made the magic cheat Yue to say「Your physical ability is bugged」. An existence that could force such Shia to escape……

「I, I found herrr! The rabbit-eared girl Shia-chaaaaan!」


A person carrying a backpack on his back, wearing a T-shirt with moe character design, blazing eye glint peeking from the gap of his long hair, with his hand carrying a tough camera――he was The Otaku.

Just before Shia could get out from the back alley, that otaku youth appeared from the back door of a building that opened roughly, which caused Shia to reflexively raise a pitiful shriek.

That was only natural. The reason was because Shia's rabbit ears detected his presence to be at the other side of the building just a moment ago. Yet despite so, he appeared before her eyes right after she got distracted for a moment. It wouldn't be that strange even if an absurd existence like this existed at the previous world, but that was impossible.

That was because this was earth, the home world of Hajime.

The otaku youth faced Shia whose face was shuddering. He readied his camera and suddenly he lowered his head in a snap.

「Pho, photo, please!!」

「I told you no already-!」

Shia reflexively retorted back. However, the otaku young man wasn't discouraged at all. 「E, even so please-!」Even though he was stuttering, but he lowered his head even deeper with a force that strangely emitted a formidable will.

Seeing how she made no progress, Shia used the wall of the building to make a wall-kick jump and flew over the head of the otaku youth. She came out into a street somewhere.

Then, it seemed that the angry yell of Shia was heard, the fellows who were chasing after Shia until just now――the otaku group was gathering bustlingly.

「Ra, Rabbit ear-san, please, let me take a photo-!」

「One snap, just one snap is fine-」

「Ca, can I call you Shia-tan-」

「Tha, that gaze, please turn it over here!」

「Can I ask you, to pose? I, if possible please make gun shape with your fingers. Also, can you make the rabbit ear's shape to droop a bit more? Or rather, I, I have a uniform here, ca, can I ask you to change into it?」

In the blink of eye, otaku young men (middle-aged men included) and the curious onlookers who were wondering if there was some kind of event, were starting to form a crowd.

「Uu, just why this is happening desuu? Even though there are people wearing cat ear or dog ear, why is it only me……thi, this is just like what Hajime-san said, 『the neighborhood of Akiba is rough』desuu」

Shia's face contorted and about to cry. The surrounding was already packed with the warriors of Akiba, they were waiting impatiently for Shia's permission of photo opportunity.

Yes, the place where Shia was currently at, was Earth's Tokyo metropolis, right in the middle of Akibahara. If it was asked about why Shia who came to earth together with Hajime was now at Akibahara, it was because of a reason that wasn't particularly deep……

Putting that aside, Shia who was showing an interest to Akihabara was given a serious warning by Hajme. He said, if Shia entered the neighborhood of Akiba as she was, there would be a great commotion without a doubt.

'That was because Shia's rabbit ear was the real thing', that wasn't the only reason. Thinking normally, no matter how real it looked, surely there wouldn't be anyone thinking that it was actually real. But, in this occasion, it was irrelevant whether it was the real thing or not.

Her beautiful long hair with faint bluish white color that could be mistaken as moonlight, her beautiful face that could make foreign idol to run away with tail between their legs, her perfect proportion that could put model to shame, her loveliness that came from her gentle atmosphere despite her beauty, which made anyone wanted to look at her forever. That kind of miraculous girl, was completed with twitching rabbit ears.

For the humans at Akiba, no, as long as someone was a man, it would be impossible for their heart to be not stolen!

That was why, Hajime firmly warned Shia to not go to Akiba by herself, and in the case she went anyway, Hajime handed her a disguise artifact to change her look.

Shia was thinking「This is exaggerated desuu」, even so she wore the artifact and in the end she went to Akiba by herself but……here she made a sorrowful miss. Everything at her surrounding was unusual, and her eyes were stolen by girls intentionally putting on animal ears by themselves, seeing that Shia carelessly took off her artifact.

When she did that, naturally Shia's beauty and charm were exposed. And then, the otakus swarmed like hyenas.

If here the warriors of Akiba committed rudeness to Shia and tried to force her, Shia would send them flying mercilessly and then she would vanish right away.

However, as expected from them who was a gentleman despite being a warrior. They would lower their head and ask for permission without fail before taking their camera, even though they were passionately making request without reservation, but they didn't bulldoze their way through.

Shia who had received warning from Hajime in the beginning, and what's more she even committed mistake of getting rid of her artifact, she became unable instead to act forceful toward the otaku group who was like that.

And so she attempted to escape from Akiba, but the warriors of Akiba weren't that soft. Just like how the craftsmen of Hairihi Kingdom chased after Hajime before, they were earnestly coming to beg at Shia using wondrous tracking skill, physical ability, and coordination between fellow warriors that made Shia couldn't help but making retort「Are you guys really normal human!?」. Their figures made it as though the OTAKU nesting in AKIBA was really a different race.

Shia was thinking, 「The station of Akiba is far away……」, like that.

「Fuu, it cannot be helped. I didn't really want to do preposterous thing in Hajime-san's world but……it's already too late for that like this.」

By the time the voice of「Please, let us take a picture」was starting to become a great chorus, Shia sighed deeply while starting to walk briskly. The crowd surrounding Shia in circle became noisy, but Shia walked straight ahead without minding that and came to a stop in front of a young man.

The young man was muttering「Eh, eh? M, me? By any chance, it's coming? My springtime is coming?」, but as expected Shia didn't pay that any attention and she firmly grabbed the shoulders of the young man.

The young man went beet red from having both his shoulders grabbed by a foreign super beautiful girl wearing rabbit ears that couldn't be compared even with the countless idols he had seen. The surrounding was getting noisier.

The young man was making an expression that was vaguely containing hope. However, Shia gifted him with words that were heartless, that could also be considered as reward for a part of peculiar kind of human.

「I'm sorry. Can I ask you to kneel for a bit?」


「Can you kneel, for me?」

Shia smiled sweetly while putting on strength that was just barely the limit. The young man was befuddled for a moment, but for some reason his face got even redder, then he bent his knee while breathing roughly in excitement. It seemed that this young man was also "a part of peculiar kind of human".

Shia put her foot on the shoulder of that young man. The young man gulped his saliva seeing the beautiful leg peeking out from the skirt. The surrounding people were also holding their breath, wondering if an abnormal play was really going to start in front of a crowd this big. Camera lenses were gleaming here and there.

But, the next moment, they were blinking in astonishment.

「Well then everyone, forgive me for making ruckus.」

Saying that, Shia put her weight on the foot stepping on the young man's shoulder, and then the next moment she leaped high. The young man surprisingly didn't feel the feedback that would normally come from getting used as footstool for jumping even though he was slightly lurching forward. He felt surprised while coming back to his senses and turned around quickly.

There, he saw the figure of Shia twirling through a rotation midair while making the head of a bald uncle at the back as the next footstool. Like that, Shia was making the warriors of Akiba as footstool while advancing rapidly through the crowd.

「I, I was used as footstool!?」

「Shi, Shia-tan's beautiful foot, o, on my head, haa haa」

「Ste, step on me toooo! Shia-tan's footsie, grind on meee!!」

「Rabbit ear going pyon pyon……it's the real thing. It's the real rabbit-eared GIRLLLLL!! I cannot hold it in-」

「Right now, I'm witnessing a miracle……」

The warriors were greatly stimulated by Shia hopping around overhead the crowd. Her rabbit ears twitching *pyoko pyoko*, her rabbit tail shaking left and right *furi furi*, and then the brutally prancing melons *barun barun* pushed them to the verge of madness.

Of course, Shia wasn't aiming for that by doing this. Originally it was something easy for her to break out of the crowd with a single jump. However, doing that was only possible for a true inhuman person. Using people as footholds and jumped around was barely still in the range that could be processed using common sense.

Ignoring the commotion from the warriors of Akiba, Shia landed firmly at the end with a great jump that was accompanied with a splendid midair somersault that would make gymnastic athlete to go blue, and then without pause she sprinted away like a fleeing rabbit. The warriors who went 'hah' in realization started to move all at once.

「This time for sure, I swear I will reach Akiba stationnn! Don't look down at the rabbit that overcame even the apostle of god desu!」

Surely the god apostles too would cry in the shadow if they knew they were compared with Akiba warrior.

Like that, Shia dashed through the last alley, and she caught the sight of Akihabara station ahead, her mouth burst into a broad smile thinking that she would quickly return to Hajime and receive punishment, it was at that time,

A second tale that was completely involuntary for Shia was starting.

In the shape of a hole that was like a pitch dark black hole suddenly appeared right under the foot of Shia who was stepping forward.


Losing the place where her foot could step, Shia lurched forward and she was falling toward the hole. However, this person was one of the inhuman monsterr~s. She instantly activated the Air Force that was instilled into her shoes and used that as foothold in her attempt to escape to the opposite side.


「Wha-!? I'm sucked!?」

Yes, the expression of black hole fitted that hole perfectly. It captured Shia with a radical absorbing force that was hard to oppose, as though it was the Absolute Catastrophe that Yue was controlling.

「Kuh, Hajime-san-!」

Because of the completely unexpected surprise attack, and because her combat senses had been receding since she came to earth, Shia was unable to deal with the absorption and in the end she called at the name of her beloved lover while being swallowed into the abyss.

Silence returned at the alley where Shia vanished. There was already no sign remaining that Shia had been there, a breeze blew through the alley vainly.


Shia felt a solid ground under her butt after a terrible sense of weightlessness. Light was overflowing her field of vision that she couldn't see clearly. However, her excellent sensing ability to detect presence detected multiple presences surrounding her at the other side of the light.

「It seems I avoided an instant death but……this place smell strongly with troublesomeness.」

Shia was smiling bitterly while pouring magic power into the ruby encrusted ring on her left hand's ring finger. At the same time she lifted her palm to the side and clenched it into fist. Vire Doryukken manifested with a superb timing and settled inside her grasp.

It was an unforeseen situation, but the profound weight of her partner caused a fearless smile to emerge on Shia's face. No matter what happened, she had the confidence that she would smash through all of them and her resolve that she would reunite with Hajime without fail was dwelling brightly inside her eyes as though it had been engraved there.

Like that, when Shia observed the situation while putting up her vigilance, the light was vanishing before long as though it was melting into the space.

'Now then, what kind of bunches had done the idiotic action of kidnapping me', ahead of Shia's gaze that narrowed dangerously was,

「Oo, is it a success!?」

「As expected from the palace's head magician-done.」

「Look at that beauty. It is as though she is the goddess of the moon.」

「No, more important than that, that thing growing at that person's head……it could be, that she is a retainer of Spinea-sama.」

There were around twenty people who seemed to be soldiers wearing clothes like priest robe and armor. They were making noise of shock and happiness. Shia was looking around at the surrounding while keeping silent. A young man that looked slightly exhausted stepped forward to such Shia.

The young man was wearing a robe that was decorated with geometrical pattern of splendid ultramarine and silver, his hand was holding a cane that was created from tree that seemed to be a twisted evergreen oak, a jewel that looked like sapphire was attached on its tip. His vibrant silver long hair was tied at its root. He was wearing a small pince-nez glasses and his eyes of long slits gave an intellectual impression. He was a dreadfully handsome man of intellectual type.

That kind of intellectual handsome man faced Shia and he opened his mouth, however, someone grabbed his shoulder from behind and stopped him from speaking.

「Wait Reed. Don't approach carelessly. That woman is holding a weapon. We don't know what she might do.」

The one who was saying that while sending vigilant and suspicious gaze at Shia was another dreadfully handsome man. He had vibrant blonde hair and golden eyes. His sharp gaze resembled carnivore beast, and his body was obviously well-trained even through the light armor he was wearing. He was a man that gave an impression as though he was a wild lion.

「Ee~, is that so? I think she is a really cute young woman though? I want to approach her right away.」

「Phil, just shut your mouth. I don't need to hear the opinion of a playboy.」

「Even though you said that, But Erick is also thinking inside your heart 'Su~per cute', right? Besides, look, Greg who normally has no interest to girl is completely charmed there.」

The one who spoke with frivolous tone was also a handsome man as expected. His appearance was slovenly with his chest greatly exposed and his hand playing around with his wavy deep green hair.

Furthermore, there was one more man whose body built was larger than the others, however, as expected he was also a handsome man as though it had been arranged beforehand. This man with short black hair was focusing his gaze at Shia.

Looking at them, Shia who was considerably growing impatient opened her mouth while tapping Vire Doryukken on her shoulder.

「Excuse me, I don't know what is your objective in kidnapping me, but if you are not hostile, then can you explain the situation already? I also want to go home quickly, so if possible I want you to teach me the method to go home without any antagonism.」

Hearing that, the blonde haired man who seemed to have a really haughty and prideful personality might be taking offense from Shia's attitude, his eyes narrowed while he opened his mouth.

This time it was the silver haired gentle man who stopped the blond hair. He then made a gentle smile while speaking about their objective.

「My apologies. We are calling you here, is because we wish for you to save this world. My deepest apologies of our rudeness in doing this for our own convenience. But, please, I beg you to bring salvation to our world.」

Like that, the word that was the template, and in a sense was commonplace word was said decisively.


After that, during the few months before Hajime was coming to pick her up, a great tale was unfolding, like splattering the monsters threatening the world, or splattering the fighting between countries, or splattering the handsome army that became the prisoner of Shia's charm, or splattering the demon king together with the handsome men who weren't discouraged even with the splattering they experienced, or getting showered with marriage proposals as the hero that saved the world from the princes of many countries, dragon king, spirit king, etc., anyway they were all handsome men, or having Hajime who came to pick her up going *DOPAN-* at them, but……all those would be told at another chance someday.

The End

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