Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 357

Arifureta Chapter 357

Arifureta After III Tortus Travel Journal ⑯


「Absolutely no way.」

Hajime was throwing a tantrum in the sky far above. He was sitting on the sofa inside Ferner’s bridge with his arms crossed and looking aside sulkily.

「Do, don’t say that. Please, Hajime-san.」

Right beside him, sitting at the opposite direction where Hajime was averting his gaze was Liliana making such request while snuggling close to him.

The group returned from the holy land Brook that was transformed into the haunts of the wicked to the capital yesterday night.

No, in Hajime’s case perhaps it should be called as “returning alive” instead.

His soul slipped out from his flesh body seven times (Yue slapped it back every time). His SAN point was consigned to oblivion eight times (Yue kindly returned his sanity every time). His mind also regressed to a child four times (Yue went ‘haa haa’). His attempt to dye Brook Town crimson reached nine times (Yue hugged him with all her strength to stop him).

It was a deathly battle. It was truly a nightmarish deathly battle against the deviant residences * drilly monsters of the wicked haunts.

With a mind that reached the limit, Hajime shook off the residences who were <ruby>swarming him like the dead from the hell<rt>trying to make him stay</rt></ruby>. After that, he kept hugging Yue all this time in order to heal the wound of his heart.

Shia and others, especially Myuu tried to console him but……as expected, the first wife-sama was powerful at this kind of time. Hajime who was still somewhat under the influence of his infantile regression wouldn’t separate from Yue no matter what anyone said.

Like that, Hajime finally came back to his senses after a night passed but……

「If I say no way then no way.」

「Even so please. Visit Ur Town too. Right now the pope is also in the middle of visitation, as expected passing through it without stopping by is……」

「I don’t care. I’m, on a trip. I’m going, to the imperial capital.」

「Yo, you hate it so much you’re using baby talk……」

Presently Hajime and co were in the middle of three days trip heading to the east of the continent. Their destination was Hoelscher Empire, but Liliana asked them to stop by at the lake shore town Ur that was on the way there. Because of that she was in an argument with Hajime who absolutely didn’t want to stop by.

Even the wish of Liliana who had taken care of her work to a certain degree and looked forward to the trip today didn’t move him at all.

Sumire who couldn’t bear to watch asked in exasperation.

「Geez, just why are you that reluctant?」

Shuu and others who were also in the bridge were waiting for the answer. Shia and others were also waiting for the answer, although with a face that looked like they somehow understood Hajime’s reason.

Naturally, Hajime’s answer was,

「That place has surely turned the same way as like Brook!」

That was probably the case. After all, if the holy land Brook was “the town of the beginning of the demon king’s journey”, then Ur Town was the “town where the sword of the goddess descended”.

‘It absolutely has changed into the haunts of the wickeeed! Hajime-san don’t want to go to that kind of place!’ It seemed that was the reason. After saying out loud the word “Brook” by himself, it seemed Hajime recalled the nightmare yesterday and pulled Yue’s arm before embracing her tightly.

「Aa~. Hajime-san is hugging Yue-san like a plushy again……」

「How envious…..but, Yue is unusually making a troubled face so I can’t really say anything.」

「Myu……papa, as expected it seems that it’s no good if it’s not Yue-oneechan when he is weak nano……」

In regard to mental stability effect and healing effect, perhaps Myuu and Shia and others could be expected to have the same effects, but if one also expected for “protection“ effect to maintain sanity from nightmare, then it couldn’t really be said that they would be effective unless it was Yue-sama.

So to speak, if Myuu and others were hi-potion, then Yue was elixir. It seemed their level was different.

「Leave it at that, Hajime. I can’t bear seeing my high school son regressing into an infant. Honestly, Tou-sa is thinking that you’re a little bit gross.」

「Tou-san, tell me that more indirectly. That hurt.」

Hajime embraced Yue back on his chest like a kid hugging his doll. It seemed the destructive power that was brought about by the “Bel lineage” had made the demon king to be riddled with wound by that much.

「……Say, Hajime? As expected this is a bit embarrassing.」

Apparently even Yue could feel embarrassed from getting everyone’s attention by being hugged like this. Of course, Hajime didn’t pay any mind to it.

「Goshujin-sama. There art not any “Bel lineage” in Ur correct? It wouldst be fine.」

「You’re too optimistic, Tio. Those guys are propagating. They’re expanding their force behind the scene while mankind isn’t aware. We don’t know where they’re lurking.」

Chrystabel and others were treated like they were invader from space. It was troubling because they couldn’t really deny it decisively when considering their incomprehensible nurturing method and mysterious strength.

「But still……it is the place where we met. It wouldst be cruel to ignore that place. <ruby>Hahaue-dono<rt>mother-in-law</rt></ruby> and others art wishing to witness our past too.」

「What’re you gonna do showing them something like your ass getting shoved with pile bunker huh?」

「Fuguh……haa haa. Tha, that art not all there is to it! Like, this and that, there art various other things!」

「There was only you going haa haa. It will be bad for Myuu’s education.」

「We saved the city from a great swarm of monsters attacking from all directions! Also, there art thy first kiss with Aiko too!」

Aiko was hit by a stray bullet. 「Ah!? That’s right!」 she said with her eyes swimming around. She also wished for everyone to watch how Hajime and co protected the city but……that scene was embarrassing.

Somehow Aiko was also starting to lean to agree with Hajime’s opinion to ignore Ur Town……but.

「Aa geez, this is irritating! Shia-chan! Okaa-san gives you the permission! Take Yue-chan away!」

Sumire-okaasan snapped seeing and hearing her son’s grumbling. Hajime fundamentally was someone who would make a swift decision and take quick action, so this was an extremely rare sight in a sense. Because of that she was enjoying his state until yesterday, but finally the feeling of irritation won inside her.


「Shia, I believe in you――」

「Shia-chan? Okaa-san, and your worthless husband, which one is more important?」

Sumire’s nice smile burst out. Shia looked alternately at Hajime and Sumire several times……

「Okaa-sama! Order received desuu!」

「Shia!? You’re betraying me!?」

She didn’t have the rabbit ear to listen to Hajime’s nonsense. She closed the distance with super speed and seized Yue with her overwhelming physical strength. Naturally, Hajime immediately reached out with his hand to take Yue back but,

「Tio-san paaass!」



Yue-san floated in the air. Hajime raised his eyes at Tio who caught her normally. Tio shivered and panted from that while Hajime closed his distance with “Ground Shrinker”. Before his hand reached,

「Kaori-, pass!」


「Wawa-, caa~tch! Aa~nd rele~ase!」

「……I’ll kill you Kaori!」

「It’s me this time!? Wait, Yue, you’re really light……」

「……Treatment. The treatment to me」

Yue-san who was thrown all over like a ball and light like a dream. As expected she didn’t want to be treated like a ball more than this, so she got away from Shizuku’s arm and floated up lightly using gravity magic. An intense reproachful glare scanned inside the room.

During that time Sumire circled behind the back of the flustered Liliana. Without pause she hugged her from behind and put the cheeks of the bewildered Liliana between her hands.

「Hajime, look! At the dark circles under Liliana’s eyes that are so deep it put you off! At her eyes that are cloudy like a corporate slave working in a black company! At her pitifulness from making a cheerful smile that isn’t even thinking that her condition is painful even then!」

「Eh? Okaa-sama? A, am I……pitiful? Eh? Huh?」

Certainly, she was in a horrible state. Her face was. Even though she was a princess. Just how much she was looking forward to this trip huh? Just how much she forced herself to take care of her work so she could take a leave huh? One couldn’t help but make such tsukkomi.

Or rather, everyone wanted to make that tsukkomi before the departure, they intended to indirectly acted concerned to her and asked「Don’t force yourself. Or rather, isn’t it impossible for you to join the trip today?」, but seeing her figure that was full of liveliness only in her atmosphere despite having a face that was unbecoming for a princess, everyone was put off and they couldn’t say anything in the end.

The state of Liliana that was finally spoken out by Sumire flustered Hajime. Seeing that Sumire dealt an additional blow.

「Lily-chan wanted to go in this trip so much that she ended up in this pitiful state! This child had done her best see! To a degree she doesn’t even realize about her own disastrous state!」

「Sa, say Okaa-sama? What do you mean by me being pitiful……」

「Your heart is heavily wounded because of the thing yesterday? Hah, that’s funny coming from the demon king. You see, true serious wound refer to a pitiful child like the current Lily-chan!」

「……Pitiful……I’m, pitiful……even though I’m a princess……eh, but, pitiful what?」

Princess Liliana, fourteen years old, she was feeling shocked from being pitied while looking completely uncomprehending just what was the cause of her being pitied.

Pitiful! Everyone’s face looked like they were going to burst crying.

「Kuh……being told that……I don’t have any way to argue back. I……it seems I was really cowardly, to think that I became this timid just from this much……」

「Ha, Hajime-san!? You accepted that!? I, it’s not like there is anything that should make me get pitied or――」

「Looks like you have opened your eyes. ……Hajime. Now you can listen to the wish that Lily-chan asked from you that she even reduced her own lifespan can’t you?」

「Lifespan!? Okaa-sama, just what are you talking――」

「Yeah, Kaa-san. I was wrong. Those muscle and frill monsters ain’t anything to worry about. How can I call myself a husband if I don’t listen to the request from Lily who reduced herself until this state.」

「What kind of state do you mean by that!? How do I look like right now from everyone’s perspective!?」

「It’s fine if you understand. Now, let’s go to that Ur Town whatever. Okaa-san absolutely doesn’t want to miss any memorable place in this trip. I intend to enjoy everything there is to enjoy after all.」

「Your real feeling came out there.」

Lily-chan became tearful. She was ignored by her mother-in-law and husband, and everyone else was also strangely kind to her, they were sending her pitying gaze that she wanted to scream 「I don’t get it!」.

Seeing Liliana whose expression looked like she didn’t understand what was going on, Kaori looked at her with a pained eyes while asking.

「Hey, Lily. I wonder, how much work you did so that you can come along in this trip?」

「Eh? Even if you asked me how much……」

「Regarding the time, how many hours you worked in one day?」

「Eh? I didn’t count such thing in detail though……」

The air froze. The expression of the parent~s who were working adult especially froze.

Liliana was perplexed by the strange atmosphere while timidly releasing additional shocking words with an air that wanted to say 「I am, normal right?」.

「I, I wake up in the morning and work……and then when I see the next morning sun, I’ll take a bit of rest……eh!? Everyone, why are you all crying so suddenly!? O, Okaa-sama!? Otou-sama!? And even Kaoruko-sama and everyone too!? Why are you all hugging me!?」

The parent~s were crying while tightly hugging the working fourteen years old princess. Sumire spoke with a nasal voice.

「To, to think it was that bad……I have to ask Luluaria if she is planning to kill her daughter! That’s too harsh even if she is the princess!」

「Ple, please stop-, Sumire-okaasama! If Okaa-sama learn this then she will stop me!」

「Lily-chan!? Why are you making a sorrowful face like that!?」

According to Liliana, not just Luluaria, it seemed even Hellina and others would stop her if they found her working through the night. And so, she often secretly did her work while hiding.

「Everything is for the sake of my country’s rebuilding! If I don’t do it then who else will!」

The black princess-sama strongly insisted with boiling motivation and cloudy eyes. Well that’s, if she was making herself as the standard while giving direction to her subordinate, then even that knight order captain would break.

Kaori spoke to Hajime with an expression of ‘I can’t watch this anymore!’.

「Hajime-kun. Can’t you lend your strength so the reconstruction can be finished as fast as possible?」

「……I guess. Before we return to earth, I’ll distribute artifacts to increase the ability of people like Wolpen and others the transmutation masters or the workers in civil engineering and construction of the kingdom.」

The transmutation masters of the kingdom looked up to Hajime as grand master and rapidly improved their ability, and on top of that transmutation masters from all over the world who idolized the demon king were also gathering, so right now more than a hundred transmutation masters were working in the kingdom. If their capability was improved with artifacts, it would definitely be a big help for the reconstruction.

Artifact with the emblem of demon king was something that anyone desperately wanted, so in order to avoid needless chaos Hajime didn’t hand it out freely except to some exception but……

Seeing Liliana’s state, Hajime decided to add one more exception. He was forced to make this decision.

「……I don’t get it. Even though I’m completely normal」

While being buried under the consoling parent~s, Liliana’s uncomprehending whisper resounded through the room.

In any case, Liliana’s wish was granted and Hajime took the route toward the lakeshore town Ur.




Like that, at the Ur Town that Hajime visited after resolving himself in various senses……

「This is a lie……right?」

It was a situation that made Hajime unable to say anything more.

「Err, Hajime-san? It’s only because Brook without Catherine-san is too much like “that” you know?」

Hajime was speechless while looking down on the city from behind the window of Ferner’s bridge. Liliana spoke to him with a wry smile.

Just as she said, it seemed that it was really just Brook Town that was becoming the stronghold of a group of people with a couple of loose screws.

Yes, lakeshore town Ur was completely normal!

It wasn’t really any different from the last time he saw this town. There were changes like the carvings and paintings that were drawn on the defensive wall that Hajime created using “transmutation” when fighting against the big swarm of monsters from all directions, or the boorish wall that was refined and cleanly maintained, or the former site of the battlefield that was cultivated together with the blood and flesh of the monsters and became a beautiful grain producing field, but those changes should be welcomed instead.

「What an ordinary place……」

「Hajime-san, just what kind of image that you have about this world’s people?」

Liliana-sama sent Hajime a reproachful stare as the representation of Tortus people.

「No, because you know……」

The residences of the capital――the lot that switched into religious organization worshipping Aiko looked fanatical, there were a lot of firms selling body pillows or T-shirts or other things that were printed with picture of girls in his class. Wolpen and others the transmutation master group added optional function into the capital’s great barrier as they pleased, furthermore the drama that told the tale of the journey of the demon king’s group was projected with the palace’s artifact. It was projected on the great barrier itself, the movie function that was like a type of planetarium was really embarrassing. Though he immediately destroyed it.

And so on, Hajime mentioned the people of the capital who were a little bit like “that” in the head. At the end he looked at Liliana,

「Even the princess is like this.」

「What do you mean by that!?」

Even though Kaori who sympathized with the tragic face of the black princess applied regeneration magic, the princess babbled 「As expected age of god magic is amazing! The fatigue that cannot be cured anymore by normal recovery magic is vanishing! With this……I’ll be able to work as much as I like!」. She was bad news――that was what Hajime meant.

「It’ll be great if the reconstruction is finished quickly……. So that Lily can return to her senses.」

「That’s why just what do you mean by that!?」

Even while making such conversation, Ferner moved to the spot beside the front gate of the town.

Sumire who was also looking out of the window like Hajime raised a voice of admiration.

「Even so it’s a beautiful place isn’t it~. The lake is sparkling, and the wheat tip fluttering from the wind is like a water ripple.」

Certainly, it was a beautiful scenery.

The large lake brightly reflecting the light of the sun. The vast grain producing field that was making use of the lake. The tip of the crops waving in the wind, the scenery was like a sea of gold on the ground.

There was an astonishingly majestic mountain range extending at the north. Vivid autumn colors could be seen even from afar. And yet if they moved their gaze slightly to the east, this time deep green color was expanding like midsummer tree. At the other side they could see an area of withered trees as though winter suddenly arrived. It looked like an exhibition of four seasons.

It was wondrously, magnificently, and eye-catchingly beautiful. Not only Sumire, the other parents and also Myuu and Remia who unexpectedly never visited here were all watching in fascination while sighing 「Hou」.

Shuu asked casually.

「Hajime. If I remember right, this is the number one grain producing region in this world isn’t it? Is it the harvest time right now?」

「I don’t know about that. As expected I haven’t grasped the situation until the detail like the harvest cycle but……」

When Hajime turned his gaze to Liliana, she guessed what he wanted to say and nodded.

「Originally, the harvest period of Ur is once a year, and originally right now isn’t the time for that. But, right now the harvest period of Ur become a cycle of three times a year. It’s not limited to Ur, but also several other arable lands.」

「Lily-chan, how can that be?」

「In other words, Otou-sama. Approximately thirty percent of arable land in the north of the continent become a fertile ground that grow crops with three times the normal speed recently. So inevitably the amount of harvest also became three times the usual.」

‘And then, the key figure of that was none other than!’ Liliana’s eyes were filled with feeling of gratitude and awe.

「――”The goddess of the harvest”, Aiko-san!」


「Yo, your welcome.」

Aiko humbly bowed her head shyly.

Hajime continued the talk seriously.

「Vocation “farming master” ――a super rare vocation that possess tremendous aptitude for skill and magic related to agriculture, the innate sense to see through the problem in the soil and points of improvement, and the ability to carry out improvement to those problems. It’s a plain vocation in a glance but, it’s rarity is right after “hero” vocation.」

「Eh, is that so? It’s not because my child is a farmer’s child?」

Akiko tilted her head with a puzzled expression. It was shocking enough that the vocation made it possible to improve the soil so the crop’s growth speed was increased, but it seemed that she never imagined that her daughter had a talent that precious. It might also be because she herself was from a farmer family.

Hajime added his explanation toward such Akiko.

「It seems there are quite the number of people with inferior version of that vocation though. So to speak, it’s the highest class of vocation in farming type. You can think of it like that.」

「……In other words, whether it’s rice or wheat or vegetable or anything can be nurtured to high class quality in our orchard……is it something like that?」

「It’s like that.」

「……Aiko, you’re hella amazing.」

「Okaa-san, your wording.」

「Because, you helped out some at our work but, you weren’t that interested to agriculture weren’t you? It’s unfair somehow.」

「Tha, that’s not my fault! It’s not like I chose my vocation by myself!」

The very conflicted gaze of Akiko and the impressed gaze of the other parents that seemed like to say 「I see. I understand now why she is worshipped as the goddess of bountiful harvest」made Aiko to shrink like a small animal from bashfulness.

But, there Hajime changed his tone slightly.

「Yes, Aiko,s talent and ability, it’s hella amazing.」

His tone was mixed with wry smile but, it was a bit low and lacked cheerfulness. Akiko and others turned a puzzled gaze at him.

「Please try to imagine. Just how valuable an existence that can multiply food supply when it’s in the middle of war.」


Akiko looked at her daughter with a sudden realization. Aiko too seemed to recall “that incident” which occurred at Ur Town that time. Her expression stiffened in bitterness and pain.

「Aiko’s power can completely change the food situation at the northern continent. A troop that doesn’t have any problem at all with food will be like a nightmare from the enemy’s perspective.」

Shuuzou put his hand on his chin and continued Hajime’s words with a groan.

「So it’s a problem of “stamina as a nation” huh. War is like a gluttonous monster that eat up every aspect of the country completely. And yet, if the enemy’s ability to continue war won’t weaken at all in the food aspect……」

「Naturally, such thing can’t be left alone.」

「From the enemy country’s perspective, that will be even more troublesome than the hero in a sense.」

Koichi and Kirino sent a concerned gaze at Aiko. They somehow guessed what had happened to Aiko.

Aiko herself shivered slightly hearing the words that Kirino said. Those words were completely a coincidence but, it made her remembered whether she wanted it or not. Of that bitter and painful memory.

――Hatayama-sensei. ……It’s to kill you

The words that her previous student threw at her. Killing intent. Madness.

――There is no way the demon race won’t leave alone an existence that is more troublesome than the hero in a sense isn’t it?

Aiko looked down. Her mind was seized by the memory――

「Well, naturally she was targeted. And the method of the enemy was to tempt one of our classmates to join the demon race’s side. They made him instigate a big swarm of monster to kill Aiko along with the town――」

「Ha, Hajime-kun!」

Hajime suddenly said it with a light tone indifferently. Aiko reflexively stopped him. But, Hajime didn’t pay her any mind and continued.

「And, through one thing and another, I killed that classmate.」

Sound of gasp resounded. It wasn’t clear whose sound it was. But, the parents――especially Tomoichi and Kaoruko, and then Akiko opened their eyes wide. The sound must have come from one of them.

Hajime smiled wryly at Akiko and others who were at a loss for words and continued.

「If we land on this town, then you will surely overhear about the story of that time from the talk of the citizens here. Because for them, this story is nothing more than an impressive tale of the “goddess of the good harvest” and her sword defeating the mastermind and saving the town.」

In other words, Hajime deliberately mentioned this story was to avoid the unexpected appearance of the truth.

Murdering a classmate.

One of the students among the classmates who couldn’t return home. One of the causes why the mass media made a great ruckus.

They would be able to watch that past if they wished. Even if they didn’t watch, surely they would overhear about it.

Akiko and others tried to observe the expression of Hajime and co.

There wasn’t any gloominess, regret, and of course no suspiciousness at all on their face. Conversely there also wasn’t any sign of them looking satisfied or delighted.

Their face was the same like what they saw before. No matter what happened, they accepted everything that happened because of what they had done, there was only such resolve in their face.

Yue and others were silently observing the condition of the parents. Only Shuu and Sumire were carefully watching because they had already said what should be said.

Amidst that, it was unexpectedly Akiko who opened her mouth first.

「Thank you for your consideration, Hajime-kun. And, I wonder if I can watch your kiss scene with Aiko?」


Aiko was astonished. Akiko showed a mischievous looking smile saying 「Because I’m really curious」.

Then Shuuzou and others also took advantage of the opportunity to also start talking.

「A battle against 60,000, such fight is full of romance. I wish to be allowed to watch it no matter what.」

「After all you can’t really watch something like that even from movie……」

「I’m interested with the battle against Tio-san in her black dragon form. It makes my heart dance imagining a fight of weapon versus dragon.」

Those impression made them sounded completely like warmongering tribe. Tomoichi and Kaoruko also relaxed the tension in their shoulders seeing how Akiko and co reacted. In any case everyone once more displayed an expression of resolve to watch the path that Hajime and co had taken in their travel.

Kaori, Remia, and especially Myuu were also looking interested. Shizuku too, normally she would at least send a reproachful gaze toward her grandfather and parents, but this time she didn’t really do anything like that. It seemed she harbored interest toward the great battle where they didn’t participate in.

「If it’s about the number of enemy then the final battle had a lot more though.」

「That is that and this is this, Hajime-kun.」

It seemed that it was something like that according to Kaori.

「Fufu, finally even the fateful encounter of I and Goshujin-sama wouldst be shown. Now, Goshujin-sama! Let’s go with high spirit!」

「Do you want the scene where you got your ass pile bunkered to be seen so much like that huh?」

Surely she wanted to display it. She was a pervert after all.

「Now, Hajime. A lot of people of the town are coming out. We got it already with the prior warning, so let’s go already.」

Just as Sumire said, the people of Ur Town were gathering toward outside the wall. Their voices didn’t reach here, even so it looked like the place was full of noise. They could see the people waving their hands with bright expression.

It was a really normal welcome. There wasn’t any cosplay, there was also no inn poster girl performing eagle ○ive from the top of the wall. Of course, there was also no soul sister or any other perverted special group.

Above all else,

「……Yosh, looks like there isn’t any manly woman.」

That point was wonderful.

「……Hajime, just how wary you are toward them?」

「Well, if there is any of them here, Yue-san will get treated like doll again, so it’s relieving that there isn’t any of them here.」

Hajime landed down Ferner while they were making such talk.

The rear hatch opened while the surrounding was noisy with so many people outside. The moment they put down their feet from the slope on the ground, loud cheers shook the air.

‘Goddess of good harvest-sama! Sword of the goddess-sama! Demon king party! Welcome!’ Bright voices filled with affection and gratitude and respect resounded.

Kaoruko and Tomoichi went red from such welcoming and showed agitation.

「Uu, this is a bit embarrassing……」

「If we have something like parade in the capital just like the queen suggested, it will be more than this. It was the right choice to refuse.」

It felt like they had become a movie star. People with commoner sensitivity lie Akiko felt really embarrassed from this.

「Niceee! My son and his wives are really popular! It feels like my nose is growing long I’ll turn conceited~」

「Thank you thank you! I am the demon king’s father! The father-in-law of the goddess of the good harvest!」

Sumire and Shuu waved back their hands with wide smile like they were movie star. Tomoichi and others sent them a gaze that seemed to say 「As expected, this couple is really wrong in the head……」.

Amidst that, the crowd was getting parted. An old man surrounded by knights of the church were advancing forward. He was wearing the highest rank clergyman outfit that was adequate for traveling despite looking splendorous.

It pointed to one person.


「Your highness, it has been three months since we last met.」

This man who exchanged words friendlily with Liliana was none other than his holiness the pope of the reborn holy church――Simon L G Liberal.

“Pope with excessively light footwork” “Wandering his holiness” “Master of absconding and scampering” “Wanted pope” “If you notice this face notify the granddaughter Deacon Sybil” “The pope whose scruff is grabbed and dragged by his granddaughter” “Or rather that man, his running is too fast that even active knight can’t catch up to him, seriously”, etc, etc. Possessing such nicknames, he was the highest authority of the church that was different in various senses compared to the previous pope.

Of course he was acquainted with Hajime nad Yue and others. Pope Simon looked easygoing and somewhat senile, but his personality that was based on that many acquaintances and experiences had depth. He was nurturing friendship with Hajime and others too.

From the beginning he held objection in regard to the discrimination toward the demi-humans (presently they were called beastman) and after many twists and turns he was demoted to the remote region at Gruen Great Desert along with his family, but after the destruction of the divine mountain, Liliana sounded him out about becoming the new pope.

When he arrived to the capital, somehow he listened to Aiko’s worry――a forbidden love between student and teacher, it’s no good absolutely! Buuut――and also gave a bit of advice. Because of that Aiko especially looked up to him like a grandfather.

Now that Pope Simon for some reason was looking around at Hajime’s surrounding and tilted his head going 「Eh?」.

And then,

「It has been a long time, Hajime-dono. By the way, young miss Yuuka isn’t here?」

「Oi, you’re sprightly as usual, Pope Simon. But……what about Sonobe?」

「About that, I’m just thinking, your wives are all present here right? But then why is young miss Yuuka the only one not here then?」

He asked such question. Actually at the same day he listened to Aiko’s worry, he also listened to Yuuka’s worry. He was especially close with her too. By the way, the worry of Yuuka at that time was her wondering of how to return the favor to her life savior who was a certain demon king……something like that.

Simon-san saw how she was feeling really bittersweet at that time. And so,

「No, why are you mentioning Sonobe’s name there, I don’t understand that instead.」

Simon tilted his head even further hearing that from Hajime and said.

「Young miss Yuuka is you’re your wife right?」

「Why’s that huh? That ain’t true.」

Pope Simon stared in puzzlement, and then he nodded as though he realized something and corrected himself.

「I see, so she settled down as your mistress as I thought. Somehow I got the vibe from that girl that she is a mistress type.」

「Pope, have you finally started to turn decrepit?」

「Kukuh, you’re playing stupid like this. Even though you yourself like her. But I get it, that feeling of yours! A man sometimes want to get healed by a mistress――」

「This sex obsessed gramps, I’ll fill you with holes if you don’t shut up.」

Hajime moved his hand toward Donner while a vein pulsed on his forehead but, before that,

「……I always thought that Yuuka is suspicious. Hajime, since when you made her your mistress?」

「Hajime-kun? Since when you got into such relationship with Yuuka-chan I wonder? I wonder?」

「Ce, certainly Sonobe-san really care a lot about Hajime-kun……but, I think it’s no good to make her a mistress just because of that! I think something like that is no good!」

「Yuuka……since when she became like that……Hajime-san! As I thought you intend to make Hellina and Kuzeri to become your mistresses too instead of subordinates isn’t it!?」

Yue, Kaori, Aiko, Liliana, and then even Shia and others were looking suspiciously at him……

Tomoichi papa’s eyes were turning into that of a killer. The eyes of Kaoruko and others the mother~s were turning a bit cold.

And then,

「Papa~. What does mistress meaan?」

「……It’s a word that Myuu has no need to know.」

Hajime’s expression twitched greatly at the words of his pure daughter while thinking.

Even though he thought that he finally arrived at a peaceful and normal town, but this hooligan pope, just what in the hell he was doing throwing a bomb like this.

The people of the town got noisy hearing Pope Simon’s words. As expected, even at Ur Town, a peaceful sightseeing trip……didn’t seem to be possible.


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