Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 377
Chapter 377Arifureta After IV   Demon King & Hero Arc   VS Mother   Last


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Mother proclaimed checkmate.

Right after that a metal colored rain poured down. The enormous  amount of liquid metal spray created pinball sized raindrops that poured  down like a squall.

「I got nothing but bad premonition here!」

「It’s impossible to completely dodge this! Nagumo, get under me!」

Kouki lifted his great sword above his head and instantly rotated it  in high speed. It was “Fortress Ring”, the guard skill of the kingdom’s  knight order sword technique to form a huge round shield using sword.

Hajime slipped under that rotating shield Kouki formed while aiming  Donner’s muzzle to above. His extreme focus raised the perception  expansion ability from “Light Speed” to the maximum. The rotating shield  looked like it was moving in slow motion to him.

He pulled the trigger with a speed that made it looked like his  fingertip was blurring. He pulled the trigger six times. Every single  shot instantaneously slipped through the rotating shield without  exception toward the ceiling.

Each of the six bullets accurately hit a different rain drop. Six shockwaves surged right away.

Special bullet that emitted magic power shockwave――Burst Bullet.

Of course, he couldn’t expect a considerable destructive power in  this world that rejected magic power. Even so, this bullet emitted  shockwave that could turn even a giant rock into small pieces three  times in succession. Although its range and power were weakened to a sad  degree, it had no problem if it was just for shifting the trajectory of  the surrounding rain drops.

Small crimson shockwaves billowed in radiating shape eighteen times  in total. The squall that was in direct course to hit them was  transformed into mere drizzle.

The metal colored rain drops were scattered by the sword shield and hit the surrounding.

Right after that, explosion that tore the eardrum and shockwave that  gave a beating to their consciousness indiscriminately scattered to the  surrounding.

「They’re cluster bomb huh-」


Shockwave assaulted from every direction other than from under their  feet that was protected by the steel bridge. The might of a single  explosion didn’t amount to much, but the quantity was beyond counting.  It was the violence of number where they were crushed by literally  countless shockwaves.

It wasn’t a direct hit so they weren’t fatally wounded. But, damage  was steadily accumulated on their body. Above all else it was a grave  danger for them to be pinned into one spot.

The sky flashed. The instant they sensed that,



Hajime gritted his teeth and tripped Kouki who was defending against the explosive rain.

Kouki tumbled due to the complete surprise attack. With their  position reversed, the lightning speed crushing blow hit Hajime who was  now at the above.


He couldn’t even scream. Although he raised Donner and Schlag above  like a shield, he was hit by a lightning drop directly. A normal person  would die instantly unless a miracle happened.

Of course there was no way Hajime would accept death that obediently. Crimson spark coiled around his whole body.

It was “Lightning Clad”. By covering his body with lightning  beforehand, the lightning strike slid off the surface of his body to  flow toward the steel bridge.

Because of the magic power dispersion effect, he couldn’t completely  redirect the lightning. The impact itself also wasn’t redirected. Hajime  couldn’t avoid from stiffening and white smoke drifted off his body  with a slightly burning smell of flesh.

He also couldn’t completely control the direction of the flow so  Kouki was also slightly electrified, but the damage he got was nearly  zero compared to Hajime.

Therefore he immediately jumped to his feet and moved his holy sword to lengthen it to pierce Mother but……

He caught sight of iron colored wall at the corner of his vision and  gulped. Before he realized a liquid metal had approached until it  covered his whole field of vision.


The scale was too big. It couldn’t even be compared with the liquid  metal dragon that was coiling around Mother until just now. This was  almost the same like when that combined heaven soldier overflowed. He  felt like he was facing a water current from a broken dam.

What Kouki could do immediately was only kicking away Hajime who was stuck on the spot due to his damage.

Hajime was dropped from the steel bridge and vanished from sight.  Right after that a violent impact attacked Kouki who was using his great  sword as shield.


It was impossible to parry or deflect this attack. Kouki’s body was  easily washed away and he also couldn’t escape before this powerful  pressure. He simple endured while gritting his teeth.


Mother’s voice intruded into his ears with disgusting smoothness. The  hand that Mother thrust out was closed as though it was crushing  something within its grasp. The instant Kouki caught sight of it at the  corner of his eye, his instinct was loudly telling him of the  approaching death.

「――Tsu, “Holy Severance”–!!」

His consciousness was shaken because his magic power was consumed drastically in an instant.

The highest class of barrier that before could protect a whole city  in the desert world was not unbelievably small. It only barely covered  Kouki when he shrunk into himself. The effect was too weak and only  lasted for an instant for a skill that was crowned with the name of  absolute sanctuary.

However, that instantaneous defense allowed Kouki to escape death.

The moment the iron colored torrent that was trying to swallow Kouki  spread out like a giant hand, cone shaped thorns were growing at its  inside like iron maiden.

The shining barrier barely blocked the thorns, however, several pierced through and their tips pierced Kouki’s limbs.

Then, a black object came flying like a blazing fastball and it was  swallowed by the liquid metal. Then right at the next instant, the  liquid metal burst as though it was tore up from the inside.

Kouki was tossed to the air while blood was spraying from his body.  He saw Hajime in a throwing posture above a different steel bridge. Most  likely he threw a grenade to blow up the metal torrent temporarily.

Of course he couldn’t go as far as dispersing the immense kinetic  energy that the torrent brought too. Kouki who was liberated from the  torrent’s grasp was blown away following the law of inertia and his back  crashed on the wall. The air inside his lung was driven out ‘kahah’ and  the impact made his field of vision to flicker on and off.

「Amanogawa! Use the steel bridge skillfully!」

「Don’t say it like it’s so easy!」

Although he said that, the two of them leaped below the steel bridge  at the same time. An instant later, the places where the two were at  just a moment before were struck by lightning strikes that looked like  thin spear. The pinpoint lightning attack that was like a sniping could  be said as a silver lining in a sense.

The rain of cluster bomb that poured down like it was following them  was generating bomb blasts, but the tough steel bridge itself became a  shield that also protected the two from the lightning strikes. The two  were somehow getting away from the violence of death.

Even so, it was completely meaningless for the torrent of liquid metal.

The torrent attacked Hajime from three directions. There was no place  to escape. The high waves of great mass went to crush Hajime like  stamping machines.


It was Kouki who raised a war cry.

In order to save Hajime who was vomiting blood from the impact and  pressure, his great sword struck one of the torrents and blew it away.

「Tsu, Amanogawa! Behind!」


The price of saving Hajime was having a railgun bullet piercing  Kouki’s back. Although he was just barely twisting his body in midair,  it gouged his side.

Kouki fell down while his body was spinning. He looked like a corpse.


Hajime obeyed his instinct and jumped to right above Kouki. As  expected, a lightning snipe struck Hajime. Although he redirected the  electric current using “Lightning Clad” and wire anchor that was fixed  to the steel bridge for grounding the electricity, it wasn’t fully  effective. Combined with his magic power amount that was dropping into  the red zone, his consciousness blacked out for a moment.

「Show, your-, guts, Amanogawa!」

「No need to tell me-」

Even so, Hajime forcefully pulled back his consciousness from the  pain of biting his lips and caught Kouki with one hand. He threw away  Kouki solely with his arm strength.

The target was Mother. Kouki controlled his posture midair and held  his great sword at the ready beside his waist. Six bullets passed right  beside him.

The cluster bomb rain that was pouring down along his path was blown  away using Hajime’s last Burst Bullets, clearing the way for him.

But, as expected,


The great sword was swung and extended. The giant sword that would  make even zanbatou looked cute mowed horizontally. However, it didn’t  reach Mother. A torrent swallowed Kouki before that.

At the same time, even Hajime who was swinging through air using wire  and landed on a steel bridge was swallowed by a torrent that hung over  him like an umbrella.

The torrent writhed like a dragon that was swinging around the prey  it captured with its jaw. The two who were spat out flew due to the  centrifugal force.

Hajime crashed on the energy tower at the center while Kouki crashed on a steel bridge. They fell face down on the ground.

They couldn’t approach.

Their firepower was also lacking.

They couldn’t reach Mother.

It was really like when a human was in the presence of god. They were helpless before the overwhelming violence.

「Even so, who the hell is going to give up here-」

With the heart of a hero, he would stand back up no matter how many  times. Kouki glared at Mother with a will of steel within his gaze while  placing his great sword on his shoulder.

At the corner of his sight, he could see Hajime on all fours vomiting  blood. Although he possessed a body that was far tougher than Kouki, he  didn’t have a technique like magic power castWar Demon that allowed him to continue fighting even if his body was broken.

Then, he had to go to the front more. Kouki fired up himself.

He faced Mother’s mocking smile and condescending gaze that even seemed to be pitying them.

「As I thought, the creature called human is really a pitiful  existence. They pointlessly protect each other without understanding how  pointless it is. That action pattern is really easy to understand.」

「You can only act haughty like that for now.」

He would buy time until Hajime could stand up. Kouki stepped forward with that resolve.

Mother controlled the torrent to flatten him from both sides with a scoff――

「Aa~, this is just annoying.」

A crimson flash tore through the sky. From right behind Kouki.


It was Kouki who looked flustered. He let out a voice like Etemp  & Netemp. The killing intent that he felt beforehand and his the  alarm bell his instinct was ringing out made him twisted his body with  all his strength.

An electromagnetically accelerated bullet grazed his side and,


Grazed Mother’s cheek.

It was a small wound. It only slightly peeled off the outer liquid  metal that covered her externally. It would immediately recover if it  was resupplied with more liquid metal.

But, it was the first time an attack reached it. Reaching Mother who  should have completely analyzed its opponent’s action pattern.

The reason was two. First was because the bullet curved midair.

――Special bullet   Living Bullet

A bullet with its own will, that changed its trajectory with its own  power, slipped through obstruction, and pierced the target. Mother had  the liquid metal shield and force field barrier, but until now it never  defended in wide area. All of its defense was blocking the attack with  pinpoint accuracy as though to show off.

It came back to bite it in the ass and its defense was unable to deal  with an attack that came through a trajectory that surpassed Mother’s  perception.

But, the surprise toward that special bullet was something trivial for Mother right now.

「You, just now, your comrade――」

「You-, just now, you tried to kill me along right!? What were you thinking!?」

The one who raised an angry yell that drowned Mother’s voice was  Kouki who was making a face that said ‘Unbelievable!’. He was able to  land on another steel bridge well, but cold sweat was pouring from his  forehead.

Hajime spat blood ‘peh’ from his mouth while speaking with an irritated expression.

「Thinking carefully, why do I have to cover for you.」

「Th-this damn demon king—–」

Hajime resumed shooting without giving a damn to the hero’s protest.

Mother was wary toward the curving bullet and deployed an area defense. It also narrowed its eyes while sending out torrent.

Hajime jumped over the torrents that approached from both sides and  landed on the upper part of the energy tower. He immediately leaped up  and held the enemy in check with Schlag while charging his last railgun  shot――



He noticed the killing intent and hurriedly aborted. Using the recoil  from the shotgun that was installed in his artificial arm’s elbow, he  forcefully fell down.

An absurdly powerful slash passed just right above his head.

「Tsu!! Even you-」

The one who let out a shocked voice was Mother. It took an evasive  action for the first time since it entered its serious mode. Its body  bent backward hurriedly like performing limbo dance.

Its defense was set to block bullet. The slash smoothly slipped  through the opening which caused it to react lately. As the result a  straight line was carved into Mother’s forehead along with its front  hair.

「How dare――」


「You don’t have any ground to complain-」

This time it was Kouki who tried to bisect Hajime along with Mother.

「That ain’t how a hero should act!」

「It was you who started it! Don’t think you can use your demon king title to justify everything!」

Of all thing, the falling Hajime and the jumping Kouki unleashed a  fist of fury to each other just before they passed each other midair.  The two were sent flying from their cross counter.

An instant later, a lightning strike fell between the two. Originally  that attack should hit them, but it only scorched empty air in vain.

「The hero will surely dodge it. I believed so when I pulled the trigger!」

「This big damn liar-!」

「Oi oi, since when you became that distrustful toward other? You really have changed huuh」

「Which mouth is saying that-. You said clearly just now things like “annoying” or “why do I have to protect you”! This fiend!」

Kouki ran away from the cluster bombs. He casually moved below Hajime to use him as shield.

Hajime focused in dodging. He casually guided the torrent chasing after him toward Kouki.

Kouki was struck by lightning strike and his eyes rolled back. Hajime  used his face as stepping stone to change his jumping direction and  shot at Mother.

Right after that, Kouki who returned to his senses slashed at Hajime  again with pulsing vein on his forehead. When Hajime parried that slash,  the slash moved toward Mother with an unexpected trajectory.

Although it dodged just barely, the mechanical wings on its back  couldn’t do the same and two of them were bisected at the same time.

「You two-, what are you――」

「Die-, Amanogawaaa-」

「You finally showed your true color huh-, Nagumooo-」

Finally Hajime didn’t aim at Mother but plainly aiming his gun at Kouki. Kouki yelled angrily and parried the fired bullets.

By doing that, several of the parried bullets attacked Mother. It  would be able to calmly deal with it if all the bullets headed toward  her, but this only looked like an accidental stray bullet.

As expected Mother didn’t commit a stupid mistake like getting hit,  but its reaction was delayed by the absurdly incidental attacks that it  couldn’t predict at all. More of its mechanical wings got destroyed.

「Unknown action pattern……reanalyzing――」

「Five minutes-. I’ll deal with you first in five minutes!」

「Try it if you can――gyaaah—-!?」

Kouki was kicked toward the approaching torrent. He crashed on that torrent and bounced like pinball toward Mother.

Mother temporarily halted its analysis and shaped a torrent like a spear to first kill Kouki who was in a hopeless situation.

「W-who is going to die here—!!」

The thrust forward holy sword lengthened and stabbed the steel bridge  strongly. Kouki used that like a pole vault and shifted his route.

Right after that, twelve bullets flew past while almost grazing his  body. The bullets shifted their path subtly to skim the torrent while  passing through, then they clashed in front of the wide-eyed Mother so  that their angle changed even more acutely.

Mother struck down more than half of them with force field and its outer liquid metal skin, but


It couldn’t deal with all the bullets that changed trajectory right  before its eyes. The remaining bullets hit its mechanical wings and also  its body.

The damage wasn’t big. Setting aside the mechanical wings, Mother’s  body was unharmed after it got resupplied with new liquid metal.

But, the two humans it was looking down at, the opponents it tried to  subdue with overwhelming power successfully fought back not just once  or twice but multiple times. That fact brought down an intense  humiliation on it.

「You’re having a falling out……in front of this me? You’re ignoring me? Fufuh, as expected from human. How ugly and foolish.」

Resuming analysis. The humiliation from being ignored made Mother’s  eyes to twitch like human. There was fury inside those mechanical eyes.  And then,

「I won’t let you two die painlessly.」

It caught another stray bullet with its bare hand and this time its  body sparked with electricity and it threw itself personally into the  conflict.


And then, in less than five minutes, after enough time passed for a round.


Just as Hajime declared, Kouki was lying on a steel bridge in a state that was on the verge of death.

However, it wasn’t Hajime who accomplished it. Hajime himself was also lying face down near Kouki. The cause of this was,

「……Truly, just how foolish you can be. To think that you two will run out of strength from fighting each other.」

Mother muttered in exasperation and irritation. Just as it said, the  biggest reason of the two running out of strength was their magic power  drying out.

Yes, they reached the time limit of their “Limit Break” in the end.

Of course, the torrents of liquid metal and lightning strike sniping,  cluster bomb rain and Mother personally joining the close-range battle  dealt a lot of damage to the two, but they managed to avoid any lethal  wound just barely.

Mother’s exasperation and even more than that, its irritation from  being unable to “finish off the two of them” could be said as  reasonable.

Hajime groaned and somehow stood up while dripping blood. But, his  legs were trembling from extreme exhaustion. His partner Donner &  Schlag were also not in his hands because they had been blown away to  somewhere.

Kouki still had his holy sword in his hand, but he couldn’t even  stand up without the effect of “War Demon”. That holy sword was also  flickering weakly right now. It seemed he was at least still conscious,  but the best he could do was raising his head to glare.

In contrast Mother despite losing its mechanical wings, its torrent  of liquid metal was still going strong. There was also no considerable  wound on its form that was floating in the air while sparking. The  thunders roaring in the sky were flashing without any sign of weakening.

「Well, it doesn’t matter. In the end you two are just human even with  the peculiar power in your possession. This is your limit. Can you two  accept that already? There is a gap between you two and me that cannot  be possibly closed.」

The sneer that Mother’s face sported was clearly asking them 「Can you still joke around even now?」.

Indeed. Certainly the sight right now seemed to make it clear the gap that separated god and human.

The two’s magic power had hit rock bottom and their body was covered with wounds all over……



They still hadn’t run out of all means. Hajime’s laugh resounded as though to say that. Mother’s face twisted funnily.

「What is so funny?」

「No you see, I’m just thinking, all of you god pretenders spouted the same line. Your speech pattern is really easy to guess.」


「Nagumo, don’t say that. In the end they are just “pretender”. It can be helped that they’re all snob.」

The two of them still spoke frivolously even while they were vomiting  blood. Furthermore their reply was making fun of Mother’s speech just  now. It was like their act of trying to kill and dragging down each  other just now was only a lie.

Hajime made a gun shape with his fingers in the place of Donner and pointed it at Mother. He laughed fearlessly while speaking.

「You only look like a human who is getting carried away you know?」

*Dan* The liquid metal formed a thin spear that thrust out into  Hajime’s leg. It rotated like a drill to gouge the wound and magnified  the pain. Blood spurted out and Hajime fell on one knee.

「Could it be you are still harboring hope?」

It was a monotone voice. Its face was also like a blank mask which  was fitting for a mechanical creature like it. But both Hajime and Kouki  could see through it that it was trying to keep its calm somehow, that  was why the fearless expression didn’t vanish from their face.

「……You two sent someone to the summoning device. Perhaps you’re planning to summon another of your comrade here?」

「No? Why is it necessary to call our friend here? We said that we’re going to kill you.」

Hajime replied with easygoing tone even while drenched in cold sweat.

「Unfortunately it seems your friend is in a hard fight. Although he  possess the superpower to control the strength of his presence, it’s  impossible for him to get away from my detection while he is rampaging  like that. And then he won’t be as threatening as you two when he is  captured.」

Mother explained carefully and thoroughly to dampen their hope. It  seemed that it really wanted to enjoy the moment when Hajime and Kouki’s  hearts were crushed in despair.

「Aa, I got a good idea. I shall personally summon your compatriots  here. Of course, this time I won’t try to trick them and shackle them  with every available means in my possession from the start. Now then,  with your compatriots under my control, the two of you――」

「You’re really talkative with someone you look down at. As I thought you’re really like human. A third rate villain at that.」

Mother shut up from Kouki’s words. Next it was Hajime who spoke confidently before it could open its mouth again.

「Endo isn’t as dangerous as us? Idiot. That guy is the worst in a sense you know?」

After all, he was a natural superpower owner, the right hand of the  demon king, and a hero of earth who was nonchalantly one of mankind’s  strongest.

In addition, he was also accompanied by two other subordinates of the demon king right now.


「Ain’t no way that guy gonna mess up the job I gave him.」

「Foolish. Right now he is――」

Mother immediately spoke to refute Hajime’s words that were filled  with immense trust, however, it stopped its words again. It turned its  gaze to empty air as though it was in astonishment.

The two could guess just from that. Surely Kousuke and others were completing their job right now.

「……Hm? Netemp’s presence……vanished?」

「Oi, Nagumo. Don’t say something ominous.」

「Endou’s presence also……vanished?」

「That’s just like usual.」

The thundercloud sitting at the sky flashed intensely in reaction to  their frivolous words. The thundercloud itself was sparking fiercely.  And yet, the thunderclap that was roaring so loudly inside the cloud was  gradually vanishing.

「I see……you are deceiving this me. An inferior creature, dare to deceive a superior being like me.」

They could somehow guess that electric charge was accumulated in  abnormal degree inside the pitch black cloud. This was like a spaceship  gathering energy in order to fire its main cannon, at the same time it  was also like a moment before one would display their rage……

However, Hajime and Kouki still grinned fearlessly as usual before that finishing attack.

「Nope? You’re just stupid.」

「You forgot didn’t you? Of her existence.」

Mother narrowed its eyes. But it was already fed up with their  frivolous words and joking words and shook its head to disregard what  they said. It was like the dark cloud shined, and right after that it  wordlessly swung down its hand to carry out the execution.

The view was dyed pure white. Sound also vanished. The sniping  lightning strikes from before looked like mere kid stuff before this  extremely thick lightning strike. There wasn’t any place to escape. This  was truly the strike of a god……

But, Mother certainly heard it. Just before it swung down its hand,  Hajime who was sporting an unbearably unpleasant fearless grin wasn’t  despairing even at this point, far from that,

「It’s the time for counterattack. ――G10!!」

He yelled such thing.

The gigantic lightning strike swallowed Hajime and Kouki. With a  slight delay, thunder roared so loudly it shook the whole Coltran. Most  likely this roaring sound echoed to every corner even within the  facility of the heaven that boasted complete soundproofing in order to  keep the secrecy.

And so, the thunder left behind a buzzing sound in the ears while the flash was vanishing into empty air. There――


A mouth that split into an atrocious grin appeared.

In the middle of four crosses floating in the air.

――Cross Velt   Space Isolating Four Point Barrier

In Hajime’s hand was a fiercely sparking orb――the “Elemagia”.

And ten floating beside him, even though its form was so shabby it  could be mistaken as a junk, the shine residing in its single eye was  overpoweringly radiant.


「You-, ――G10!!」

「Yes Mother. The last soldier who will defeat you.」

G10 that should be dropped to the bottom by Hajime at the very beginning until now was there.

Kouki was able to dodge the attack at that time, so there was no way  Hajime would fail to dodge it. G10 was dropped just as planned. It  looked like it was unable to even float was also a bluff, its  conversation with Mother was also G10 buying time to scan where the  console for electricity supply was.

In addition, the whole fight until now was buying time for G10 to fill Elemagia.

The five minutes that Hajime declared meant “the estimated charging time will be over in five more minutes”.

「Good job G10.」

「I’m honored.」

Mother didn’t understand what happened.

There was no way it was aware of the ability to convert electricity  into magic power, however, it at least understood that an enemy it was  forced to designate as a “threat” had rapidly recovered strength, and  that it was G10 who it thought as mere garbage who accomplished that.

「This piece of junk-」

A super lightning strike fell down again. *Zudon* it caused a  thunderous roar like a cannon explosion or perhaps like a quake due to  the destructiveness of the electric attack.


「Here, Amanogawa. Stand up already.」

「……Nobody will mind even if you treated me a bit kinder you know?」

A lightning strike was an attack that only lasted for an instant, so  he only needed to activate the space isolation barrier for an instant  too. Therefore not even a jolt of static electricity passed through.

Kouki got a hard orb grinded onto the back of his head and his face  was grinded on the hard floor. Although there was a pulsing vein on his  forehead, the vast amount of magic power flowing into his body activated  “War Demon” once more. He suppressed the terrible fatigue that he felt  until the core of his body due to Limit Break’s after effect with guts  and stood up.

Extreme lightning strike fell one after another in mad frenzy. Coltran was shaking together with the atmosphere.

Perhaps the insulation of this facility was really well done because  there wasn’t any damage caused by the lightning strikes, but surely all  the residences of the upperworld were shivering because of the thunders  that kept roaring and the intense flashes that kept appearing over the  cloud that was covering the heaven.

「Barrier that interfere with space-, where did something this powerful came from-」

Mother’s face warped. They never showed a space interference  technology this powerful even once except the space distortion bomb that  G10 possessed in very few amount, so it couldn’t be helped.

Kouki stood up in the defiance of the extreme lightning attack that was the embodiment of godly might.

Hajime also pulled out the spear that pierced his thigh and pinned  him down on the steel bridge because it had been severed by the space  isolation barrier. He immediately stood up.

An indescribable uneasiness swelled up inside Mother’s chest for the first time.

It sent all the liquid metal it had like an ocean to attack from all  directions. Although it was feeling uneasy, Mother’s analysis ability  discovered the weak point of the Four Point Barrier in its durability.  Endless pressure and a thrust to the inside would be effective.

「Scatter, you Grims.」

Hajime lifted his hand. The demon king’s treasure warehouse that was  put on that finger shined brightly. The electricity that was accumulated  after buying time for nearly ten minutes amounted to just as  calculated. A vast amount of magic power was consumed and mechanized  death gods were summoned.

「That ring-, wha-, that’s――machine soldier!?」

Mother raised a shocked voice. Ahead of its gaze, three large turtles appeared at three directions to protect Hajime’s group.

――Grim Reaper   Model – Grim Turtle

This Grim Reaper model was mainly for base defense and fixed battery  cannon. Inside its short and stout huge body was loaded with the most  firepower among the Grim Reapers.

Therefore the great amount of rockets & missiles that appeared  from each part of their shell could only make one laugh in fear. The  surging liquid metal was blown away with overwhelming firepower.

A storm of flame blast and shockwave ran amok around Hajime and co.

Of course, the liquid metal was only blown away but it wasn’t  annihilated. They gathered to protect Mother right after they were  repelled away. They formed high waves once more to attack but……Hajime  had bought enough time.

「Limit Break……」

「Limit Break……」

Two voices echoed disgustingly well between the thunderclaps and explosions. Mother gasped but it was already too late.

「――”Supreme Break”-」

「――”Supreme Break”!!」

The pressure it felt couldn’t be compared from before. Mother’s  expression shuddered seeing that the output was still increasing.

That agitation created a fatal opening.

「――”Body Strengthening” “Light Element Strengthening” “Concentration Strengthening” “Light Blade”-」

Kouki’s eye glint that was filled with the tranquility of “Serene Mind” caught Mother.

He thrust out his left hand as though to fix his aim at Mother. The  holy sword in katana mode was held up along that left hand. That stance  was like he was drawing a bow. And what was fired from there was――

「――”Shin UgachiTrue Pierce”-」

There was a technique of three stage thrusts that made use of skill like distance perception manipulation from taijutsu――”Kasumi UgachiHaze Pierce”.  The superior version of this technique was worthy to be a secret  technique in itself, just a single “thrust” that had every kind of  technique filled into it, because of that it was considered to be the  “true” thrust in the katana art of Yaegashi-style, a sure-kill “thrust”  that was said it would pierce the “heartshin” without fail. (TN: Some word play here. Heart can also be read as “shin” in Japan)

If this secret technique that was difficult to perceive was combined  with the skill of a sword saint whose specs were explosively increased  and his partner’s ability to ignore distance, piercing Mother who was  showing an opening while assigning all of its defensive veil to offense  was,


Simple. The holy sword finally caught Mother fully. It gouged right  in the middle of its stomach and penetrated through until its back.  Mother immediately moved to pull out the blade from its body, but it  wasn’t even allowed to do that.

「Holy sword! Please!!」

The holy sword shined in respond to its partner. It changed shape  while still stuck inside Mother. Yes, countless thorns were produced  from its blade as though taking revenge for skewering its partner. It  was fixed in place inside Mother’s body now.

In a flash, a wire flew in that timing with weights that looked like  crystal at both sides――it was the binding tool “Bola” that fixed itself  in space. Even if its power to be fixed in space was dispersed in this  world, if Mother was entwined by that tough wire, it would be enough to  obstruct Mother’s movement for a short while.

「Mother, it’s the end. You have satisfied your desire to rule in these two hundred years haven’t you?」

「Don’t screw with me-, G10! This paradise won’t end! Everything belong to me for eternity!」

Its composed expression at the beginning was already gone without any  trace. The ugly face of an extremely vulgar and ostentatious human  could be found there. That was why it played an ugly hand until the end.

「Yes, everything belong to me! The people who you tried to protect also belong to me!」

A door ahead of a single steel bridge opened. The people who came out  from there made Kouki who was focusing on restraining Mother with his  holy sword to open wide in shock.

「Jasper-!! Everyone-」


Kouki and G10’s voice resounded. Jasper and others who were captured  by liquid metal heaven soldier opened their eyes wide at the fierce  scene that was going on here. It seemed that their hideout had been  found out.

「You destroyed the summoning device-, because you are scared that  your compatriot would be taken hostage right!? Now, choose! Let these  people under your protection to die or kneel before me!!」

Listy who was restrained and gagged looked toward Hajime in surprise. Tears were pooling within her eyes.

Even though it should be extremely terrifying already by being  captured like this, the little girl hadn’t cried until now. And yet she  looked like she was going to cry because Hajime was in danger and it was  her who caused it.

Good grief, she is really similar with my daughter……

Hajime muttered inside his heart, however, what came out from his mouth was a sneer toward Mother instead.

「This is why, you are just a “pretender” god in the end.」

Mother’s face twisted in fury. A liquid metal transformed into spear that pierced Listy……but just before that happened,




A short sword stabbed the heaven soldier from the back.

A complete surprise attack. There was no defense that it could  possibly take. The sword slid in without any resistance to the spot  where the mechanical spider pointed with its leg accurately to the inch.  It splendidly pierced the core with pinpoint accuracy and changed the  heaven soldier to a mere sludge.

If scouting was his domain, then assassination was his specialty.  Kousuke showed that by being there without anyone realizing it.

「I have arrived! Or something」


「Wha-, since when the surveillance network was――」

It wasn’t given any time to hear the answer of that question.

*Gou-* Light surged.

It was the light of magic power that was kneaded over and over in  order to display enough destructive power within this magic power  dispersion effect.

The demon king’s crimson and the hero’s pure white pierced the sky in  a spiral. A terrific pressure that generated countless error in  Mother’s analysis ability was picking a fight to the world’s law  head-on!

Amidst that, a voice that was filled with deluge of feeling resounded with dignity.

「Hajime-sama, Kouki-sama. Please, bring an end to this false paradise.」

The voices that responded were also,

「Eat this――」

「Here I come――」

Resounding with dignity.



The demon king’s eyes gleamed fiendishly. It contained an overwhelming killing intent.

The hero’s eyes were filled with quiet tranquility. It contained an overwhelming determination.


「――”Heaven’s Might”!!」

The super large weapon that appeared from thin air――the sunlight  convergence laser “Burst Hyperion” trampled the dark world with the  sun’s flash.

The highest class attack magic of light element “Heaven’s Might”  repainted the two hundred years of despair with the radiance of fantasy.

The destructive two streaks of light swallowed Mother.

「How can this-, again you!! G10, you virus within my paradise-」

Liquid metal, force field, external armor, lightning, everything  gathered to protect Mother. Amidst that, Mother’s deep resentment echoed  brokenly.

「No, Mother. The virus here are us.」

「Such nonsense-」

The liquid metal scattered. The lower body that seemed to be outside  the force field was annihilated. The lightning control became lost and  the lightning strike stopped.

What could be in G10’s mind while it looked up at the destruction of Mother who brought tragedy into this world?

「We shouldn’t be born.」

There was no more reply,

In its place,




Mother’s last shriek of resistance and the war cry of the demon king and hero resounded. And then,

「With this-」

「It’s over-!!」

Two streaks of light pierced the sky.

Mother was annihilated. A hole was opened in the thunder cloud. A  terrific shockwave undulated and spread open the hole in perfect circle.

Jasper and Mindy crouched down to protect the children. In front of  them Kousuke grabbed Etemp on his shoulder while his other arm was  covering his face.

And then, the dark clouds that had stolen the light for hundreds of years were now by the huge lights piercing Coltran’s sky――

「……Aa, how……how beautiful……」


Brushed away. The true light of the sun radiantly illuminated the world brilliantly.

A drop of tear silently trickled down from the eye of Jasper who was  looking up to that. Listy let out a voice of astonishment from the  breathtaking sight. Mindy and the other children were also in the same  state.

Then, there was a thudding sound.

「Oo!? Nagumo! Amanogawa! You guys okay!?」

Both Hajime and Kouki fell face up. They were completely battered.  They were the very picture of human who had used up all of their energy  and willpower!

「Hajime-sama! Kouki-sama! Are you two alright!?」

「Do I look……alright?」

「I’m……not fine. I’m going to die.」

G10 also called at them in panic. Stifled voices came out from Hajime  and Kouki. Blood was also leaking out in droves from their body.

Jasper and others also ran their way in hurry. While they were  approaching, Hajime managed to summon the highest class of recovery  medicine from the treasure warehouse using all his effort somehow.

Actually he wanted to bring out the regeneration magic beam artifact  “Bel Agharta”, but he didn’t have the willpower to knead magic power to  that degree due to the after effect of “Limit Break” too.

After all even his hand failed to clench and the ampoule that contained the recovery medicine rolled away from his grasp.

Hajime’s hand reached toward that ampoule with a sluggish movement that normally he would never showed……



His hand hit Kouki’s hand. It seemed Kouki was also reaching toward the recovery medicine.

「E-err, Hajime-sama? Kouki-sama?」

Hajime and Kouki ignored even G10’s call and moved only their gaze to  each other while still lying down on the floor. After a moment of  pause, the two simultaneously clenched their fist and buried the back of  their fist into each other’s face. And then veins also bulged on their  forehead at the same time.

「Die-, Amanogawaaa-」

「Drop dead-, Nagumooo-」

The demon king and hero exchanged fist with wriggling and floundering  while still lying down like baby. G10 was bobbing up and down  helplessly above the two.

「You asshole, it’s only right for me to drink first!」

「My injury is heavier! Can’t you see!? Or rather, bring out two right from the start!」

「That’s tiresome! Let me recover for a bit first!」

「You’re telling me to wait until then!? Look at my feet! They’re  snapped all over you can tie a square knot with them right now see!?  Isn’t it too savage to leave them as they are!?」

「Eh? What did you say? You don’t need any recovery medicine from a savage? I see, got it.」

「Don’t screw with meee! It really hurt! I’m going to cry here!」

「Aa, the place where your sword grazed me is really hurt――”I won’t stop punching until you cry and apologize!”」

「Don’t copy Shizuku’s line! Or rather how did you know thattt!?」

No, you two are in a really bad state so don’t fight and take a rest……even though G10 asked them so, the two only repeated their exchange of fists. They were unexpectedly energetic.

「Aah geez, don’t fight while you two are like this! Get along!」

「Who’s going to get along with this guy. I’ll kill you, Endou.」

「Who are you telling me to get along with? I’ll cut you down, Endou.」

「Annoying! Be quiet you two!」

Endou shoved the falling ampoule into Hajime’s mouth and just in case  he shoved his own remaining recovery medicine into Kouki’s mouth.

The effect was extraordinary as to be expected from the highest class  of medicine. Their bleeding stopped immediately and the two’s  complexion that had gone past being pale to pure white was also starting  to regain its color.

「Oi you two. Are you two alright? Just what happened――」


Jasper and others arrived. They gasped seeing the state Hajime and  Kouki were in, but they also saw how the two were unexpectedly  energetic. Jasper talked to them although he was feeling bewildered.  But, Listy-chan rushed forward and interrupted him.

「No, who are you calling Otou-san? Also my wound will open again so stop sitting on me.」


It seemed she took advantage of the confusion to try calling Hajime  that. Listy-chan’s tear duct opened once more seeing Hajime wounded all  over. She rubbed Hajime’s body soothingly. Hajime also caressed Listy’s  head.

「Don’t say anything like that, Hajime-otousan.」

「Okay, Amanogawa. Let’s take it outside. I’ll kick you down from the summit.」

「I’m saying stop fighting――ouch. Why did you hit me!? Ouch!」

Hajime and Kouki now could sit up somehow although they still  couldn’t stand. The fists of the demon king and hero got lodged onto the  cheeks of Kousuke who got between them. One mustn’t carelessly entered a  dangerous zone.

Seeing them like that, it seemed they were really alright. Jasper and others let out a sigh of relieve. A beat later.

「Hajime-sama. Kouki-sama. Also Endou-sama too.」

The quiet voice attracted everyone’s attention.

G10 who was gently bobbing up and down made its eye shined slightly.

「Thank you, very much……Really, thank you very much……」

Aa, everyone thought. G10 was surely crying right now.

With its lone fight for two hundred years coming to an end and the  role entrusted to him accomplished, it must be flooded with a deluge of  feeling right now.

That was why, it could do nothing except expressing its gratitude.

Actually, there was a lot more things it wanted to say and convey, and yet G10 could only say “thank you” right now.

However, that was exactly why the feeling that was residing inside that “thank you” was very deep……

For a while, everyone exchanged their feeling wordlessly within that silent place.

Like that, both Hajime and Kouki quietly held up their fist forward.  Kousuke also held up his fist. G10’s eye blipblopped happily and it put  out its cable in the place of fist――

Right at that instant.

A piercing alarm sound rang out.

「Tsu, what!?」

「Nagumo! The energy tower!」

「Oi oi, what is it this time!」

While the three each raised their voice, light was dispersing from  the energy tower that was shining brightly. It didn’t stop there, the  electric lights on the walls and steel bridges were also losing light  one after another.


「Give me some time!」

G10 hurriedly headed toward the console at the center. It connected  with its cable. It activated the air projection display that kept  switching images with blinding fast speed.

And then G10’s shocked voice slipped out.

「Impossible……the power generation facility stop working!? No, this is a self-destruct program!?」

「Stop it G10!」

「I’m trying! But――」

All the artificial lights vanished. They weren’t locked in darkness  because there was the sunlight, but the atmosphere felt like Coltran  itself was dying.

Amidst that, an unpleasant sound of *gashari gashari* echoed.

When they looked around in surprise, they could see a metallic puppet  coming out with extremely awkward movement from behind the door of a  different steel bridge.

That body frame looked very familiar. After all it was the base body of the opponent they fought just now.

「I……told you. All of you, will never……win.」

「Mo, ther……don’t tell me, you’re……」

「Fufu, who……said that my core……is here?」

Hajime clicked his tongue. Kouki and Kousuke reached toward their  respective weapon. Jasper was sweating coldly, even so he stepped  forward to protect Mindy and the children.

But, it seemed the gong of the second round still carried over from earlier.

「Remote operation-, however, if it’s just cutting off the connection-」

「Yes……even though a piece of junk……you’re still a mechanical  intelligence like me. I won’t have, any time……for reconnecting and  readjustment.」


「I’m……abandoning Coltran for now. I’m sending……my true army to  trample all of you down. This time……for sure! I shall……remove you all  from my paradise-!!」

Right after that, the metallic base body of Mother tumbled down like a doll with its string severed.

「G10, what’s the situation?」

「I cut off any connection from outside. However……」

G10’s voice was undoubtedly filled with despair. The feeling it felt just now vanished like it never existed.

「Coltran has lost 90% of its function. The energy generator was also destroyed internally.」


「An information package was sent as though to flaunt at us.」

G10’s heavy words made Jasper and others gulped. Kouki and Kousuke also turned their gaze to G10 gravely.

Urged by Hajime’s gaze, G10 told them a beat later with a voice that was filled with horrible noise.

「A huge army of heaven soldier is heading this way. Their number is a hundred thousand.」

Everyone was shaken. Among them Hajime asked quietly. Where is  Mother’s location. If it was nearby then he intended to go beat it once  more.

However, the answer of that question――was despairing.

「The holy land. The holy land Shaia. That place is Mother’s true sanctuary.」

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