Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) - Volume 3 Chapter 7
[Vol 3] Chapter 7 – Raisen Grand Canyon and Miserable Rabbit

Their view was filled by the light from the magic circle; the air definitely felt different, although nothing could be seen. It was clearly different from the air at the depths of hell. Sensing a breeze, Hajime’s cheeks began to loosen.

The sight that came into view after the light settled was…

A cave.

“Wait, what?”

Without any further thought, Hajime, who believed that the other side of the magic circle was the surface, unintentionally inserted a tsukkomi at the sight that wasn’t any better. Honestly, he was extremely disappointed.

After feeling a tug on his shirt, he turned his head towards Yue and she comforted him with reassuring words.

“… It’s a secret passage… it’s not uncommon for it to be hidden” (Yue)

“A- ah, is that so? It certainly is. There is no way that the entrance to the Abode of Traitors wouldn’t be hidden, right?” (Hajime)

Hajime felt considerably ashamed to not realize something so simple. He pulled himself together while scratching his head. Without the aid of the Green Light Stone, Hajime and Yue advanced through the pitch-black cave without any problems.

On the way, although there were many doors with seals and traps, the Orcus Ring would react at every instance, canceling their activation altogether. The two of them were cautious at first as they continued but soon lost interest as nothing happened. Their uneventful advance continued until they finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It was the sun; the light which Hajime, for the past few months, and Yue, for the past three hundred years, had sought after.

Hajime and Yue came to a stop; they grinned. Exchanging glances, they simultaneously ran towards the light that they yearned for.

As they approached the light that was gradually growing larger, they could feel and breathe the air from the surface. It was different from the stagnant air of hell, being cool and refreshing. Hajime never knew how delicious fresh air could be until this moment.

Feeling renewed and gratified, Hajime and Yue both jumped into the light and reached the long-awaited surface.

To the humans who lived above the ground, the place that Hajime and Yue entered was hell on Tortus: an execution ground. An unknown number of powerful and brutal monsters lived there. As if that weren’t enough, magic could hardly be used where they were standing. An average of 1-2 kilometers deep, 900 meters wide, while spanning 8 kilometers from the [Gruen Great Desert] in the west to the [Haltina Sea of Trees] in the east, the great scar that divides the north and south of the continent, the people named;

The [Raisen Great Canyon]

Hajime and Yue were currently outside of the cave at the bottom of the Raisen Grand Canyon. Although they were at the bottom of the canyon; bright, warm light poured down from above. The fragrance of the earth mixed with the wind tickled their noses.

Compared to the kind of place it could have been, this place was surely the paradise known as the surface. While they were in a daze looking at the sun above their heads, Hajime and Yue’s facial expressions of shock and awe gradually turned into a smile. Even Yue, who was expressionless by default, could be seen smiling in broad daylight.

“We… made it back…” (Hajime)

“…Nn” (Yue)

After a moment of silence, the two were finally hit by the euphoric realization that they no longer stood in hell. They turned away from the sun, glanced at each other. With all their might, they embraced each other.

“Alriiight~~!! We’re ooouuuut~!”


While hugging, Hajime spun Yue around. In that brief moment, an unsuitable laugh could be heard resounding from the place the people called hell. In their joy, they even stumbled on even ground, which they felt excessively humorous, as both of them continued rejoicing and laughing.

At last, when the two’s laughter settled down, they found themselves … … surrounded by monsters.

“Haa~ these guys are really dense, aren’t they?… … If I remember correctly, we can’t use magic here, right?”

Hajime leisurely rolled out his shoulders while pulling out Donner and Schlagen from their respective holsters. Hajime, who had made an effort to study before his fall into hell, knew that if this place really was the [Raisen Great Canyon], then magic could not be used.

“… I know. It’s no problem though if I just use more power.” (Yue)

The reason magic could not be used inside the [Raisen Great Canyon] was because the magic power used to formulate magic would be dispersed by the canyon. Even Yue’s magic was not an exception. But Yue, who was once a Vampire Princess and still holds considerable magic power, also possessed an external magic tank: a part of the Magic Crystal Series. In other words, Yue is saying that she can just annihilate them all before her magic gets dispersed.

“With sheer power… How high is the efficiency?” (Hajime)

“…Around 10 percent.”

It seemed that in order to use elementary magic, high-class magic power is needed. The casting range would also be shortened significantly in response.

“Ah~… Then I will do it. Yue, just focus on defending yourself.” (Hajime)

“Ahh… …but-”

“It’s okay. The right person for the right job. This place makes it hard for magic users to fight, right? Just leave it to me.”

“Nn… …okay.”

Yue reluctantly withdrew. Even though they had finally reached the long-awaited surface, it was hard for her to accept that she was excluded from the first battle. Her pride seemed to have been damaged. She curled her lip in displeasure.

Looking at Yue’s sulking appearance, Hajime prepared to fire Donner and Schlagen while making a wry smile. Without looking up, Hajime pointed the gun muzzles at the gulping monsters and spontaneously pulled their triggers.

Without realizing the sudden attack, two of the surrounding monsters’ heads burst open and left scattered remains, resulting in death without resistance. The guns’ reverberating sound echoed in the canyon. The monsters froze in place unable to understand what exactly happened. Since magic displayed 10% of its effect here, even “Lightning Clad” could be used, allowing the rail gun to be fired without any trouble.

To the dumbfounded monsters, Hajime revealed a bold smile.

“Now then, I wonder how the monsters from hell compare with you guys … …Let’s find out.” (Hajime)

Quickly assuming his Gun Kata stance, killing intent filled Hajime’s eyes. When the surrounding monsters saw those eyes, they unconsciously retreated one step back. Even if they didn’t notice it, their instinct surely felt it; that they had made a “monster” their enemy.(1) An ordinary person would faint just from standing in the pressure of Hajime’s killing intent.

At last, one monster couldn’t hold the tension anymore, letting out a roar while lashing out.



As the gunshot resounded, the bullet cut a straight line through the air. The monster didn’t even have the time to respond before its head was flying in the air.

What happened next couldn’t even be called a fight. It was a slaughter-fest. The monsters couldn’t even take one step in any direction before their head got blown off. The monsters’ corpses littered the view for as far as the eye could see. Only five minutes had passed.

Putting Donner and Schlagen back into their holsters, Hajime looked at the mountain of corpses in the surrounding while tilting his head down, his expression unseen.

Yue approached Hajime from behind with small steps.

“…What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s just a little disappointing… The monsters at [Raisen Great Canyon] are famous for their brutality. I almost thought that this was a whole different place.”

“…Hajime is a ‘monster’ after all.”

“Cruel aren’t you? Well, it just means that the monsters in hell were just too strong.”

Hajime said while shrugging his shoulder, and averting his eyes from the monsters’ carcasses as he had lost interest in them.

“Now then, I think we can climb this cliff but… …should we? Speaking of the [Raisen Great Canyon], there should be one of the Seven Great Dungeons around here, right? After all this trouble, why don’t we head toward the [Haltina Sea of Trees] and search for it along the way?” (Hajime)

“…Why the [Haltina Sea of Trees]?”

“Well, after getting out of the canyon, you don’t want to cross the desert, right? If we’re by the [Haltina Sea of Trees], there should be a village nearby.” (Hajime)


Yue nodded to Hajime’s proposal. If they used Hajime’s skill “Air Walk” or Yue’s Wind Magic, they could easily climb the cliff. However, there was a need to investigate the Raisen Grand Canyon. Looking at how weak the monsters were, it seemed like the canyon itself couldn’t be counted as a dungeon. If that was the case, there should be an entrance to a dungeon somewhere nearby.

Hajime poured magic into the [Treasure Warehouse] on his middle finger, and took out a Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive from it. Yue, straddling the vehicle dashingly, clung to Hajime’s waist. Aside from not being powered by gasoline, like on Earth, the vehicle required magic manipulation to directly move the parts that were connected to the wheels, so the engine was silent, like an electric automobile. Below the vehicle frame, a mechanism was installed to level the road with transmutation as they advanced, making it truly a comfortable ride. Hajime thought that the sound of a roaring engine would have felt more romantic, but he didn’t have the knowledge required to reproduce the sound. The speed was dependent on how much magic power was poured in, however the magic power efficiency inside the [Raisen Great Canyon] was terrible, so it could not be used for a prolonged amount of time.

The [Raisen Great Canyon] comprised of, in a sense, two cliffs that extend straight from the east to the west of the continent. There were hardly any bypasses, therefore by advancing along one of the cliffsides, it would eventually lead them to the [Haltina Sea of Trees] without getting lost. Because Hajime and Yue didn’t have to worry about losing their way, they carefully searched for the entrance of the dungeon, while casually traveling on the Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive. In the meantime, Hajime’s hands had continued to move, though seemingly never releasing the steering wheel, killing the crowd of monsters that were trying to attack them.

A while after beginning to drive the Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive, a monster roar could be heard not far from where they were. It seemed considerably powerful. It was at least on a danger level higher compared to the monsters they had first encountered. Based on the sound of the roar, it seemed like they would have to confront it within another 30 seconds.

Driving the Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive around the protruding rocks on the cliff face, a large monster appeared. It was a tyrannical monster with two heads: a “Two-Headed Tyrannosaurus”-like monster.

But the one they paid attention to wasn’t the “terrifying” monster, but a girl with rabbit ears running away from it with a half-crying face.

Hajime stopped the Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive to get a good look at the suspicious-looking, “about to get eaten” rabbit-eared girl.

“… What is that?”

“… a member of the Rabbitman Tribe?”

“Why are they in this place? Does the Rabbitman Tribe inhabit this place?”


“Then, what is it? Was she dropped here as a criminal? Isn’t this place also used as an execution ground?”

“…Bad rabbit?”

Hajime and Yue inclined their heads while carefreely talking about the rabbit-eared girl. They seemed to have no intention of helping her, particularly because they knew the [Raisen Great Canyon] was used as an execution method. Rather than helping a stranger, they thought that it would be bothersome and so didn’t have any real interest in doing it.

The aftereffects of Hajime’s change in mentality were displayed brutally. The circumstances were different compared with Yue. He felt no sympathy towards the rabbit-eared girl, her situation didn’t even move Hajime’s heart. If he extended a hand to help now, there would be no end to it. The present Hajime had already deserted the world to its fate.

However, it seemed that the rabbit-eared girl had detected the carefree Hajime and Yue. After being blown away by the Two-Headed Tyrant and falling into the shade of a boulder, she hurriedly stood back up to run away, all while staring at Hajime.

Once again, the Two-Headed Tyrant swung it’s claw at the rock where she was hiding, blowing it up. Grumbling while rolling across the ground, she escaped from the fierce killing attack while using that momentum to roll… towards Hajime.

Though there was some distance between them, the desperate shout from the rabbit-eared girl echoed through the canyon and reached Hajime’s ears.

“Heelph me~e! Hiiiiii~~? I’m dying! I’m dyiiing! Help mee~, pleasee~!”

She ran desperately while floods of tears flowed down her face. Right behind her was the approaching Two-Headed Tyrant that wanted to eat the rabbit-eared girl. At the current rate, the rabbit-eared girl would be eaten even before she could reach Hajime.

As one would expect, even after being directly asked for help, Hajime responded-

“I refuse!”

“…It’s bothersome.”

As expected, they refused to help. They didn’t even feel disturbed refusing someone’s desperate screams- no, pleas. Instead, they felt it was extremely bothersome. Seeing Hajime avert his eyes from her pleading gaze, she sensed that Hajime didn’t want to help her, and from her eyes, even more tears overflowed. Just from where did those tears come from?

“Waiiit~, don’t leabe me behi~ind! Pleasee~!!”

The rabbit-eared girl raised her voice even more.

Even so, Hajime still didn’t feel any incentive to help her at all. The rabbit-eared girl would get eaten without fail… right? Only if the Two-Headed Tyrant didn’t ignore the rabbit-eared girl and direct his killing intent at Hajime and Yue.

“Gruuaaaaaaa!!” (Monster)

Hajime keenly reacted to its killing intent.

“Aaaah?” (Hajime)

Just now, his path forward was denied. An obstacle stood in his way- the enemy stood in HIS way! Hajime’s body reacted to the Two-Headed Tyrant’s killing intent, to the enemy who dares stand in his way!

When the Two-Headed Tyrant caught up with the rabbit-eared girl, one of the heads opened its jaw. The rabbit-eared girl looked behind her, and upon seeing countless sharp fangs before her eyes, the words, “Ah, it’s the end… …” could be seen in her eyes.

However at that moment,


The sound of a dry explosion that she had never heard before resounded within the canyon. A line could be seen passing through the two rabbit ears standing up due to fear. One of the approaching heads was pierced and pulverized right before her eyes.

The Two-Headed Tyrant’s body crashed to the ground following the loss of its head, sliding across the ground, causing a miniature earthquake.

The rabbit-eared girl once again got blown away from the impact of the Two-Headed Tyrant’s body. The place she was headed towards was Hajime.

“Kyaaaaaa~! He-help, please~e!” (???)

While falling toward Hajime who was before her, the rabbit-eared girl’s hands were stretched out towards him. Her clothes were in tatters, leaving her body very exposed. With her awful crying face, it was like a film scene where the man would catch her without fail.

“Are you stupid?” (Hajime)

However, the man was Hajime. In an instant, he poured magic to the Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive to magnificently evade the rabbit-eared girl.

“Eeh~!?” (???)

The rabbit-eared girl’s shocked shriek could be heard until she fell before Hajime’s eyes. She twitched while lying face down with both arms and legs extended out. She didn’t pass out, but it seemed like she couldn’t move while enduring the pain.

“…Amusing.” (Yue)

Yue looked at the shameful sight of the rabbit-eared girl over Hajime’s shoulder, holding a slightly cruel expression. Meanwhile, the living head of the Two-Headed Tyrant ate the remains of its dead head. Then regaining its balance, now appeared like a normal Tyrannosaurus Rex from the side.

The now “normal” Tyrannosaurus Rex let out a roar with fury and anger in its eyes. The rabbit-eared girl jumped at the sound, unexpectedly able to do so. Desperately trying to stand back up, the rabbit-eared girl, once again teary-eyed, unexpectedly hid behind Hajime.

She seemed motivated to rely on Hajime until the bitter end. Well, she would die on her own, and seeing that Hajime had knocked down one of the heads on his own, her reliance on Hajime seemed natural.

“Oi, kora! You rabbit-eared gag-like existence! Why the hell did you make us your meat shield without permission?! Don’t drag us into it; be a man and defend yourself!” (Hajime)

The rabbit-eared girl desperately clung to the hem of Hajime’s coat. Hajime glared at her with annoyed eyes from the bottom of his heart. Yue, who was sitting on the back seat, kicked the rabbit-eared girl in irritation.

“N-no way! You will abandon me if I release it, right!?” (???)

“Isn’t that natural? Why should I help an unfamiliar annoying rabbit?” (Hajime)

“Kuuu! Which part of it is natural! Even you should have a good heart right! Don’t you feel guilty inside for abandoning a helpless, beautiful girl?!” (???)

“I left my feelings of guilt behind in the depths of that hell! Furthermore, who calls themselves a beautiful girl!” (Hajime)

“Th-then if you help me… …I- I will listen to one request from you! Anything!” (???)

The rabbit-eared girl leaned closer while blushing with upturned eyes. Cunning. A truly cunning action. If her face wasn’t sullied by her tears and dripping nose, it would surely be charming. Actually, if you looked at her closer, her appearance was indeed fairly good; a pretty girl with white hair and blue eyes. If it was any normal man, they would swoon over her even in this appearance.

But the one in front of her was no ordinary man.

“I don’t need that. Other than that, move your filthy face further away. It’s dirty.” (Hajime)

Brutal as always.

“Fi-filthy!? You say I’m filthy! That’s too much! I firmly oppose that! I-” (???)

“Gwugaaa!” (Monster)

“Hii~! Help~!” (???)

The moment she raised her voice to oppose Hajime’s words, the Tyrannosaurus Rex let out an infuriated roar, as though demanding the attention of Hajime, and bent its body in preparation to charge.

The rabbit-eared girl raised a miserable shriek while trying to get in between Yue and Hajime. Annoyed, Yue continued kicking the rabbit-eared girl as she desperately clung to Hajime’s coat, getting herself covered in shoe marks.

As if feeling ridiculed by that scene, the Tyrannosaurus Rex glared at Hajime and the others with fury in its eyes, and finally, charged.

Immediately, Hajime raised his hand and locked Donner onto the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s forehead. In less than 0.1 seconds, the processes of aiming and firing were completed. With one gunshot, a straight line pierced the between the Tyrant’s eyes.

After convulsing a bit, the Tyrannosaurus Rex slowly fell sideways, making tremors as its body hit the ground.

The rabbit-eared girl reflexively let out “Hue?” sound like an idiot, and timidly shoved her face between Hajime’s armpit to see what became of the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s fate.

“It’s dead… that Daihedoa, with two blows…” (???)

The rabbit-eared girl opened her eyes wide with surprise. It seemed like that Two-Headed Tyrant was called a “Daihedoa”.

The dumbfounded rabbit-eared girl stared stiffly at the remains of the Daihedoa, all the while being abused by Yue and clinging to Hajime’s coat. Since a while ago, the long rabbit ears were brushing against Hajime’s face. With a seriously fouled mood, Hajime elbowed her on the head to drop her down.

“Enough!” (Hajime)

“Hebuu!! … My head~ my heaaad~” (???)

Letting out a groaning sound, the rabbit-eared girl used both her hands to hold her head while writhing on the ground. After looking down with a cold glance, Hajime poured magic power into the Magic Powered 2-Wheeled Drive as though nothing had happened.

Sensing the beginnings of their departure, the rabbit-eared girl who was rolling on the floor suddenly jumped up with frightful vigor.

“I won’t let you get away~!” (???)

She clung to Hajime’s waist. As she had proved before, she was considerably resilient.

“Thank you so much for helping me! I am from the Haulia Rabbitman Tribe. My name is Shia! Please save my tribe!” (Shia)

And, considerably shameless.

Hajime glanced to the side at the rabbit-eared girl named Shia Haulia. It was in this manner, right after getting out of that hell, Hajime found himself with another troublesome matter. He let out a deep, profound sigh.(2)


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