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Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Transmigration

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Along with the pain came a sense of nausea.

The person who was lying on the bed couldn’t help but groan in pain, before she slowly opened her eyes.

The girl furrowed her brows before subconsciously moving to touch the back of her head, then stopping her movements in shock.

She got shot in the head, how had she survived?

But there weren’t any signs of wounds on the back of her head.

Suddenly she realized that something wasn’t right. There was something wrong with her body, and she couldn’t bring herself to gather her thoughts.

As some strange images flitted through her mind…

She stumbled off the bed, wobblily making her way to the bathroom and splashed her face with water from the faucet. Even the icy cold water could not quell the heat that ran throughout her body because of the drugs.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, the girl was surprised to see a face that was completely different than her own.

She was wearing a knee-length white dress, and had flowing black hair that reached her hips.

She wasn’t wearing any makeup, but her skin was supple and bright, further accentuating her distinct but delicate features. Her eyebrows were as delicate as the strokes of a portrait, and her features gave her a conflicting air of purity and seductiveness.

Due to the drugs that she had unknowingly taken, her normally porcelain pale skin was now as red as a ripe tomato.

The images in her mind flitted on like a movie, giving her a terrible headache before she processed the information completely.

When the word transmigration surfaced in her mind, her first reaction was disbelief.

She was originally Agent 007 in the Anti-Terrorist Squad of the FBI, and she was killed by a shot to the head in one of her missions.

But she hadn’t expected that she would transmigrate into the body of this girl named Jian Qi.

Jian Qi was in her third year of high school, and she was already somewhat famous. Earlier today, she went to the bar with her classmates, but she was drugged and kidnapped to this place.

As the heat in her body grew stronger, she knew that cold water wouldn’t help. Either she found a man or she had to go to the hospital!

Opening the door of the bathroom and shuffling out, she saw a man enter the room.

The middle-aged man was fat and had a large stomach, and he looked quite greasy.

The lascivious smile he had on his face made her want to kill him right on the spot.

“You’re awake?”The man spoke as he made his way over to her, reaching his hand towards her face as if he wanted to cup it.

A cold glint shimmered in the girl’s eyes, and when his hand was only a centimeter away from her face, she quickly gripped his wrist and judo-flipped him, then stomping foot onto the fallen man’s chest.

The middle-aged man screamed in pain, not expecting such a frail-looking girl to pack such a punch, especially since she had been drugged.

As she looked at the man that was lying on the floor helplessly, she furrowed her brow. This body she was occupying was too weak, and now that she used so much strength, the nausea that plagued her only grew stronger.

Ignoring the heat that rose in her body momentarily, she promptly twisted and broke the man’s arm with a fluid motion.

Then she got up and moved to leave the room.

“You b*tch, you’ll get what’s coming for you!” The man held in the pain as he shouted towards the girl.

The girl who had already opened the door and was preparing to leave stopped in her tracks and turned around, and an oppressive aura of bloodlust filling the entire room, making it hard to breathe.

“W-What are you going to do?”

Seeing the girl that was making her way back towards him, he struggled to retreat from the aura of bloodlust and stuttered, “D-Don’t come near me, I can ban you from the entertainment industry forever!”

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