Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Sacrifice Your Chastity

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The area that they were hiding in was too small. Jian Qi pushed at the person who pulled her in here in discomfort but was pressed down. “Don’t move!”

This smooth velvety voice, this authoritative tone, this commanding presence…How familiar!

Jian Qi placed her hand on his shoulder, feeling the somewhat familiar cloth. Looking up, she could only see his lower chin because of the height difference.

Glancing at his clothes, she saw a military camouflage shirt.

Ohoh, so he was a soldier!

No wonder he was able to steal her knife from her at that time!

What a coincidence it was for them to meet under these conditions!

Jian Qi quirked an eyebrow and smiled faintly, guessing that the man was probably here to apprehend a criminal.

“Need any help?”Jian Qi asked slyly.

Tang Jinyu who had been completely focused and was preparing to leave paused, as he heard the familiar voice. “It’s you again!”

“That’s what I wanted to say!”Jian Qi’s lips quirked and she rebutted, “But enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road, yeah?”

The man was on a mission after all, so he didn’t continue her banter, and warned directly, “If you want to live, don’t move!”

Tang Jinyu was about to move, before his subordinate contacted him through his earpiece, “Boss, they got a hostage and they’re coming in your direction…”

Peeping over the corner of the wall, Tang Jinyu saw two criminals holding a woman hostage, walking over to his direction.

Jian Qi lazily leaned on the wall, smiling alluringly and asking again, “Need any help?”

“How can you help?”

Jian Qi quirked an eyebrow as a calculating glint flashed in her eyes. “I’m afraid we have to sacrifice your chastity…”

Tang Jinyu was about to refuse, but Jian Qi wasn’t waiting for permission.

She placed her lithe fingers on his hips.

It was remarkably fast how quickly she undid his belt. In around three seconds, Jian Qi threw his belt to one side.

Tang Jinyu glanced at the belt that was thrown haphazardly on the ground, his gaze growing colder by the second.

As his gaze met the girl’s provocative one, his shirt was ripped open violently by the girl, the buttons flying out from the force.

Tang Jinyu grabbed her wrist over her head, squinting dangerously. “Do you want me to shoot you?!”

Jian Qi’s smile grew even bigger. There was still his pants left!

Reaching out a free hand, she pulled at his pants and pulled down with all her might.

This movement was so fast that Tang Jinyu was stunned. What a shameless woman!

Did she not have any shame?!

Ripping a man’s clothes was one thing, she had the gall to take off his pants!

Grabbing her hands, Tang Jinyu spun around and pinned Jian Qi to the wall, looking down on her and practically growling in anger, “Woman, do you want to…”

“Ah… Not here you rascal…!”

Before Tang Jinyu could say the word ‘die’, Jian Qi suddenly spoke, her voice velvety and sultry.

The receiver on the other end was not closed, so Tang Jinyu’s subordinates who were confused about what was going on started looking at each other with dubious expressions, as if they were confirming each others’ suspicions.

‘Boss, what are you doing?

‘How… How bold!!!’

If it weren’t that the timing was off, they even wanted to look in on the action!

“Shut up!” Tang Jinyu warned. It was the first time he wanted to strangle a woman so badly.

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