Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 100 - I Did it Intentionally!
Chapter 100: I Did it Intentionally!

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Although it was only a blank cartridge, it was still painful being shot from afar.

Chu Yu withdrew her hand. The skin on her hand was scraped slightly.

The instructors who were guarding the place looked toward the direction from which the bullet came.

Chu Yu frowned. She then stretched her hand out to take the flag again but she was shot once again when she moved. A bullet hit her cap directly.

It hit the bullseye!

There was smoke rising from her cap. It meant that she was eliminated.

If that was a real bullet, she would be dead by now!

Everybody looked at the scene in disbelief.

Chu Yu was about to gain the flag but it was snatched away from her at the last second.

Clearly, the sniper was waiting for it. She chose the specific time and did it intentionally!

What an arrogant person!

Director Liang’s facial expression darkened. Who was it?

Everyone fixed their gaze on the monitoring screen. The people who were there stared at where the sniper was.

Jian Qi walked out of her hiding spot calmly under everyone’s expectant eyes. She held the gun in one hand and smiled smugly. She appeared elegant and evil just like a cheeky girl. How charming she was!

Chu Yu recognized her at first sight. Her facial expression darkened considerably. She gritted her teeth, she wanted so badly to charge at her and kill her.

Jian Qi smiled and walked toward Chu Yu. Then, she grabbed the flag beside Chu Yu and pulled it out. She mockingly waved the flag in front of Chu Yu.

Her smug look was truly irritating to the core!

“Where did she get the sniper gun?” Someone could not help but ask curiously.

Everyone’s backpack was equipped with only one pistol. However, she was holding a sniper gun just like the veteran soldiers who acted as hunters in the assessment.

“Did she beat the veteran soldiers up and snatch the sniper gun away?”

Director Liang did not care about that right now. He was angry when he saw Jian Qi eliminating Chu Yu.

How dare she do that!

Chu Yu’s facial expression darkened greatly. She never thought that she herself would be eliminated instead of Jian Qi.

Especially when she was about to get the flag.

Clearly, Jian Qi did that on purpose.

“Jian Qi, you did it on purpose, didn’t you?” Chu Yu looked at her. She lowered her voice and she clenched her fists.

Jian Qi smiled wickedly. “Yes, I did it on purpose!”


“What about me? You slandered me behind my back. You asked your uncle to plot against me. Why can’t I eliminate you?”

Jian Qi smiled smugly and recklessly. Her aura was powerful. “I warned you before. I’m not a weak person who you can bully any way you like. If you want to mess with me, you have to prepare yourself for all kinds of risks. I’m a person who will get revenge for myself. I’ll always be ready if you want to mess with me!”

Chu Yu’s facial expression was terrible to say the least.

Jian Qi was nothing like the small actress whom Chu Yu thought she was.

Jian Qi was strong and powerful. She seemed dangerous and frightening. Chu Yu was stunned.

She only came to her senses after Jian Qi left.

She looked at her with great displeasure.

All twenty-five places had been filled up. Moreover, she was eliminated.

Chu Yu’s facial expression was gloomy. She bit her lips tightly and she could not help but shake with anger.

Feng Yi looked at the monitoring screen and frowned slightly. This girl truly had some terrible ideas about what was fun!

Feng Yi contacted Tang Jinyu after he left the CCTV room. “Boss, she has completed her mission. Moreover, she retaliated well…”

Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched as he listened to Feng Yi. She certainly did not need people to worry about her.

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