Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 101 - Can I Be Your Girlfriend?
Chapter 101: Can I Be Your Girlfriend?

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The assessment ended and Jian Qi entered the first class.

It was the first holiday after three months of training.

A bright red car stopped in front of the academy the minute Jian Qi stepped out of the academy. Jian Qi walked toward the car and saw Coco’s hair which was the same color as his sports car.

“Baby! Over here!”

Jian Qi’s lips twitched visibly. She wanted so badly to charge at him and tear off his entire head of red hair.

Coco glanced at her when Jian Qi got into the car. “Baby, you seem thinner. We should make up for it later!”

Jian Qi checked her appearance using the mirror. She was indeed thinner now.

“Let’s go and get our hair done!”

Coco nodded and brought her to the salon which they frequented.

The styling director greeted them with a smile. Then, he said, “Miss Jian, it’s been a while since I last saw you. What kind of style do you want today?”

“Short hair, the shorter the better!”

What Jian Qi said shocked the director and Coco.

“Baby, do you want to shave your head and become a nun?” It was rare for Coco to make a joke like that.

“It’s annoying to handle my long hair at the academy. I wanted to cut it long ago but I was afraid that my skills are not good. That’s why I planned to get a new hairdo during the holidays!” Jian Qi walked toward the chair and took her seat. “Let’s get it over with!”

The director glanced at Coco. After gaining his approval, he took a pair of scissors and began his task.

After two hours, a handsome youth appeared in front of them.

The director looked at his own work with satisfaction. He was bedazzled.

Jian Qi’s facial features were exquisite and stunning. She was indeed dashing and captivating with that kind of hairstyle. One could not even differentiate whether she was a male or a female.

She seemed even more mysterious and handsome with her black shirt and pants. She looked just like a gangster with that smile on her face.

“Not bad!” Jian Qi smiled and said. Then, she got up and left.

They had just reached the door when they met Tang Jinyu whom she had just met not long ago.

There was a beautiful woman beside him. Her facial features were beautiful and she seemed quite elegant.

Jian Qi soon remembered that she was the woman who sat beside Cheng Feng when Jian Qi stumbled into the wrong private room.

But, what kind of relationship did she have with Tang Jinyu?

Jian Qi’s eyes fell on the woman’s hand. She was holding Tang Jingyu’s arm.

Jian Qi did not even get to have such a privilege.

“Tang…Tang…” Her soft and sweet voice was rather seductive.

Tang Jinyu frowned when he heard that. He did not even get to say anything else when someone rushed forward to hug him.

She planted a kiss on Tang Jinyu’s cheek with her red lips.

Everyone present was shocked, including Tang Jinyu.

Coco was stunned. That young lady was rather frightening given the naughty act she just did!

Tang Jinyu responded quickly before Coco could do anything. He shoved her away.

“Tang Tang…” Jian Qi looked at him pitifully. She stretched her hands out in order to grab him.

Tang Jinyu frowned. He soon saw that someone else was taking out their phones to take photographs of them. As such, he had no choice but to lead her out of the salon.

Coco was stunned. He then tilted his head and looked at the woman beside him. He smiled at her awkwardly. After that, he ran after them.

“You! Do you want me to beat you up?” Tang Jinyu appeared cold. He looked at her smile that was incredibly annoying.

Jian Qi was amused. “Instructor, who’s that beautiful girl?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Oh, is she your girlfriend? You seem to be really protective of her.”


Tang Jinyu denied it subconsciously. Then, he could not help but frown. Why would he need to explain to her?

Jian Qi laughed out loud. Her short haircut made her even more handsome. That gangster look was rather stunning.

“Then, can I be your girlfriend?”


Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu turned to look at Coco at the same time.

“No! I object!” Coco walked toward them quickly. Then, he pulled Jian Qi toward him.

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