Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 102 - Be a Couple and Make Your Debut
Chapter 102: Be a Couple and Make Your Debut

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Tang Jinyu frowned slightly. Then, he turned and left.

“Tang Tang, you haven’t answered my question…” Jian Qi called after him but Coco covered her mouth before she could say anything else.

Then, Coco dragged Jian Qi toward his car.

Coco got into the car, closed the door and drove away.

Jian Qi smiled softly and said, “Why are you so nervous?”

Coco frowned. “Baby, although you’re not going to work as an actress temporarily, you still need to be careful. You’re a girl.”

“Alright, Sir Coco.”

“Baby, you’re still young. You can’t ignore everything else when you see handsome men. Didn’t you see the girl who was standing beside him just now? She’s clearly a rich girl. He’s merely an assistant. It means that he’s with her because she’s his sugar mommy!”

Jian Qi touched her nose and forced back her laughter.

If Tang Jinyu knew about Coco’s thoughts, would he beat him up vigorously?

Tang Jinyu returned to the salon. The girl could not help but smile softly when she saw him. Her smile was playful.

“What kind of relationship do you have with Jian Qi?”

“She’s studying in the defense academy now. I’m her instructor. She’s merely a new student and a novice soldier.”

“Is that so? Is she merely a student?” The girl smiled. “How could a new student hug and kiss our cold and dark Instructor Tang? You even allowed her to do that!”

Tang Jinyu patted the girl on the head. He seemed to adore her.

“Didn’t you tell me that you want to have your hair washed? Go ahead.”

“Do you find me annoying now that I’m nagging you?” The girl gave him a bright smile.

“Tang Yiyi, I’m leaving now if you’re not going into the salon.”

“Are you angry, Instructor Tang?” Tang Yiyi was amused. But, she went into the salon obediently.

Tang Yiyi came out of the salon not long after. She saw him looking at his phone. As such, she smiled and continued their topic just now.

“I heard that Jian Qi did not continue her contract with Starshooter Entertainment. Why did she choose to study at the defense academy? Instructor Tang, I want to recruit her under my company, will you lend me a hand?”

“No! She cannot!”

“Hmm? Do you have your eyes on her too?” Tang Yiyi smiled and asked him. What she said was rather ambiguous.

Tang Jinyu knew what she was doing. She was messing with him.

“Since she has joined the defense academy, it’s impossible for her to be recruited into any entertainment company. The defense academy is nothing like the other colleges. The holidays are rare and no student is allowed to miss a single class unless they drop out on their own accord!”

“Brother, I think that you’re afraid that she will be snatched away from you. You like her, don’t you?” Tang Yiyi smiled. “What I meant was that you want her to be recruited into your team. I didn’t mention anything else. There’s no harm admitting to that, right?”

Tang Jinyu was speechless.

Was that how girls behave nowadays?

“Brother, you can talk to her on my behalf. Wait till she graduates from the academy. She can come and meet me directly at my company.”

Tang Jinyu shook his head helplessly. “If you really want to recruit her, you can consider recruiting her previous manager. If she wants to return to the entertainment circle in the future, she will surely go wherever that manager goes.”

“Is it Coco? Yes, he’s not bad. He’s just not that competitive and that’s why he’s still merely a manager. If not, he would surely be a famous manager in the entertainment circle now given his capabilities.

Tang Yiyi smiled. “Brother, why don’t you be a couple with that student of yours and make a debut?”

Tang Jinyu was speechless.

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