Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 103 - The Girl Whom Tang Jinyu Likes
Chapter 103: The Girl Whom Tang Jinyu Likes

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Tang Yiyi smiled when she saw Tang Jinyu remain quiet. She then changed the subject, “Brother, what are we going to eat tonight?”

“You decide.” Tang Jinyu said calmly.

Tang Yiyi could not help but sneer at him. “Aren’t you supposed to make the arrangements when you want to have dinner with girls? You won’t be able to have a girlfriend if you behave like this!”

Tang Jinyu’s phone vibrated in his hand for a short while. He suddenly remembered what Jian Qi said to him playfully just now. ‘Can I be your girlfriend?’

Tang Jinyu smiled and said nothing else.

Tang Yiyi smiled and said, “Brother, why are you smiling? Do you have a girlfriend now?”

“Are you done? Let’s go if you’re done.”

Tang Jinyu interrupted her.

Tang Yiyi smiled. She got up and walked toward him. After that, she held onto his arm. “Let’s go to Yao Restaurant and enjoy some seafood tonight. It’s been a while since I have had seafood.”

Tang Jinyu had no opinion so he nodded.


“I know you’re having your holiday now so I reserved a place here a week ago. Don’t you know how famous Yao Restaurant is? I had to make a reservation one week in advance. Luckily, I got a place during your holiday. You can have a feast tonight. Just look at your face. You’re so much thinner now.”

“This is the first time you asked me to enjoy a feast.” Jian Qi smiled and joked with him. “It’s true that being a star is not easy!”

“Then, you should really eat more today!”

Jian Qi took the menu and started ordering food.

Coco looked at her in shock. “Do you plan to eat everything here?”

“I could swallow an entire cow now.” Jian Qi remained calm and continued ordering the food she wanted.

After that, she returned the menu to the waitress.

“How are you recently? Are you less anxious now that I’m not around?” Jian Qi smiled and asked.

“So you do know that you make me really worried all the time!” Coco could not help but say to her.

Jian Qi smiled and looked around at the people in the restaurant. Suddenly, her eyes brightened when she saw somebody appearing at the entrance.

Coco wanted to joke with Jian Qi again but he saw that Jian Qi had her eyes fixed on something and he had a bad feeling.

He looked over to where Jian Qi was staring at.

He almost blurted out some foul words!

Why would that man appear here?

“Jian Qi, take care of your own image!”

Coco could not help but use his hands to cover her eyes.

Jian Qi smiled and waved at Tang Jinyu. “Tang Tang, over here…”

Tang Jinyu wanted to ignore Jian Qi subconsciously but Tang Yiyi who was standing beside him smiled and said, “Brother, your new student is waving at you. Why don’t you head over and say hello?”

Tang Yiyi threw him the question as she started leading Tang Jinyu toward Jian Qi.

Coco covered his forehead. He was anxious.

Jian Qi smiled softly. She grabbed Tang Jinyu to sit beside them. ‘Let’s sit together.”

Tang Yiyi remained calm and she sat beside Coco.

“Tang Tang, did you come and eat seafood too?” Jian Qi placed her head on her hand and tilted her head to look at Tang Jinyu with admiration. Her dazzling short haircut made her rather beautiful and exquisite.

Coco could not help but cough a few times as a reminder for Jian Qi to maintain her composure.

Tang Yiyi smiled playfully and looked at Tang Jinyu. “Yu, why didn’t you mention to me that you’re quite close to Miss Jian?”

Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. ‘Yu?’

‘The way she addressed him is so intimate!

‘Oh, surely this girl likes Tang Jinyu too even if she’s not his girlfriend.’

Jian Qi seemed to be anxious all of a sudden. She grabbed Tang Jinyu’s hand and leaned against him gently. “Tang Tang, why don’t you introduce this beautiful girl to me?”

Tang Jinyu shook off her hand calmly but Jian Qi grabbed onto his hand tightly and refused to let go.

He could not help but raise his eyebrow. “Let go.”

Jian Qi was quite smart. ‘Was he afraid that the girl might misunderstand?

‘Oh! This is the girl whom Tang Jinyu likes!’

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