Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 104 - I Want to Beat You up
Chapter 104: I Want to Beat You up

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Jian Qi laughed deep down. Then, she pretended to be sad. “Tang…Tang…”

The veins on Tang Jinyu’s forehead were throbbing visibly. He leaned toward Jian Qi, lowered his voice and said in her ear. “Jian Qi, do you think that I can’t punish you during your holidays?”

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. How dare he threaten her?

Then, he could not blame her if that girl were to misunderstand their relationship.

Jian Qi tilted her head and smiled. Then, she directly pecked Tang Jinyu on the cheek. After that, she let go of his hand obediently. She smiled brightly and looked at him.

Tang Jinyu was speechless.

He wanted so badly to beat her up right now.

Tang Yiyi was amused. She had never seen Tang Jinyu being infuriated by somebody like that.

“Miss Jian, hello. I’m Tang Yiyi!” Tang Yiyi stretched out her hand. “I’m his younger sister!”

Jian Qi shook her hand calmly. ‘Oh, they have the same surname!

‘Hmm… So, she’s his younger sister!

‘So, was I fooled by how Tang Yiyi addressed Tang Jinyu just now?’

Coco remained quiet and invisible the whole time. However, he turned and looked at Tang Yiyi when he heard her name.

“Are you the CEO of Tang Group?” Coco turned and looked at Tang Yiyi in disbelief.

If that were the case, the assistant with her was the mysterious young master of the Tang family.

‘Oh my gosh! What kind of people did Jian Qi mess with?’

Tang Yiyi let go of Jian Qi’s hand and turned to look at Coco. She smiled and said, “Coco, hi. I’ve heard so much about you. This is my name card.”

Tang Yiyi took out her name card and handed it to Coco. There was only a name and a few contact numbers.

Feng Yi mentioned Tang Yiyi to Jian Qi before. However, she was still rather surprised meeting the powerful and strong female CEO from the business field for the first time.

“Tang Tang, why do I feel that your younger sister is trying to recruit my kind and naive Coco?” Jian Qi tilted her head and leaned toward Tang Jinyu. She touched her chin and looked at Tang Jinyu with a wise look on her face.

Tang Jinyu shoved her away. “Jian Qi, sit properly!”

“Instructor, about what I asked you just now, what do you say?” Jian Qi smiled and asked him.

Tang Jinyu frowned. “You better behave yourself!”

“Instructor, you’re such a cold and unromantic person. You rejected a girl who threw herself at your feet. Hmm… it seems that you like men!” Jian Qi could not help but jokingly said.

“I want to beat you up!” Tang Jinyu voiced out.

Tang Jinyu’s phone rang the minute he said that.

He picked it up immediately when he saw the person who was calling him.

“What’s wrong?”

The person on the other end of the phone gave him a report. His face darkened. “I’ll be back soon.”

Tang Jinyu hung up his phone and said to Tang Yiyi. “There’s something I need to do. I need to leave now. Go back home early on your own later.”

Tang Yiyi nodded in response.

Tang Jinyu got up. Before leaving, he stopped and grabbed someone who had started eating by the hand.

“Instructor, why are you pulling my hand?”

Coco wanted to get up but Tang Yiyi smiled and stopped him. “Coco, let’s have a chat.”

Jian Qi was dragged away.

“Instructor, why did you drag me away in the middle of the night?” Jian Qi smiled and turned to look at him. She said cheekily, “Don’t tell me that you have made up your mind about what I said before.”

“Behave yourself!” Tang Jinyu said. Then, he stepped onto the pedal and the car’s speed picked up.

When the car passed through the various customs and reached the military base, Jian Qi started looking around in the dark night curiously. Her eyes were filled with an indecipherable gleam of light.

When he stopped the car, Tang Jinyu said to her, “Get down.”

Jian Qi got out of the car calmly. She was still looking around at the place.

“Boss…” Feng Yi wanted to say something but he realized that there was another little boy beside Tang Jinyu. He could not help but ask, “Who’s this?”

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