Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 105 - Boss, Are You Recruiting People Beforehand?
Chapter 105: Boss, Are You Recruiting People Beforehand?

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“Instructor Feng, hello!”

Jian Qi looked at Feng Yi from behind Tang Jinyu. She waved her hand at him. She could not help but smile and greet them when she saw all familiar faces in the room. They were all armed to the teeth. “It’s been a while.”

They looked at each other. What was this?

Jian Qi?

They looked at Jian Qi with a shocked facial expression. They were surprised that she cut off her long hair.

Did she plan to bedazzle everybody with that energetic and handsome face?

“Oh, the goddess has become a handsome man now!” Crocodile could not help but make a joke about her.

Jian Qi ignored their playful stares. Then, she scanned the entire room. She was about to take a step forward when Tang Jinyu grabbed her sleeve and threw her onto a chair. He then warned her, “Sit properly!”

Jian Qi sat down calmly. She leaned against her hand and tilted her head to stare at Tang Jinyu.

The others became silent.

“Why do I feel like there’s no hope for Feng Yi anymore?” Lightning whispered.

“I agree!” Crocodile smiled.

They looked at each other. Then, they turned to look at Feng Yi.

Surprisingly, Feng Yi seemed unperturbed. They were surprised.

“What’s the situation like now?” Tang Jinyu asked.

Their facial expressions darkened and they became serious all of a sudden.

Feng Yi reported, “A group of terrorists took a hostage in and they’re inside now. We don’t have the full details about the current situation right now…”

Feng Yi did not manage to finish his report and the phone rang beside him.

Tang Jinyu walked over and picked up the phone. His facial expression darkened.

“Copy that, We’ll be there immediately.”

Tang Jinyu hung up and looked at the others. “Everyone get ready. We’re going for the rescue now.”

The others left immediately. Jian Qi looked at Tang Jinyu calmly. “Instructor, am I supposed to wait for you here?”

Tang Jinyu looked at her. “Follow me.”

They quickly arrived at a house, Tang Jinyu then opened a closet to get some camouflage clothing.

“You have one minute to change. Change, and come out!”

Tang Jinyu threw the clothes at her and walked out directly.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow and smiled softly. She changed into the camouflage clothing swiftly.

The clothes were rather large for her but it was still fine.

When she walked out of the house, Tang Jinyu was standing there in his camouflage clothing. He seemed quite handsome.

His features looked devilish but he appeared seemingly fair and just.

Tang Jinyu gave her a quick scan and said, “Let’s go.”

The others were surprised when they saw Jian Qi getting into the helicopter.

‘What’s the meaning of this, Boss?’

Jian Qi smiled calmly when the helicopter took off. She did not seem to realize how the others were looking at her.

Tang Jinyu remained quiet. However, the others were no fools, especially Feng Yi as he had been staying at the defense academy all this time.

As such, many things in his head fell into place all of a sudden.

Lightning tilted his head and looked at Feng Yi. “What happened?”

Feng Yi touched his nose and bit his lips. He had mixed feelings. “The boss is recruiting new forces beforehand.”

The others all turned to look at Jian Qi in a peculiar way.

That weak looking girl?

Although she seemed a bit like a gangster, she was still a girl who was slim and soft.

Feng Yi could not help but feel disdain when he saw how the others were looking at Jian Qi.

If they were to see how that girl had beaten the other person up, and how she had ambushed someone with an evil plot just to satisfy her desire to gloat in the face of the person, their thinking would surely change.

Then, they would realize how stupid they were at first.

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