Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 106 - Instructor, I’m Professional
Chapter 106: Instructor, I’m Professional

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Crocodile looked at Jian Qi for a while. Then, he could not help but whisper, “Don’t you think that the camouflage clothing that Jian Qi is wearing now seems a bit weird?”

Lightning was calm. “Boss used to wear that in the past. I noticed because I saw the boss leading her to his room just now.”

The others were greatly shocked. They looked at Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi suspiciously.

Jian Qi remained calm all the while.

However, the others looked away immediately when they saw Tang Jinyu looking at them frostily.

After that, they got down from the helicopter. They went toward the camp which was built temporarily as a command room.

After greeting the others, Tang Jinyu asked the police officer, “What’s the situation inside the building now?”

“A kidnapper is injured but we don’t know about the situation inside the building. The kidnappers requested that we prepare a helicopter and twenty thousand US dollars for them in less than half an hour. If not, they will kill all the hostages on the spot. Moreover, they requested for a doctor to be sent into the building now. The kidnapper might be badly injured.”

“Has the doctor arrived?” Tang Jinyu asked.

The police officer nodded in response. “Yes, but we’re worried that the doctor will become another hostage after he goes in. As such, we plan to ask the doctor to teach my subordinate some basic bandaging skills. We plan to ask him to impersonate a doctor. That way, we can see what the situation is like inside the building. Then, we can react accordingly.”

“Do you have information about the kidnappers?”

The police officer shook his head. “No, they disguised themselves and crossed the border illegally. A police officer who was off duty today realized that they have guns with them in the building. The police officer is hurt and he’s in the hospital now being given emergency treatment…”

“The hospital updated us just now, telling us that the bullets that they removed from the police officer belongs to an M93R pistol.”

Tang Jinyu frowned. “Can I meet the police officer who is going to enter the building later on?”

The police officer nodded and called the police officer over.

The police officer had changed into a doctor’s attire. He was indeed tall and strong. He had a crew cut and the way he stood at attention was nothing like a doctor.

“He is going to blow it!” Tang Jinyu said.

The police officer frowned. “It’s too dangerous if we let the doctor go into the building himself. We need someone to tell us the situation right now in the building.”

“What if I go instead?”

A soft and playful voice sounded beside them.

The others looked at the person who spoke.

Tang Jinyu frowned. “Stop messing around! Stay there quietly!”

Jian Qi smiled innocently. She blinked her eyes at Tang Jinyu. “Instructor, I’m professional!”

“Who is this?” The police officer looked at Jian Qi and asked suspiciously.

“One of my students.” Tang Jinyu said indifferently. He seemed reluctant to talk about her.

The reason he brought her here was not to endanger her. He just wanted her to experience how it was like being a soldier beforehand.

The police officer looked at Jian Qi for about ten seconds. Then, he smiled and said, “Instructor Tang, she…”

“She’s just a…”

Jian Qi grabbed him and pulled at him before he could finish his sentence with ‘student’.

Before Jian Qi could say anything, Tang Jinyu led her aside.

He seemed cold. “Don’t you know how to behave like a soldier?”

“Instructor, I’m a professional actress. Don’t you believe in me?” Jian Qi smiled and said. “Moreover, there’s nobody more suitable for the task here than me!

“They are no ordinary kidnappers. Instructor, I’m sure you know that any police officer who goes in will be killed directly!”

Jian Qi smiled and said.

Tang Jinyu frowned. He knew very well that they were no ordinary kidnappers. That was why he did not want her to take the risk!

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