Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Unsatisfied?

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“Stop it…”Jian Qi said daintily, “Not here…”

Jian Qi’s voice was originally pleasing to hear, and now that she was doing it on purpose her voice sounded even more alluring and seductive.

Tang Jinyu’s expression couldn’t get any darker, and was already preparing to knock Jian Qi out.

“Stop doing this here…” Jian Qi continued, swiftly taking the chance to pull Tang Jinyu’s shirt off his body, then pushing him onto the floor.

Exactly at this moment, the two criminals arrived.

“Ahh… I don’t wanna…” Jian Qi’s tone along with their current position made it hard not to think of anything else.

Since the corner the two were hiding in was dark and Tang Jinyu was on the ground, only Jian Qi could be seen.

Due to her actions, she caught the attention of the two criminals which made them pause.


Almost at the same time Jian Qi shouted, a bullet shot through one of the criminals.

At the same time, a sniper precisely shot at the criminal that was holding the hostage.

The next moment, a group of people quickly surrounded the two criminals and apprehended them.

Tang Jinyu’s gaze was still stuck on Jian Qi who was still lying on top of him, and if gazes could kill she would be dead by now.

As Tang Jinyu was about to throw her off, Jian Qi got up by herself and immediately left.

“Don’t thank me too much, bye~”

Waving at Tang Jinyu, the lady ran away from the scene quickly.

In not even a minute, she had already disappeared from Tang Jinyu’s field of vision!

The soldiers had already finished their mission and ran over to spectate, but Tang Jinyu had already put his clothes back on. His shirt was still open because the buttons were already lost after the events earlier.

Feng Yi looked around, before chuckling and asking, “Boss, where did the lady go?”

“Yeah Boss, where is she?”The other subordinates asked, their spirit of gossip burning bright.

Tang Jinyu’s expression was dark as he swept a bone-chilling gaze over his subordinates. “It seems that you all are in good spirits. Extra training tonight!”

After saying so, he turned and left.

The guys looked at each other.

“Why do I feel like Boss is frustrated?”

“Is it because those criminals interrupted them?”

“So… He’s unsatisfied?!”

“I think so too!”


Jian Qi arrived at her dorms, and her roommates weren’t back yet so she washed up and prepared to go to bed, before Chu Yuhan called her.

Accepting the call, Chu Yuhan asked in a questioning tone, “I’ve been waiting for you, why aren’t you here?”

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow lazily.

“Do I need to come over now?”

Jian Qi’s lazy tone made Chu Yuhan breathe a sigh a relief instead.

“No need, I’m already on my way back. Let’s continue this next time!”

Chu Yuhan’s tone was somewhat snobbish as she hung up.

Jian Qi put down her phone, her smile widening while an extremely dangerous glint flashed through her eyes.

Testing the waters?

Wish her luck!

Tucking herself in, Jian Qi had a good night’s sleep.

On the other side, Chu Yuhan just hung up when she heard loud bangs on the front door.1

The house was rented together, so her two roommates came out of their rooms.

“What’s happening?” One of her roommates asked nervously.

As she said so, a gruff voice came from the doorway. “Chu Yuhan, come out!”

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