Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 110 - Let’s Make a Bet
Chapter 110: Let’s Make a Bet

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“Feng Yi, try to lure him nearer to the window.” Tang Jinyu said into the walkie-talkie.

Feng Yi became calmer after listening to what Tang Jinyu had said.

Feng Yi looked at Jian Qi. She was at the corner near the window.

If that man were to walk toward her, it would be just right!

Jian Qi had one thing on her mind now. If she could not save the kid in time and dismantle the bomb that had been activated in the room, then everyone would be dead!

As such, what she wanted to do now was exactly the same thing as what Feng Yi wanted her to do!

“You’re hurt…” Jian Qi said. “Isn’t it more beneficial for you if you take me instead of the kid?”

Jian Qi threw away the gun when the light was switched back on just now.

She took a scalpel and killed one of the kidnappers before using a gun to kill another kidnapper.

When she wanted to get rid of the leader, he acted fast and was rather quick in his thinking. He grabbed a hostage and Jian Qi was only able to shoot his leg.

However, the kidnapper did not know what had happened just now. Whereas Feng Yi and the others knew perfectly well what happened.

It was because they were wearing night vision goggles so they could see what happened in the room clearly.

Jian Qi appeared weak and frail right now. She did not seem like a threat to anybody.

The man was still considering her offer. Although he was at a dead end now, he still wanted to survive if he had the chance to.

Although he wanted everybody to die with him, he still wanted to live!

What Jian Qi said confused the man slightly.

“Qiqi, no…” Feng Yi said nervously.

What Feng Yi said undoubtedly angered the kidnapper. He knew that Jian Qi would be useful to him.

Feng Yi cared about her deeply. If he were to hold her as a hostage, it would be his final bet!

That bomb would kill everybody there!

“Come here!” The man said to Jian Qi.

Jian Qi walked toward him but the man frowned. “Stop! Don’t move.”

Her movements were rather big and the man was afraid that she might play a trick on him. As such, he said to her coldly, “Turn around and stand with your back against me!”

Jian Qi obeyed his request. She turned and looked toward the window.

Suddenly, she saw the nozzle of a gun poking out from the corner of the window. It was rather dark so one might not be able to see the gun if they were not being observant.

Jian Qi stopped looking at the gun. She focused her gaze on the kidnapper.

The man moved slowly. He seemed to have thought of something as he suddenly stopped moving and said to Jian Qi, “You come over here. Step backward slowly!”

Jian Qi frowned. He was indeed not a foolish man.

She was unsure about the sniper outside the window. How far could he see?

Jian Qi stepped backward slowly.

The man released the kid and grabbed Jian Qi’s neck swiftly.

Jian Qi staggered unwittingly as the man grabbed her tightly.

‘Let’s make a bet!’

Jian Qi knew that time was ticking. If they continued on like this, the bomb would kill them all in no time before the man could drag her away with him.

Jian Qi took out the scalpel and cut the man’s wrist swiftly when he grabbed her neck. Then, she grabbed his hand and used all her might to drag him toward the window.

The man’s eyes became dark and cold. He wanted to fire his gun at her as he had now seen through her action in hurting him just now.

She did not manage to kill him with the scalpel but he could kill her with just a shot of his gun.

The moment the man stumbled from the force she exerted, Jian Qi took the opportunity to aim the scalpel at his chest.


A gunshot was heard and Jian Qi managed to stab the man.

The bullet tore through his head and the man fell down on the ground with his eyes wide open.

Jian Qi raised her eyebrows slightly and tilted her head to look out of the window.

The sniper was a few seconds faster than her!

Not bad!

It turned out to be a winning bet!

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