Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 111 - : Grief, Young Man
Chapter 111: Grief, Young Man

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Tang Jinyu was relieved to see the man fall to the ground through the window.

His forehead was covered with sweat!

Tang Jinyu put away his gun and jumped through the window.

A bunch of people had gathered around after seeing a man falling on the ground.

The two children were being brought away by the police and the hostages had evacuated safely as well.

Feng Yi quickly went toward Jian Qi to check if she was fine, but someone else reacted faster than him.

“Are you hurt?”

Jian Qi shook her head and rushed toward Tang Jinyu. “Your aim was so accurate, Instructor!”

“I’ll deal with you later!” Tang Jinyu replied harshly.

After saying so, he went toward the bomb in the house.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow, he was being unreasonable.

There were two minutes left on the timer. Crocodile and a few other men had been trying to disassemble the bomb.

“Feng Yi, bring everyone out of here! Only Crocodile and I will stay behind.” Tang Jinyu said.

Feng Yi immediately reacted and nodded. “Everyone evacuate immediately!”

After saying so, he went toward Jian Qi. “Please leave first…”

Jian Qi looked toward Tang Yujin who was squatting on the floor trying to disassemble the bomb.

“Get out!” Tang Jinyu yelled at her.

He knew that Jian Qi was still standing there even without looking in her direction.

Jian Qi stared at him for a while.

The man was very focused on analyzing the bomb. His demeanor was calm and quiet, and also charming at the same time.

That was when she knew that he would come out alive.

Jian Qi turned around and left the room.

Tang Jinyu was instantly relieved after he heard footsteps slowly ebbing away. He continued to focus on the bomb.

“It’s the same bomb model, Boss!” Crocodile said as he gulped visibly.

There were twenty seconds left.

His hand was trembling. He was nervous, and sweating excessively.

He knew that one wrong cut would mean that everyone here might all die today!

Even though he was nervous, he kept a straight face and remained calm and focused. He continued to evaluate the bomb cautiously…

Time was ticking, the bomb was going to explode…

Five, four, three…

“Cut the blue wire…” Tang Jinyu said with two seconds left on the timer. The bomb stopped ticking at the last second!

Crocodile immediately sat on the floor, wiping off his sweat, while Feng Yi was relieved.

Jian Qi ran toward Tang Jinyu when she saw him coming out of the house. Tang Jinyu pulled her away from the scene just as she was about to say something.

Crocodile held his chin and said with amusement, “Big Sister Qi has some nerves to make a deal with the kidnappers though!”

Lightning said through the microphone, “She had the audacity to kiss our Boss forcefully, did you think she wouldn’t have the courage to make a deal with the kidnappers?”

“You’re right!” Crocodile smiled. “Boss is more frightening than those kidnappers!”

Crocodile turned around and looked at Feng Yi. He patted him on the shoulder and said, “Grief, young man.”

Feng Yi looked at him remotely and refused to say anything.

Lightning smiled. “We’re done here, Feng Yi. Let’s go get ourselves some ladies tonight.”

“F*ck off!” Feng Yi said in an irritated tone and turned off his microphone.

Jian Qi was being pulled to a place with fewer people around.

Jian Qi had a bad feeling looking at the person dragging her!

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