Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 113 - When Will the Wedding Bells Sound?
Chapter 113: When Will the Wedding Bells Sound?

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Everyone was staring at her and Tang Jinyu once they got on to the helicopter.

The gossip in their eyes was almost unabashed!

Jian Qi has calmed down, and her skin was thick enough to not be bothered.

Tang Jinyu, as usual, kept his cool appearance and glanced at everyone remotely. Everyone in the helicopter immediately looked away to avoid eye contact.

They all knew that if Boss was furious, they would all die a very horrible death!

Jian Qi was on her best behaviour since she nearly exposed herself earlier on. She knew that she should keep her head low for the time being.

Not long after, they reached their base and immediately assembled in orderly fashion.

Jian Qi wanted to quietly find a spot to hide.

She was clearly feeling guilty about something.

“Come here!” Jian Qi was stunned, and she froze when she heard those words.

She turned around slowly and saw Tang Jinyu looking at her with a furious look on his face. She had no choice but to walk over and stand at the side.

Tang Jinyu glanced at her and continued on, “I’ve never had a mission that was as disappointing as the one today!

It seems like everyone has been too relaxed. Everyone will have extra training tonight.”

Jian Qi breathed a sigh of relief. She was not considered one of the men from the team, and with Tang Jinyu’s crazy training regime, they might probably have to train till the morning!

Just when Jian Qi was relieved, Tang Jinyu looked at her.

The stare sent chills down her spine. She had a bad feeling.

“Jian Qi, you were part of the mission tonight, you’ll train together as well!” He said coldly.

‘Instructor Tang, are you sure you are not trying to get revenge?’

Everyone was even more curious about what happened earlier on after seeing this.

If it were not because of Tang Jinyu’s bad mood, they would have been gossiping!

“Everyone get ready. Weight-bearing marathon twenty kilometres!” Everyone started running right after Tang Jinyu gave his orders.

Everyone slowed down in unison to accommodate Jian Qi but she immediately overtook them.

‘Girl, you just don’t care do you!’

Feng Yi glanced at everyone and said scornfully, “Bunch of idiots!”

Everyone quickly picked up their pace to catch up to Jian Qi.

“Damn, Big Sister Qi! You are fast!” Crocodile complimented her.

“Qi is incredible!” Someone else flattered her too.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. “Why would you guys call me Big Sister when you are all older than me?”

Lightning smiled. “You had the audacity to kiss Boss. Hence, you are the most incredible person in our hearts!”

Jian Qi. “…”

Why did they make it sound like she was being a gangster?

“You were so cool back there, Big Sister Qi. You had the courage to fight the kidnappers, this calls for an applause!” Everyone clapped after Lightning said so.

Jian Qi. “…”

Were these people mocking her?

She was badly scolded by Tang Jinyu just a few hours ago.

“Big Sister Qi, when will the wedding bells sound for you and our boss?” A few of them asked curiously.

Feng Yi was not happy, what a bunch of idiots!

“You guys leave Qiqi alone!” Feng Yi said furiously.

“Are you jealous, Feng Yi?” Crocodile teased him.

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