Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 114 - Boss, Are You Serious?
Chapter 114: Boss, Are You Serious?

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Feng Yi lifted his hand and gave him a punch.

Crocodile ran and dodged his punch.

Lightning held his chin and smiled in an uncanny way. “The gay level is over the roof!”

Jian Qi asked calmly, “Are you jealous?”

Lightning was speechless.

He turned around and glared at Jian Qi who was looking at him rather curiously. Lightning was sure that she was into relationships that involved men with other men!

“How about you give up on our Boss and we be together instead?” Lightning looked at her with a smile on his face.

Jian Qi replied calmly as if she had really thought about it, “After we’re done, I’ll go back and discuss with Instructor.”

“Big Sister Qi, I’m just joking, don’t take it seriously. How about I treat you to a meal next time?”

If Boss were to find out what he said, he would be skinned alive!

‘Can this girl not be so mean!’

Twenty kilometres was a usual routine for everyone. Even though they were tired it was still bearable.

After returning to their base, training resumed. They had to go through the whole of their daily training regime.

Jian Qi was annoyed since she was supposed to be eating seafood with Coco tonight but instead she was here rolling and crawling in mud.

Just when the sun was about to rise, everyone was exhausted and they were all lying down on the ground.

They were all covered in mud.

Tang Jinyu was in his army uniform. He was much cleaner compared to them.

Jian Qi, with dirt all over her body and lying on the ground, stared at Tang Jinyu, she could not help but think to herself vehemently, ‘Boy full of schemes!’

Tang Jinyu glanced at everyone covered in mud, he elegantly looked at his watch. It was as if he was a king, someone they could never dream of being.

Compared to them, he was like an immortal!

“We’ll continue our training after two hours!” He said emotionlessly which left everyone slightly devastated.

“Are you trying to decapitate us, Boss?” Feng Yi complained.

Tang Jinyu looked at him serenely. “Not much time to spare? Sure. We shall resume after an hour of rest!”

Everyone was crying out loud after he said so. He looked at Jian Qi who was lying on the ground and said, “You, follow me!”

Jian Qi slowly crawled up even though she could barely stand.

She swiftly fell toward Tang Jinyu and hugged his arm. “Carry me please…”

Tang Jinyu coldly stared at her. “Let go! Unless you want to continue training with them an hour later.”

Jian Qi quickly backed off. Everyone was amused that Big Sister Qi would give in to their ferocious Boss. However, she went behind Tang Jinyu and jumped on his back.

She hugged his neck with both arms and her legs were around his waist.

Everyone stared at them with their eyes wide open.

‘My Big Sister Qi is awesome!’

“Get down!”

Jian Qi rested her chin on his shoulder and rubbed her face on his shirt. ‘Who asked you to be so clean!’

“I’m warning you!” Tang Jinyu said.

“Didn’t you say that I would get a hug if I trained with them?”

Jian Qi smiled roughly like a mini gangster.

“Are you trying to go back on your own words? How would other people still listen to you in the future?”

Tang Jinyu was clearly irritated. “Jian Qi, last warning. Don’t make me be rough on you!”

“How are you going to do it?” Jian Qi asked.

Tang Jinyu lifted his hands and gripped her wrists. He flipped her over his shoulder and threw her onto the ground.

Everyone. “…”

‘Boss, are you serious?’

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