Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 115 - A Well Fed Man Doesn’t Know The Hunger of A Starving Man
Chapter 115: A Well Fed Man Doesn’t Know The Hunger of A Starving Man

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Everyone’s facial expressions were that of great interest. Never would they think that she was so tenacious.

She managed to clamp her legs firmly around his waist even after being thrown over his shoulder. They both fell in the same direction

They both landed in a rather interesting posture. Tang Jinyu was pressing against her on the ground.

Everyone had their eyes wide open and it was an iconic moment.

‘Big Sister Qi, are you serious?’

‘This girl is wild!’

“Instructor, please protect my dignity. Pressing me against the ground like this is making me shy.”

Jian Qi smiled shyly. Yet, all Tang Jinyu wanted to do was beat her up!

Suppressing his overwhelming urge to choke her to death, Tang Jinyu climbed back up on his feet and stared at the woman who was lying on the ground, “Come here!”

After saying so, he was going to walk away. Suddenly, he felt someone hugging his leg.

Looking at the woman fooling around, he gritted his teeth. “You really want me to kick you in the face, huh?”

Jian Qi looked at him in a pitiful way. “Instructor, you were the one who pressed against me on the ground, now you just want to act like nothing has happened?”

Tang Jinyu was furious. Everyone was worried for Jian Qi, however, Tang Jinyu bent down, exerted force and pulled the woman up, flinging her onto his shoulder.

He turned around and left.

Everyone. “…”

“Why do I feel like I was fed a spoonful of dog food?” Crocodile complained.

“So, were they trying to express their love by flipping each other over like that?”

“Guess you can’t mess with a dog that’s single!”

“Is our boss going to skin her alive? Steam or broil?”

“Boss is just a well fed man who doesn’t know the hunger of a starving man!”


Tang Jinyu carried her to his own room and flippantly threw her onto the ground.

Jian Qi cried out and looked at the man irritatedly.

‘Does he know to care for a woman?’

“Xiao Tang Tang…” the woman said with a face that seemed to say that she had been wronged. “Don’t you know that I’m hurting all over? And you are still bullying me. It hurts…”

Tang Jinyu wanted to scold the woman but when he looked at her, all he wanted to do was throw her onto the ground again!

“Go and take a shower. I’ll wait for you in the car and drive you back. Be fast.”

Tang Jinyu turned around and wanted to leave after saying so.

“Xiao Tang Tang, are you not going to bathe me?” Jian Qi looked at his back and smiled crudely, “I don’t have the strength, can’t clean myself.”

Tang Jinyu stopped and turned around. He stared at her with a smirk on his face. “You really want me to bathe you?”

“Yes.” Jian Qi blinked unabatedly, the crude smile still on her face.

“Sure!” Tang Jinyu grabbed her and pulled her into the bathroom. He closed the door and reached his hands out, wanting to take off her clothes.

Jian Qi was stunned. Really?

Just as she was about to stop him, she let her hands fall. She wanted to know if he was being serious or he was just trying to scare her.

He took off her outerwear. Tang Jinyu continued to reach for the inner army-coloured shirt.

He smirked.

He would like to know how long the woman was able to endure!

At this point, they were both gambling on who would be the one to surrender.

“Jian Qi, are you sure you want me to continue?” Tang Jinyu put his hand on her shirt.

“Ah, are you afraid, Instructor?” Jian Qi smiled calmly.

Tang Jinyu scoffed frostily, the smile on his face even more apparent as he leaned in closer to her, and said in a low and charming voice, “Jian Qi, make sure you don’t yell stop!”

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