Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 116 - Eat the Boss Dry and Clean
Chapter 116: Eat the Boss Dry and Clean

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Jian Qi looked at him and smiled rather calmly. “I’m already excited that Tang Tang is serving me. Why would I stop you?”

Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched, and his eyes darkened considerably.

“Raise your hands!”

Jian Qi raised her hands obediently.

Tang Jinyu gripped the hem of her shirt and slowly pulled her shirt upward.

Exposing the white and soft skin on her waist, as well as her beautiful abs.

As he pulled her shirt upward, his movement became relatively slower.

Jian Qi teased him, “Tang Tang, you’re so slow. Would you still be taking off my clothes after five minutes?”

She did not believe that he would take off her clothes.

If he really did, he would not be Tang Jinyu!

Indeed Tang Jinyu was hesitant. However, he could not believe that this woman still had not stopped him.

“Instructor, there’s a call from the headquarters…” A voice came through the door.

Tang Jinyu was instantly relieved.

He put his hands down and looked at the woman. “Wash yourself!”

Jian Qi teased him again, “I saw that you were pretty relieved just now, Instructor.”

Tang Jinyu ignored her and left the bathroom.

Jian Qi laughed out loud. She knew that his character was just like his name!

She suddenly realized that it was quite interesting to tease Tang Jinyu just for fun.

Jian Qi closed the door after he left. She took a quick shower and changed into her clothes from the day before. She was once again the dashing and fresh handsome little man.

She glanced around the room after coming out of the bathroom. She was pulled away before she could take a good look at his room yesterday.

His room was tidy and neat but it was rather barren.

Jian Qi walked toward the study table. There were a few army books, a pen, and a photo frame that was the only thing that had a personal touch. Even the photo frame merely had a photo of him and his army friends.

It was very uninteresting.

She yawned and took it upon herself to flop onto his bed.

She was extremely exhausted after the training they had to go through.

All she wanted to do right now was sleep…

It did not take even a second for her to fall fast asleep, with her arms hugging his blanket!

Tang Jinyu came back after he had settled some things and saw that the woman was fast asleep on his bed with half of the blanket on the floor and the other half in her embrace.

He sighed heavily and frowned.

Just as he was about to wake her up and send her back, he turned around and left instead, closing the door behind him.

Jian Qi was sleeping soundly but she was starving. The hunger pangs forced her to wake up from her slumber.

It was 11.30 o’clock when she woke up, just in time for lunch.

As she walked out of the room, everyone had just ended their training session and was about to go back to their hostel.

They were all stunned, as the air seemed to have frozen them in place.

Jian Qi blinked and smiled. “Are you guys performing time stopping ability?”

“Big Sister Qi, you and our Boss, did you… hehe…” Crocodile smiled and raised his eyebrows in amusement.

“Never would we have imagined that you could eat him dry and clean so quickly. Bravo!”

“Big Sister Qi, bravo!”

Everyone was cheering for her. Jian Qi’s lips twitched visibly. Did she really appear to be so… wild?

However, they had truly underestimated their boss. Forcing him was not effective at all unless she wanted to be beaten to death.

Even if she was beaten to death she would not even get a taste of him!

Feng Yi looked at everyone and was upset. “Can you guys just leave!”

Crocodile smiled. “Aww, that must have hit a sore spot. We understand, our condolences!”

“Shut the f*ck up!” Feng Yi could not help himself.

Lightning gave a fatherly smile and asked, “Are you guys planning to walk down this road of loving and killing each other?”

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