Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 118 - The Person That Slept on Your Bed
Chapter 118: The Person That Slept on Your Bed

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Tang Jinyu put down his chopsticks and looked at Jian Qi. “Are you done? We’ll leave once you’re done.”

Jian Qi nodded. “Okay.”

“Big Sister Qi, bye.” Lightning smiled and waved at her.

“Big Sister Qi, come and play more often!”

“Big Sister Qi, bye bye…”

Suddenly everyone was greeting Jian Qi. The scene was even more shocking than fans meeting their idols. It was a bunch of military men waving and saying goodbye.

Jian Qi smiled at them brightly. “My dear comrades, I’ll be back soon. Wait for me!”

Tang Jinyu ignored them and left the canteen.

After they left, everyone gathered around and started gossiping.

In the car, Jian Qi was surprised by what had happened earlier on. “I didn’t know that your subordinates have so much potential in being clowns!”

“I see that you are already a part of them,” Tang JInyu replied. He started the engine and drove off.

“People like me wherever I go. It’s not surprising.” Jian Qi smiled proudly.

Tang Jinyu glared at her. “True. Birds of a feather flock together.”

Jian Qi then realized something and glared at him. “Instructor, did you just trick me into saying that I’m also a clown?”

Tang Jinyu smirked. At least she was not stupid.

Not long after, they reached her apartment. Jian Qi unbuckled her safety belt, she was about to leave the car when she turned around to look at Tang Jinyu and said, “Instructor, even though you will not be my instructor anymore when I’m in the first class and we won’t see each other that often, don’t miss me.”

“You can leave now,” Tang Jinyu said frostily.

“Instructor, I’m also the person that slept on your bed, why can’t you be more gentle with me?”

“Do you need me to kick you out of the car?” He was slightly irritated.

“Cold-blooded man.” Jian Qi wrapped her arms around her body plaintively and looked at Tang Jinyu with sad eyes. She opened the car door and walked slowly while turning around to look at him several times until she could not see him anymore. The moment he was gone, her face brightened up immediately.

She saw Coco sitting on the sofa with dark circles under his eyes when she opened the door to her apartment.

“You waited for me for the whole night?” Jian Qi felt slightly guilty. “I should’ve called you.”

“Babe, someone wants me to join them.” Coco looked at her emotionally as if someone had bullied him.

Jian Qi raised her eyebrow calmly. “I would be more excited if you told me that someone wants to do you.”

Coco. “…”

Jian Qi could not help herself and laughed at him. She took a glass of water for herself and sat down. “Was it the woman yesterday?”

Coco’s eyes widened. “How did you know?”

“How hard is it to guess?” Jian Qi raised her eyebrows. “I could tell from the way she looked at you. She said she needed to talk to you about something before I left yesterday. And here you are telling me someone wants to recruit you, if it’s not her, who else?”

Coco was amused.

“Do you think I should go over?”

“Since you are here asking me this question, it means that you already have an answer. You have already thought about it yourself so you should do what you have thought of!”

Tang Group was indeed a better entertainment company compared to Starshooter Entertainment.

Almost everyone there was someone influential and they had an abundance of resources as well.

It was a good platform. If Coco could make it there, it would be much better for his future.

“Oh right, if you are going to manage fresh faces, it would be a great start for them since everyone knows how capable Tang Group is.”

“No,” Coco replied, “I won’t be bringing up new people. They have already arranged for me to manage someone.”

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