Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 119 - Are You Planning to Take Me Down?
Chapter 119: Are You Planning to Take Me Down?

“Who is it?”

“Your celebrity crush, Qiao Bo!”

Jian Qi was surprised. “He’s Tang Group’s rising star though. They are letting you manage him? What about Tang Yiyi?”

She was not saying that Coco did not have the ability, but bringing him into their company and letting Coco manage one of their rising stars would be a big humiliation toward Starshooting Entertainment.

“Not only that.” Coco looked at her. “She said if you would like to return as an actress they would sign you too. And I could manage your resources as well.”

“They are generous.” Jian Qi was shocked. “Now I know how this woman can be in charge of the whole company at such a young age. In fact, the company is running perfectly well. What a domineering female president!”

“Gogogo, go and turn Qiao Bo gay then you wouldn’t have to be single anymore!” Jian Qi smiled.

Coco was annoyed. “I need to make this clear, I’m straight!”

“Okay, straight.” Jian Qi replied perfunctorily.

Coco. “…”

This woman was being annoying!

“What did you do with Tang Jinyu yesterday?” Coco looked at her suspiciously.

“Hehe…” Jian Qi smiled. “You can go to work now. I’m going to sleep for awhile. School will be starting in two days’ time!”

“I took two days off to accompany you through. Are you sure you are going to sleep?”

Jian Qi halted in her footsteps. “I’m going to get changed, let’s go play later!”

Coco. “…so you really think that I’m annoying huh!”


Days of leisure would always pass by in the blink of an eye. Jian Qi was soon back to school.

This time they had all been arranged into different classes, however, their dorms would remain the same.

Naturally, everything that had been hidden in the dark would resurface with their return.

Including the relationship between the four of them.

Ever since the last assessment, things between Zhang Xiao and Chu Yu had not been well.

Mu Zi had always been a person that did not fight or argue with others, hence her relationship with them was considered fine.

Jian Qi retained her cool demeanor where she would not hurt anyone unless people hurt her first.

Jian Qi and Mu Zi were in the same class hence they went to the classroom together.

Everyone in the classroom was peacefully mingling around with each other.

When Jian Qi entered the classroom, everyone set their eyes on her.

After all, everyone was there when they saw Jian Qi defeat Chu Yu in the long-range shotting scenario.

Everyone knew Chu Yu’s background. However, for anyone to be here they must be as good too!

“Hey, Jian Qi!” A guy came over and greeted Jian Qi with a smile, “I’m Chen Sing. You have really good shooting skills. Shall we have a friendly competition next time?”

“Sure,” Jian Qi replied calmly.

Everyone started introducing themselves. The whole class was very happy.

After all, they were going to be together for the next few years.

The bell rang and everyone went back to their own seats. The classroom door opened and an instructor came in!

Everyone glanced at the person who entered.

Jian Qi put her hand on her forehead.

This was rather… surprising and shocking!

‘Xiao Tang Tang, are you planning to take me down?’

Tang Jinyu walked toward the lecture podium and glanced at everyone. He gave a brief introduction about himself and said, “Everyone gather around. Weight-bearing marathon twenty kilometres!”

Everyone gulped visibly, they knew how strict Tang Jinyu was from the last three months of training. He was also infamous in other classes as well.

They would have never thought that they would experience it first hand.

What did not cross their minds was that their so-called warm up would last from morning until night fall. It was like having their skins peeled off!

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