Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 120 - Drill is Over Just Like That?
Chapter 120: Drill is Over Just Like That?

Feng Yi was their assistant instructor. He appeared before them and glanced around. “Ladies and gentlemen, if you do not wish to have extra training tonight, please move faster!”

Everyone started speeding up their training.

That night, they went back to their hostel exhausted.

Two months passed by just like that, their training had become much heavier and more exhausting compared to the first three months in the academy.

This was the reason why Jian Qi had not teased Tang Jinyu for a while.

The National Defense Academy and Military Academy would hold a drill practice against each other every half a year.

The students from these two schools would come together and have drill practice. Tang Jinyu was the mission’s topmost leader this time around, yet he was not allowed to engage in the fight.

This also meant that Tang Jinyu was considered a national treasure that had no ability to fight for himself and would have to wait for his students to protect him.

The whole school was assembled at the academy for the principal’s speech before they left for the drill practice.

They were attacked by the Military Academy students just as they reached the location. Most of them were injured and the whole squad was broken up.

Clearly the students of the Military Academy were faster than them in reaching the location.

The drill elimination had just begun and nearly half of the students from the National Defense Academy were eliminated due to the ambush earlier on. Most of them were freshmen.

They did not have any experience on the battlefield, hence they feel for that attack!

The squads were scattered and because of the ambush from the Military Academy, the National Defense Academy lost many students.

“Everyone gather around, let’s see how many of us are still alive.” A guy from the first class said.

They counted the students that were not eliminated, there were only about thirty freshmen left.

The first class took up half of the remaining group of students.

Chu Yu looked around and did not see Jian Qi anywhere. She smiled mockingly to herself, Jian Qi was not that good after all!

Clearly everyone was surprised that Jian Qi was nowhere to be seen.

Jian Qi was one of the strongest students among them, and now she was nowhere to be seen. Even if she were still alive, things would still look pretty bad for them.

They gathered around to discuss how they could go and find their hostage, Tang Jinyu. At the same time they had to come up with a plan to counterattack the Military Academy base headquarters to gain victory.

Chearly the Military Academy students were determined to win since they had wiped out almost half of the students from National Defense Academy.

The squad that was supposed to protect Tang Jinyu was instantly wiped out by the opponents’ snipers the moment they reached their base.

He was surprised. As a person who was not supposed to give any kind of defense, he could only wait for people to rescue him or kill him, and that would be the end of their drill practice!

“Never would I have thought that one day I would have the chance to capture you alive. I will smile in my sleep tonight,” The instructor in charge of the Military Academy appeared excitedly with a grin on his face.

Tang Jinyu looked at him coldly. “Lu Yao, are you sure you just want to capture me alive and not kill me?”

“Come on. Our Military Academy plans to win this time around, how can we kill you just like that? Our principal told us that we must let you watch us take down your students one by one.” the man smiled gleefully.

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