Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 121 - Did They Find Out?
Chapter 121: Did They Find Out?

Tang Jinyu looked at the person in front of him calmly. He smirked and said, “Lu Yao, you’ll regret it.”

“Regret? You’re so sure of yourself.” Lu Yao laughed out loud. “Or, do you still think that somebody will come to your rescue? Your entire team is gone.”

Lu Yao looked at the students of the defense academy beside him. They lowered their eyes anxiously. They all seemed scared and worried.

“Come, let’s tie them up.” Lu Yao said and waved his hand nonchalantly. He smiled smugly.

The others were on their guard as they approached Tang Jinyu slowly.

Tang Jinyu remained calm the whole time. He appeared powerful and strong.

The facial expressions of the students of the defense academy were terrible to say the least. They had been studying there for several years and now they got eliminated. They even endangered their instructor.

They lost terribly this time.

They were utterly humiliated.

A few people approached Tang Jinyu and one of them had a rope in his hand.

“My apologies.”

Then, he pulled Tang Jinyu’s hands to the back and he was about to use the rope to tie him up.

“Bang!” A gunshot was heard and the man who was holding the rope was shot directly.

There was blue smoke rising up from him.

The others who surrounded Tang Jinyu were unprepared and all of them were eliminated instantly.

They could only see the smoke rising up from the bodies as they were eliminated one by one.

“Everybody, be on guard!” Lu Yao exclaimed. He aimed his gun at the direction he saw the shooter just now.

The others started firing their guns at the same position.

Lu Yao then signalled to the others and ordered them to go and look for the enemy.

Lu Yao walked toward Tang Jinyu and said, “Tie him up.”

His subordinate that was on guard started tying Tang Jinyu up.

Tang Jinyu said, “Lu Yao, it seems that you’re unable to kill me now even if you want to.”

Lu Yao was on high alert. He sneered, “It seems that you have quite a strong confidence in the person who’s coming to your rescue.”

“That person is capable of tackling you.” Tang Jinyu smiled softly. His relaxed tone could not hide his smugness and arrogance.

Lu Yao frowned. Not many people could be praised by Tang Jinyu.

Did he know who it was?

However, Lu Yao had ensured that no one was left behind.

How did Tang Jinyu know?

Was there someone Lu Yao had overlooked?

“Search for that person.” Lu Yao said. “I want to see who it is!”

The students of the defense academy were rather shocked.

They thought that Instructor Tang would be captured just like that. They never thought that there was someone else out there.

Someone had come to their rescue.

There were a lot of people who came on this mission to capture Tang Jinyu. If Tang Jinyu was rescued in this kind of state, they would be deeply humiliated.

A group of people walked toward where the gun was fired from just now. When they approached that spot, a loud bang was heard and hefty clouds of smoke were seen everywhere.

They were bombed and everyone was eliminated on the spot.

“Wonderful!” The students of the defense academy shouted in excitement.

Lu Yao’s facial expression worsened.

Tang Jinyu smirked and made a joke, “Lu Yao, why don’t you ask your subordinates to escort you out? If not, all of you will be eliminated.”

“Tang Jinyu, don’t be smug. I’ll locate that person.” Lu Yao’s facial expression was dark. He was on full alert.

Lu Yao observed the surrounding environment and looked at a tall tree beside him.

“At your ten o’clock. Go there now. Be careful.” Lu Yao said to the two men beside him.

Tang Jinyu looked toward that spot. A slight frown appeared on his face but it disappeared just as quickly as it came.

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