Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 122 - Did You Do It on Purpose?
Chapter 122: Did You Do It on Purpose?

They walked toward that spot slowly. They semi-surrounded that place as they approached the spot carefully.

Suddenly, they stepped on a trap. Their bodies were harshly jilted and they flopped backward onto the ground.

They were then pulled forward and dragged on the ground for quite some distance.

Lu Yao grabbed his gun and aimed at the rope which was tied around their legs. He pulled the trigger and shot at the rope.

The rope broke and the two of them climbed to their feet rather haggardly. When they just got back on their feet, they heard two gunshots and soon realized that they had been shot.

Both of them were instantly eliminated.

Right when they were shot, Lu Yao aimed his gun at where the gun was fired from just now and pulled the trigger.

“Keep an eye on that person. I want to meet him!” Lu Yao sneered. He was clearly annoyed and upset!

Tang Jinyu smiled and said, “Lu Yao, how do you know that it’s only one person? Maybe there are more.”

Lu Yao was stunned for a while with Tang Jinyu’s sudden reminder.

It was true. How could just one person react that quickly?

If there were a lot of them, then his chance at winning was smaller.

He had lost more than half of his forces within a span of merely a few minutes.

If it continued on, how would he be able to win?

Lu Yao initially planned to get rid of his enemy by himself. However, he halted in his tracks with Tang Jinyu’s reminder. After a few seconds of thinking it through, he soon made a decision.

“The first team cover for me. The others take Instructor Tang with you and retreat now!” Lu Yao gave his orders. Then, he turned and left.

Tang Jinyu smiled smugly. Although he could not join the fight now given that he was tied up, he was still able to protect that one person.

The people of the Military Academy brought Tang Jinyu with them and left. Just three metres away, there were some movements around the bushes. A person slowly got out of the bushes and stood up.

The students of the National Defense Academy and Military Academy who were eliminated just now looked over at the bushes.

Jian Qi smiled calmly and walked out of the bushes.

They were surprised. Some students of the National Defense Academy recognized her.

They could not help but wonder out loud, “Jian Qi, was that you just now?”

Jian Qi nodded calmly. She looked at the defeated students of the Military Academy. Then, she walked toward them and searched their backpacks.

“Are you a robber?” They could not help but sneer at her. They were filled with anger when they saw Jian Qi taking their things.

Jian Qi smiled softly. She seemed rather wicked. “Calm down.”

The others were speechless.

How could they calm down when she was acting like a robber that had gone rogue?

Jian Qi aimed her gun at a female student from the Military Academy after she was done taking the things she wanted. “You, follow me.”

The girl was reluctant but she still followed her.

When the girl appeared again, Jian Qi was not there anymore. The girl was now wearing the camouflage clothing of the National Defense Academy.


After walking for ten minutes, Lu Yao suddenly stopped walking. Then, he walked toward Tang Jinyu and said, “Did you do it on purpose just now?”

Tang Jinyu looked at him calmly. “What do you mean?”

“Go ahead and fake it till you make it!” Lu Yao condemned him. “Tang Jinyu, how can you be like this? You don’t even dare to admit it when you have lied to me.”

“I just told you an assumption but you chose to believe it. So, was it my fault?” Tang Jinyu said.

Lu Yao sneered. “Tang Jinyu, don’t be so smug. Although you saved somebody just now, you still can’t win. The National Defense Academy would surely be defeated in the end!”

“We’ll see about that!” Tang Jinyu smirked.

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