Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 123 - Too Much? I Think It’s Fine
Chapter 123: Too Much? I Think It’s Fine

Right after saying those words, a smoke bomb exploded in between them. The white smoke surrounded them all and soon they could hear endless rounds of gunshots.

Some of them were shot down while the remaining students grabbed their guns and fired them in the direction they heard the gunshots.

In that brief moment of chaos, all they managed to do was accidentally kill their own teammates.

“Everyone, be on alert. Don’t fire!” Lu Yao said coldly.

However, gunshots were still heard being fired from amongst the group of people. More and more of them were eliminated.

Lu Yao’s facial expression worsened. He turned and walked toward where Tang Jinyu was standing just now. However, what he found there was a student from the Military Academy.

“Instructor, I was shot. I’ve been eliminated…” That student said weakly.

Lu Yao shoved him away. He said angrily, “Where’s Tang Jinyu?”

His question was greeted with silence.

The smoke soon dispersed. Lu Yao held the gun in his hands and moved sideways. He saw Tang Jinyu standing before him so he walked toward him.

Suddenly, a gun was aimed at the back of his head.

Lu Yao stopped moving. He scanned his group of students before him and it struck him to see that they were all covered in blue smoke. All of them had been eliminated except for him!

Tang Jinyu was still standing in front of him with a smile on his face. He was laughing in his face as he said, “Lu Yao, it seems like I can’t accompany you to the base headquarters for the time being.”

Lu Yao was furious. It never crossed his mind that a single enemy could get rid of his entire team just like that.

“Instructor, are you touched to see a beautiful girl who has come to your rescue?”

Jian Qi looked at Tang Jinyu and smiled. She was quite dazzling and beautiful with that smug and arrogant look on her face.

Lu Yao heard the voice and his frown deepened. It was a girl!

Jian Qi kept her gun locked onto Lu Yao and walked out from behind him. Then, she walked toward Tang Jinyu.

Finally, Lu Yao was able to see who it was. He could not see her face clearly because of the painting on her face, but he could see that her eyes were rather beautiful.

However, he could see her arrogant and smug facial expression.

“Instructor Lu, you should really thank Instructor Tang. If it were not for him, I would have eliminated all of you in one fell swoop earlier on.”

Jian Qi smiled and asked Tang Jinyu, “Instructor, should I just eliminate him now?”

“Do anything you please!” Tang Jinyu did not give an opinion.

Lu Yao was rather surprised. He thought that Tang Jinyu would get his revenge on him just like how he had treated him just now. But, Tang Jinyu said nothing of that sort.

Yet, he could not help but frown when he saw the smile on the girl’s face. He had a bad feeling.

Jian Qi said to the other students beside her who were eliminated just now, “Go and tie up your instructor!”

“We’re dead. We cannot tie him up!”

They were no pushovers. How could they tie up their own instructor?

Jian Qi smiled and took out another gun. She aimed the gun at the student who spoke just now. Then, she pulled the trigger.

Although it was a blank cartridge, it was still painful being shot at at such a close proximity.

“Why would you shoot a dead person?”

“You won’t feel any pain since you’re dead now, why would you care about what I’m doing? If I want to, I might use all the bullets that you have on you later on!”

Jian Qi smiled playfully just like a gangster.

That look of hers had the power to make people extremely frustrated.

That student was upset as he walked toward Lu Yao. “Instructor…”

Lu Yao’s face darkened. He looked at Tang Jinyu and said, “Tang Jinyu, isn’t your student being too much?”

Tang Jinyu said calmly. “Too much? I think it’s fine.”

Lu Yao was speechless.

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