Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 124 - Instructor, You Will Lose Me If You Behave Like This
Chapter 124: Instructor, You Will Lose Me If You Behave Like This

“How dare you! If you’re really capable, eliminate me now! If not, I’ll wipe out the entire National Defense Academy!”

Lu Yao gritted his teeth.

He was very upset as he was being tied up against a tree.

Jian Qi smiled happily. She was reckless and proud. “Instructor Lu, you didn’t kill our instructor. As such, I’ll let you live on. If you’re dead, how would you be able to witness the students from our academy eliminating your students?”

“You and what army?” Lu Yao sneered.

Jian Qi remained calm. “Just me, myself and I. I mean, your whole team was eliminated by me right?”


Jian Qi put down her gun and said to Tang Jinyu, “Instructor, let’s go.”

Tang Jinyu glanced at Lu Yao coldly. He was amused seeing how angry Lu Yao was. Surely, Lu Yao would hate him for this.

Jian Qi tilted her head and looked at the students from the Military Academy that had been eliminated just now. “Please obey the rules of the drill. Don’t you dare release your instructor when I’m gone.”

Lu Yao shouted, “Do you think I will stoop that low?”

“No one said you would.” Jian Qi smiled softly. She immediately led Tang Jinyu away happily when she saw how ferocious Lu Yao had become.

After having walked for quite a while, Tang Jinyu turned to look at her. “How long do you plan to see me all tied up like this?”

“Oh! How could I forget about untying you?” Jian Qi appeared genuinely shocked.

Tang Jinyu frostily looked at her. “Can you at least try harder to make it believable?”

Jian Qi smiled and she did not seem at all awkward even though he had seen through her act. She smiled softly. “Instructor, I learned that from you.”

Then, she untied Tang Jinyu slowly. Jian Qi held his hands in hers and blew gently at his swollen wrists with a sad face. “Aww… your hands are swollen. Does it hurt?”

Tang Jinyu withdrew his hands and gave her a sweeping glare. Then, he started walking. “Bodyguard, follow me!”

Jian Qi smirked. “Instructor, you’re just like a porcelain baby now. Can you control your temper and follow me instead?”

Tang Jinyu stopped walking. He turned and looked at her with a faint smile. “Follow you?”

Jian Qi nodded.

“Fine. I’ll follow you. Now, where are we going?” Tang Jinyu asked calmly.

Jian Qi smiled smugly. “Porcelain baby, follow me.”

Tang Jinyu could not help but raise an eyebrow when he looked at her back.

He could not hide the faint smile that was visible on his face. She must really think that she was on top of the world.

Since Tang Jinyu could not join the battle, he was still curious as to what that girl was going to do next.

“What plans do you have now?” Tang Jinyu asked her.

Jian Qi took out a map and put it on the floor. She then pointed at the Military Academy’s base headquarters.

“Didn’t they invite you over for a cup of tea?” Jian Qi smiled. “So, let’s go and have some tea with them. While we’re there, we can blow up the place.”

Tang Jinyu looked at her excited face. He could not help interrupting her, “I must remind you that they have made the proper preparations. You need to prepare yourself mentally too because you are the only one fighting this battle now.”

“Who said so? You’re with me, aren’t you?” Tang Jinyu blinked at him. Then, she grabbed the chance to flirt with him again, “The thought of you being here with me makes my heart go all warm and fuzzy.”

Tang Jinyu snorted coldly. “Drama queen, now you are being too much.”

“Instructor, you will lose me if you behave like this.” Jian Qi shook her head.

After packing up their things they headed toward the Military Academy’s base headquarters.

By nightfall, two-thirds of the students of the National Defense Academy had been wiped out. It was just like what Tang Jinyu said, the Military Academy was determined to win!

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