Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 125 - A Fluttering Heart
Chapter 125: A Fluttering Heart

Night had fallen. More and more students from the National Defense Academy were eliminated.

Lu Yao had been rescued but his face remained dark and cold.

They quickened their pace in search of Tang Jinyu.

The number of students from the National Defense Academy was getting lower and lower. However, the military academy was still not able to locate Tang Jinyu’s whereabouts.

The military academy had initially planned to end that battle and eliminate everyone in one day.

Daylight was starting to peek through the horizons. There were still some students from the National Defense Academy left who had not been captured yet.

The military academy was covering larger areas in their search for the students. It did not take long for them to be captured and eliminated one by one.

The number of students being eliminated from each class was almost the same now.

The principals of the two academies did not join in on the battle.

The military academy was quite confident that they would win the battle. Now, the principal of the military academy had invited the principal of the National Defense Academy to come over and watch the battle. In actual fact, he was trying to show off his victory.

“Old Deng, what do you think about our attack and defense tactics?” The principal of the National Defense Academy, Zhang Cheng, smiled smugly. He did not hide how excited he was.

They had competed with the National Defense Academy for so many years. Now, they could finally wash away all the shame they had experienced!

Deng Guofeng glanced briefly at the students who were eliminated. They lowered their heads in shame.

“Old Deng, don’t be anxious. This is just a drill. It’s normal to win or lose. You don’t have to care too much.” Zhang Cheng laughed loudly. Then, he continued, “Let’s go. Let’s have some tea. It’ll soon be over. I’ll buy you a drink tonight!”

Deng Guofeng smiled. He remained calm and steady even though he had the urge to blow up.

Jian Qi was watching the entire scene from afar through her scope. She was amused. “I suddenly thought of a sentence to describe how Principal Deng is now.”

Tang Jinyu put down his binoculars and tilted his head to look at her. “What?”

Tang Jinyu regretted it slightly after asking her that question.

Jian Qi said softly, “Face full of smiles, heart cursing away with the foulest terms!”

Tang Jinyu was speechless.

He knew that she was not going to say something nice.

With that said, what she said was rather spot on.

“How long do you plan to be here?” Tang Jinyu changed the subject.

Jian Qi smiled. She seemed murderous all of a sudden. Her aura changed drastically.

There were a lot of people not far away from them. Almost everybody had become her prey. She was just like a demon from hell, and she was extremely lethal.

Tang Jinyu looked at her and frowned slightly.

It seemed that the girl before him was the true Jian Qi.

The girl he knew from before was just her putting up a pretense.

Jian Qi could feel him staring at her. She came to her senses and looked at Tang Jinyu with an imploring gaze. She smiled and said, “Instructor, I might throw myself at you if you continue to look at me like that.”

“Is that so?” Tang Jinyu remained calm. He did not show any emotions.

“It looks like you look forward to that!”

Tang Jinyu remained quiet. He stared at her with his deep and dark eyes. It seemed like he wanted to pierce through her with his gaze.

Suddenly, Jian Qi approached him and her painted face was right in front of his. Those beautiful eyes of hers were glinting in a rather weird way.

Her hot breath was peppered on his face, as her gentle fragrance wafted toward him.

The moment she approached him, Tang Jinyu’s chest seemed to have tightened as his heart fluttered.

It was as if something had intruded his heart.

However, that feeling disappeared swiftly and he did not even get to capture it in time.

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