Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 126 - What I Said Was True
Chapter 126: What I Said Was True

Jian Qi saw that Tang Jinyu was looking at her in silence. It was rather mysterious.

“Instructor, are you waiting for me to make the move?” Jian Qi smiled captivatingly.

They were in close proximity with each other. Jian Qi made the move to get even closer to him. Her lips were almost touching his but Tang Jinyu put his hand against her forehead to put some distance between them.

He seemed dark and cold. Then, he said frostily, “Behave yourself if you don’t want to be discovered by the enemy!”

Jian Qi smirked and her smile deepened. “Instructor, are you shy?”

Tang Jinyu withdrew his hand and lifted his binoculars again. Then, he looked at the base headquarter which was far away from them.

“All of the students from the National Defense Academy would be eliminated in less than a few hours’ time. You better think of something now.” Tang Jinyu changed the subject.

He tried his best to suppress the weird feeling that had surfaced in his heart.

“You tied up Lu Yao just now. He is surely going to try his best to beat us. He is the main commander this time around. He will gather all his forces to search for you. With his capabilities, he would surely think of the possibility that you are nearby, then it’ll be more difficult for you to make a move later on!”

Tang Jinyu could not join the battle directly but he could still give her friendly advice. She should not underestimate Lu Yao.

Jian Qi smiled and tilted her head. She scanned through the interiors of the base headquarter through the scope. Her smile deepened. “Instructor, what I said just now was true.”

Tang Jinyu frowned. He did not understand what she was referring to.

However, he soon understood what she meant when he saw her wicked and captivating smile.

Tang Jingyu puckered his lips and said nothing.

Tang Jinyu knew Lu Yao very well. He could see through the entire drill and what the overall situation was like.

As expected, the entire National Defense Academy was wiped out within three hours except for Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu.

It was six in the evening and it had started to drizzle.

There was white mist surrounding the forest.

“It’s foggy now…” Tang Jinyu said.

“I told you that I’m a lucky person. Now, even God is helping us.” Jian Qi smiled confidently. She seemed quite dazzling with that smile.

Jian Qi seemed to have absolute confidence in herself.

“Let’s go! Move out!” Jian Qi smiled and said.

Tang Jinyu said nothing. He had already given her a reminder and that was all he could do.

Moreover, he wanted to see whether the girl before him could achieve what he asked for.

Lu Yao’s face looked terrible when his subordinates returned empty-handed.

It was way beyond his expectations.

He had planned to end the drill in one day. Yet, they could not even capture two people when they clearly outnumbered them.

Moreover, Tang Jinyu was not supposed to fight.

As such, they were technically facing only one enemy at the moment. Their students were scattered all over the place and still they were not able to locate where she was!

“Instructor, it’s foggy now. We won’t be able to find her even if we continue our search!”

Lu Yao understood it clearly.

Lu Yao had faced Jian Qi before. She was clearly a good impersonator. Now, even God was helping her. It would be more difficult to pinpoint her location.

“Everyone, stay alert. That girl will surely appear!” Lu Yao ordered.

Moreover, that girl would surely eliminate the supreme leader of the drill!

With Tang Jinyu by her side, she would assuredly risk everything.

There was only one thing they could do if they wanted to win.

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