Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 127 - What Are They Waiting for?
Chapter 127: What Are They Waiting for?

“I wonder whether Jian Qi would be able to accomplish the mission.” One of the students from the first class said.

“She can do it.” Mu Zi smiled and said. “I believe in her.”

“Yes, we believe in her.” They smiled and said. They prayed secretly that Jian Qi would be able to protect Tang Jinyu well and accomplish the mission.

Chu Yu’s facial expression worsened. She never expected Jian Qi to still be alive.

She would rather that the National Defense Academy lose terribly this time around, Chu Yu did not want Jian Qi to be the one to gain victory!

At that moment, she was more eager than anybody else in the Military Academy to locate Jian Qi as soon as possible.

It was becoming darker and thick fog was surrounding them as the rain became heavier. Chu Yu was secretly hoping that Jian Qi would disappear during the drill or be badly injured, thus ending her life as a soldier.

Deng Guofeng lifted the tea cup before him and took a sip. His mood became better when he saw that the weather had turned bad.

“Old Zhang, it seems like you’ll have to buy me a drink some other time.” Deng Guofeng seemed quite delighted.

Zhang Cheng was clearly upset but he still smiled happily.

“Old Deng, I did not expect there to be one student left in the end. That student really has great potential to be a good soldier. Though, they will surely locate that person in the end!”

Zhang Cheng smiled and looked at Lu Yao who was standing beside him. “What’s the student’s name?”

“She’s a new student from the first class. Her name is Jian Qi!” Lu Yao said. Then, he continued, “She’s under the guidance of Instructor Tang!”

“A new student?” Zhang Cheng’s tone became cold. “How is it that you are not able to find out where the new student is when it’s already been two days?”

Lu Yao was annoyed. He could not endure the fact that he was being scolded by the principal.

Deng Guofeng was rather surprised. It was Jian Qi.

Now, he understood why Tang Jinyu asked him those questions that time. He even stayed back and took charge of her class himself.

The tactics which were used by the Military Academy were rather excellent. Yet, Jian Qi still managed to survive in this kind of situation.

It might be an unexpected situation. Or, it might not be.

Tang Jinyu was an observant person. He was always able to see through just anybody. At first, he did not have much expectations in view of the current situation. However, that girl could really become the key candidate who could overturn the entire situation.

“Old Zhang, why are you mad? Didn’t you invite me over to enjoy the show? Just let them do whatever they want. Let’s just sit back and relax.” Deng Guofeng smiled happily, yet his words sounded like a banter.

Zhang Cheng knew that Deng Guofeng was happy now.

He turned to stare at Lu Yao.

It would be humiliating if they were to be defeated in the end.

Lu Yao walked out of the CCTV room and glanced at the grey sky.

If he were Jian Qi, where would he hide himself?

Lu Yao looked around and soon he found the best spot for a sniper.

“First team, follow me!” Lu Yao commanded coldly. A group of people soon followed behind him.

They rushed toward the mountain quickly. Lu Yao was leading them and all of them were on high alert.

“Instructor, it seems like someone has been here. The patch of grass here is slightly sunken.” A student gave his report.

Lu Yao scanned the ground.

Luckily, the area was lush so their traces were not easily erased.

Two people had been here!

This meant that Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu had been here just now.

Lu Yao frowned. He was slightly surprised. What are they planning to do?

Why had they not made their move?

What were they waiting for?

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