Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 128 - I’m in Charge of Fighting, You’re in Charge of Being the Pretty One
Chapter 128: I’m in Charge of Fighting, You’re in Charge of Being the Pretty One

Lu Yao stopped walking and remained motionless. His subordinates who were standing beside him were puzzled.

Now, they knew that both their targets had been there. They should really start searching for them.

Why did their instructor stop walking all of a sudden instead of giving them instructions on what to do?

However, Lu Yao was the only one who knew that Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu had left that mark behind intentionally.

He knew Tang Jinyu very well. Although he could not join the battle, he was always a careful person. He would never leave behind a mark like that!

If he were to leave traces of himself behind, it was definitely intentional.

Lu Yao tightened his grasp on the sniper gun. His eyes darkened slightly.

If he did not know the kind of person Tang Jinyu was, he might think that it was a battle between the entire Military Academy and Tang Jinyu.

If that were the case, the entire Military Academy would be defeated.

However, their enemy was Jian Qi.

A novice soldier!

Did that mean that it was the girl’s idea?

But, why?

“Instructor?” A subordinate beside him could not help but call out to him.

“Go back to the base headquarter now and ask the others to enforce their defenses!” Lu Yao said sternly.

He did not know what Jian Qi was planning to do next. However, she would surely start from the base headquarter.

Lu Yao was on his way back.

Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu had changed into the camouflage clothing of the Military Academy. They stealthily blended in to infiltrate the enemy base headquarter.

Tang Jinyu calmly followed closely behind her.

It was too easy a task for Jian Qi to impersonate someone.

She was easily able to avoid being recognized by the others. She then smiled and said, “Instructor, why don’t you marry me? I’ll be in charge of fighting the others and you’ll be in charge of being the handsome one.”

Tang Jinyu glanced at her coldly. She smiled faintly. That smile was quite dazzling. Even though her face was covered with paint and it was quite dirty, still it could not hide the fact that she was rather beautiful and dazzling.

Moreover, her camouflage clothing made her even more captivating.

The gleam in his eyes disappeared as Tang Jinyu gave her a stern warning. “You better move fast!”

Jian Qi batted her eyelashes at him. “Instructor, are you not going to consider my offer?”

Tang Jinyu ignored her, Jian Qi was rather disappointed.

In just a while, they had successfully infiltrated the base headquarters.

There were a lot of people in the academy. As such, it was quite easy for them to blend into the group given that night had fallen. All of them were wearing camouflage clothing and it was impossible for every student to know everybody in the entire school.

With their ability to easily blend in, they were lucky enough to be assigned to the highest point in the base.

“When do you plan to take action?” Tang Jinyu looked at that somebody beside him who was now obsessed with pretending to be someone else.

She indeed had the potential to become a spy!

Jian Qi observed the surrounding area as she was exuding a murderous intent. “As the saying goes, murder should be done in the dark night under the moonlight. We should give them an hour to enjoy the drizzle first.”

The most dangerous place was the safest place.

Tang Jinyu’s gaze fell upon her.

She was observing her surroundings with an undivided attention. She seemed so focused.

She appeared before him when they first reached the place where they started their drill.

The drill had lasted for more than a day now.

She had never once disappointed him!

Now that he was looking at her, Tang Jinyu was not worried at all about the outcome of the battle.

She had been performing quite well all this while. Yet, now that she was on her own, her performance was at its best.

Jian Qi turned to look at him when she realized that he was staring at him imploringly. She smiled strikingly, “Instructor, if you look at me with those sentimental eyes, the others might think that we’re having a lovey-dovey moment right now.”

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