Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 129 - Why Are You Such a Clingy One?
Chapter 129: Why Are You Such a Clingy One?

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Tang Jinyu’s gaze became cold all of a sudden.

“What are you thinking about? Do you want a beating?”

His cold voice was rather suppressing.

Jian Qi smiled brightly. She seemed rather reckless at the moment. “What are you thinking about, Instructor?!”

Tang Jinyu appeared cold and serious. He was elegant and stern at the same time. “Behave yourself, are you trying to capture everybody’s attention? Do you think that Lu Yao is a fool? He would surely know what you’re doing right now if he cannot locate you outside. He would know that you’re lurking among his students now!”

“So, I’ll eliminate him the minute he sees through my trick!” Jian Qi smiled wickedly. Her smile was reckless and she seemed murderous all of a sudden.

“There will be a change of shift in fifteen minutes. We’ll act then!” Jian Qi smiled. “We’ll have some fun with Instructor Lu.”

Tang Jinyu reminded her, “Just don’t put yourself in danger.”

Someone came to take over after fifteen minutes.

Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu left calmly.

An hour passed by quickly.

Lu Yao led a hundred of his subordinates to search for them but still there was no sign of them.

“Instructor, we’ve searched almost everywhere that could be used as a sniper spot but still we can’t find them anywhere. Are they hiding somewhere else? It’s raining now. They might have found shelter at the moment.” His subordinate made his own assumptions.

Lu Yao glanced at him and he seemed cold.

“Hide themselves in this kind of weather and appear the next day when it is bright outside so it’ll be easier for us to spot them?”

The others lowered their heads in shame when they heard Lu Yao’s sarcastic return.

However, they had been searching high and low, there was no sign of them whatsoever.

Where on earth did they hide themselves?

Lu Yao wanted to scold them but suddenly a thought came to him. His facial expression changed drastically. “Let’s head back now. Gather everyone. Let’s do a head count.”

They hurriedly returned to the base headquarter.

Before they reached the headquarter, Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu were on their way to where the principal of the Military Academy was.

“Why don’t you just use a sniper gun?” Tang Jinyu did not understand why Jian Qi had abandoned the usage of a sniper gun and chose to take such a dangerous step.

Jian Qi smirked wickedly.

She was a spy and she was used to assassination. Although using a sniper gun was a good way, there was still something which could not be resolved.

Moreover, she liked to eliminate her target at a close distance rather than using a sniper gun from afar.

“Instructor Tang, we need to keep a low profile.” Jian Qi smiled and said.

Tang Jinyu looked at her coldly.

‘A low profile?’

‘But, the way you are smiling does not reflect your words!’

They had reached the window while they were whispering to each other.

“Instructor Tang, you wait here. I’ll go and eliminate him. Then, we’ll go and eliminate Instructor Lu together!”

Jian Qi smiled happily as she could not hide her excitement. She was indeed a girl who loved these kinds of suspense and danger.

“Let’s go together.” Tang Jinyu said.

Jian Qi looked at him and made a joke. “Why are you such a clingy one?”

Tang Jinyu was speechless.

He wanted so badly to beat her up!

Jian Qi looked at him and patted his shoulder. Her next sentence was nothing short of flirting. “But, I love clingy guys the most.”

Tang Jinyu took a deep breath and suppressed his desire to beat her up.

He would surely skin her alive if they were not at that place right now.

“Take a deep breath. Don’t faint because of the excitement!” Jian Qi patted his chest and nonchalantly took advantage of him.

Tang Jinyu gritted his teeth. “…Go in!”

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