Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Boy Dead Set on the Path of Flamboyance

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President Zhang was practically seething with anger, and Chu Yuhan was so scared she almost couldn’t reply.

“President Zhang, I really don’t know…”

“You don’t know!” President Zhang glared at her. “Haven’t you two been classmates for three years?You’re telling me you didn’t know? Do you think I look like a f*cking clown?”

“I really don’t know…She must have hidden it from me on purpose to lead me into a trap!”

“Do you think I’m stupid or are you? Didn’t you say you were best friends? Heh, you deserve a beating for toying with me!” President Zhang roared again.

As the grunts were beating Chu Yuhan up once again, his butler ran over hastily. “President Zhang, there are police officers outside.”

The grunts stopped their movemets, while President Zhang cursed, “This b*tch called the police!”

Chu Yuhan was already on the brink of unconsciousness, and so she couldn’t hear a word of what President Zhang said. She laid on the floor weakly, ugly bruises covering her body and blood trickling from the edge of her mouth.

“Take her out the back door, quickly!” President Zhang commanded.

The grunts were about to quietly drag Chu Yuhan away, but the police barged in exactly at that moment and surrounded them.

President Zhang’s expression looked grim.

The police officer that led the team looked around and said coldly, “Mr. Zhang, we have a report saying that you kidnapped and lynched a woman, and you will now come with us and comply with our investigation…”

Then, he commanded, “Bring everyone here away!”

As the teacher was nagging away on the podium about the types of questions asked in the high school exam papers, Jian Qi who had always been a good student was busy with her phone with her head held low.

Due to her position in class and her profession, Jian Qi had always been one of the students that the teacher focused on the most. In the twenty minutes she was on the podium, this girl had her head down the entire time. Knocking on the podium heavily, she rebuked, “Ms. Jian Qi, I need you to focus more in class. Don’t you know that class is still in session?”

Jian Qi kept away her phone and nodded thuggishly at the teacher under the scrutiny of everyone in class.

The teacher couldn’t help but frown, what had happened to Jian Qi?

She had always been polite, and it’s like she suddenly became a different person.

The moment class was over, Jian Qi’s phone rang as if the caller had calculated the time she would come out perfectly.

Seeing the caller name, Jian Qi quirked an eyebrow and made her way out of school. “What is it Coco?”

“I’m at the entrance, come see me now!” Coco commanded and hung up without giving her a chance to refuse.

Coming to the entrance, she immediately saw Coco’s signature colorful shirt, golden chains, and messy red hair.

This was a boy dead set on the path of flamboyance!

“What is it?” Jian Qi asked nonchalantly.

“Let’s continue this on the car,” Coco said as he nudged her over towards the car.

“I only have five minutes, recess is almost over.”

“I helped you ask for leave.”

Jian Qi quirked an eyebrow, she didn’t want to stay in the classroom anyway.

Closing the door, Coco pleaded like a lamb. “I’m begging you, please don’t leave the entertainment industry please?”

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