Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 131 - : I Want Some Silence
Chapter 131: I Want Some Silence

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“Find her!” Lu Yao gave a command angrily.

All of the people in the headquarters were looking for Jian Qi because the chief commander had been eliminated.

Lu Yao’s facial expression worsened as he proceeded to look for her everywhere.

Fifteen minutes passed by but still they could not locate her.

Lu Yao realized that there were two students following close behind him. He turned around and shouted angrily, “Don’t follow me! Go and look for her!”

The two students who were close behind him looked up at him when they heard what Lu Yao said.

“How can I eliminate you if I don’t follow you?” It was a familiar yet arrogant voice. Lu Yao could not help but look at the soldier who was slightly shorter.

“Jian Qi?” Lu Yao frowned.

“Instructor Lu, what a coincidence! We meet again!” Jian Qi smiled brightly, displaying her set of perfectly white teeth. She seemed rather murderous under the glow of the night light.

She was aiming her gun at Lu Yao now.

Lu Yao was speechless.

‘Damn it!’

How dare she appear before him and stand there so arrogantly when he had been looking everywhere for her!

Lu Yao was upset. He wanted to call out to the others but Jian Qi had already pulled the trigger.

“Instructor Lu, you’re dead for real now!” Jian Qi smiled wickedly. Then, she withdrew her gun and smugly blew at the muzzle of the gun.

Lu Yao took a deep breath. He wanted so badly to kill somebody right now!

Tang Jinyu shook his head helplessly.

The others who passed by saw Jian Qi blowing at her gun.

“They’re here! Catch them!” One student shouted.

Jian Qi took out a few smoke bombs and threw them at the students.

Then, she grabbed Tang Jinyu and left with him.

The others started shooting aimlessly and recklessly amidst the smoke that had risen from the smoke bombs as they could not see clearly.

When the smoke had dispersed, they did not see either Jian Qi or Tang Jinyu. However, they saw Lu Yao who was covered with bullet marks.

The others were speechless.

A novice soldier walked toward him and said to him with a rather bright smile, “Instructor Lu…”

“Don’t you talk to me!” Lu Yao said with a deep voice. He was indeed infuriated.

He was assassinated by someone else just now. In less than a minute, he was even shot by his own people!

He needed some silence.

The situation was rather awkward.

Now, both the chief commander and Lu Yao were eliminated.

They had no leader to turn to now. However, they still had to search for Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu.

A soldier said, “They might be somewhere around here. Let’s go and look for them immediately.”

The others were angry as well.

They clearly outnumbered the enemy, yet they were humiliated by them. It was embarrassing and shameful!

The entire base headquarter was in a chaotic state now. All of them were looking for Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu.

They were filled with wrath because their leaders were eliminated.

It was indeed humiliating!

Jian Qi led Tang Jinyu away immediately. They hid themselves once again.

“What are you afraid of when you’ve accomplished your mission?”

Tang Jinyu looked at her excited face. Somehow, he felt that she was going to do something bad now.

She was really an annoying person!

“Who said so? I still have another mission!” Jian Qi smiled in an uncanny and brutish manner.

“What do you plan to do?” Tang Jinyu asked.

Jian Qi smiled wickedly at him. Her smile became quite frightening when she seemed to have thought of something in the end.

“I’ll have to wrap it up nicely!” Jian Qi smiled in a cruel way. She seemed quite devilishly dazzling and captivating.

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