Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 134 - She Is a Humane Person
Chapter 134: She Is a Humane Person

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Lu Yao was outraged. How could there be such an arrogant and annoying girl?

Tang Jinyu patted Jian Qi’s cap gently. “Behave yourself when you’re talking to the instructor…”

Lu Yao was about to say that he did not care about how Jian Qi acted when Tang Jinyu spoke again. “Not everyone possesses this thing called demeanor.”

Lu Yao was speechless.

‘Tang Jinyu, damn you!’

‘How humiliating!’

Jian Qi could still see how Lu Yao’s facial expression had worsened even though his face was painted black. She added, “To use the word demeanor on Instructor Lu truly does not do the word justice.”

Lu Yao remained silent.

‘These two are crazy!’

They were pairing up to mock him. Did they find it funny?

Lu Yao scoffed coldly at them. Then, he turned and left.

His angry voice could be heard amidst the crowd. “Line up now! We’ll have more training tonight!”

Jian Qi could not suppress her laughter. She called out to Lu Yao. “Instructor Lu, demeanor!”

Lu Yao froze. He took big strides and left. He seemed cold and distant all of a sudden.

Tang Jinyu suppressed his laughter. “That’s enough. Don’t cross the line. If you mess around again, the students of the Military Academy might ambush you together.”

“Aren’t the other students of our academy over there? It would be interesting if we have a big fight together.” Jian Qi smiled devilishly.

Tang Jinyu looked at her helplessly. Then, he turned and walked toward Deng Guofeng.


“It seems like I was wrong and you were right.”

Deng Guofeng smiled and said. He appeared to be a man with wisdom beyond his age.

“That girl is indeed outstanding.” Deng Guofeng glanced at Jian Qi. He could not hide the fact that he adored and admired her. “I never thought that I would make such a common mistake of judging someone based on their past.”

“You just don’t know her very well. I don’t know her well either.” Tang Jinyu said.

The way she accomplished her mission this time was truly out of his expectations.

“She’s really good at fighting alone…” Deng Guofeng smiled and said.

“Are you worried about her ability to cooperate with others?” Tang Jinyu had always been bright. He was able to get the main point easily.

The drill this time around was rather ridiculous. Jian Qi had actually fought alone and was able to stealthily avoid the enemy throughout the drill. In the end, she was even able to accomplish her mission.

There were not many elite soldiers who could accomplish their missions alone like her.

Tang Jinyu had been observing her up until now. However, there was nothing out of place in her personal details.

If not, he would have suspected that she was a spy who had come from another country.

She seemed like a girl who was born to be an assassin given her excellent standards in battle.

After several months of being her instructor, it was clear that she was excellent in a lot of aspects. She was so good that she did not even need anybody’s help. However, she would help others occasionally. Still, she was quite a cold and withdrawn person.

“Humans are neither grass nor tree. She’s a humane person. If not, why would she exchange the Military Academy’s flag for our own flag in the end when all she needed to do was accomplish her mission?” Tang Jinyu said.

Deng Guofeng was stunned, his smile deepend as he stared at the flag.

“It seems like you’ve made up your mind. Moreover, you’re right. She’s a humane person and you need this kind of person in your team.”

“Teacher, I think that it’s time for me to resign as the instructor for the first class.” Tang Jinyu said.

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