Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 136 - She Prefers Taking Action Over Explaining Herself!
Chapter 136: She Prefers Taking Action Over Explaining Herself!

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“Yeah. We are all here to train. She’s just an actress and she has been in the entertainment circle for a long time. How can she be compared to our seniors in the academy?”

“Instructor Tang is their instructor. I’m sure he helped Jian Qi during the drill. Not only did Jian Qi emerge victorious, the first class has become famous too!”

“Hence, Instructor Tang was the one who overturned the situation instead of that smug actress!”

Having heard what several other girls said, Chu Yu looked at Jian Qi smugly. “Jian Qi, I don’t know what tricks you used so Instructor Tang would help you out but don’t act so smug and arrogant. That girl apologized to you for her mistake. Why do you still appear so arrogant? You act like you’re above everyone else!”

Mu Zi was standing beside Jian Qi so she could naturally feel the chilly aura Jian Qi was exuding. She did not want Jian Qi to stir up problems because Jian Qi would surely be the one in the wrong if she were to fight back.

However, the girls did cross the line.

Mu Zi could not help but say, “You guys…”


Mu Zi was about to say something but soon she saw a stainless steel bowl flying across the canteen toward those girls.

The girl who spoke the most and acted very pompously was hit by the bowl.

She screamed and touched her lips which were hit by the bowl.

It was very painful.

She tasted blood in her mouth so she looked at her own hand.

“Blood!” The girl screamed.

Jian Qi smiled. She seemed cruel and mischievous at the same time. Her aura was rather suppressing. Her beautiful eyes seemed cold and dark as she stared right at them just like how she would stare at lowly ants. It was chilling to the bones.

“Jian Qi, don’t cross the line!” Chu Yu frowned. She never thought that Jian Qi would act so arrogantly.

How dare she act like that in public!

“Was I?”

Jian Qi smiled and looked at Chu Yu frostily. “You should be grateful because the thing that I threw at you just now was not a knife!”

“Jian Qi, this is an academy. Do you think that this is your home and you’re free to do whatever you like?” Chu Yu was acting like a justice envoy. She said to Jian Qi, “Jian Qi, you better apologize to her!”

Jian Qi curled her lips playfully. She did not even care about the girl. Then, she raised her hand and took another stainless steel bowl beside her. She looked at the bowl calmly.

Clearly, she was threatening them!

Moreover, she seemed so dark and cold to the point where it was scary. The girls were afraid that they would be hit by the bowl next.

Then, they started to retreat subconsciously.

She appeared murderous and it seemed like she was not holding a bowl but a dangerously sharp weapon in her hand.

Chu Yu frowned when she saw the girls stepping back. They were just a bunch of useless people!

“Jian Qi, did they say anything wrong? Instructor Tang was the reason why the National Defense Academy won in the end. Yet, you had the audacity to claim credit for yourself. How dare you hurt others because of this?”

Chu Yu smiled coldly. “She did not bump into you intentionally just now. She also apologized to you for that but you refuse to forgive her. How dare you be so shameless and attack others?”

Jian Qi smirked, and she appeared cold too. “Chu Yu, has anyone ever told you that you’re quite annoying?”

Jian Qi prefered taking action over explaining herself.

Right after she said those words, she lifted her hand, ready to throw more things at the others.

However, somebody grabbed her wrist before she could do anything else.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. ‘Who the heck is being a busybody right now?’

She tilted her head and stared right into Tang Jinyu’s handsome face. Her lips twitched. He was indeed a man who liked to meddle with others’ business.

Tang Jinyu grabbed the bowl in her hand and threw it aside. He did not even look at her but turned to stare at Chu Yu coldly.

Chu Yu felt delighted when she saw Tang Jinyu appearing in front of them, stopping Jian Qi from hurting the others.

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