Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 137 - He Had Been on Her Side from the Beginning
Chapter 137: He Had Been on Her Side from the Beginning

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“Instructor Tang…” Chu Yu started to complain about Jian Qi. “You saw what happened, didn’t you? Not only did Jian Qi hit another fellow student, now she wants to hit me too. I feel that she has no right to stay in this academy anymore!”

Tang Jinyu remained calm so nobody could see through his thoughts. Soon, they heard his calm voice saying, “Does she have no right to stay in the school? Then, where should she go?”

“Well, she belongs to where she came from!” Chu Yu said.

Then, she threw a taunting glance at Jian Qi.

Tang Jinyu was expressionless as he said, “Are you done?”

Chu Yu did not understand what he meant. However, Jian Qi had acted so arrogantly and hit someone in public. He could not possibly shield her from that.

“Feng Yi, go and get the CCTV footage!”

Chu Yu’s facial expression shifted slightly when she heard that.

If they were to look at the footage, they would be able to see what Chu Yu did just now. Chu Yu was the one who shoved the girl so that she would bump into Jian Qi.

Chu Yu was not afraid of Jian Qi but she was afraid of Tang Jinyu. Moreover, she did not want him to have a bad impression on her.

Feng Yi nodded and swiftly left. All of a sudden, the girls’ facial expressions changed.

After all, they were the ones who started the fight.

Tang Jinyu scanned the crowd coldly with his chilly gaze, it was a very suppressing feeling.

Then, his gaze fell on Chu Yu. “Did you think that the reason we won the drill was because I helped Jian Qi secretly?”

Chu Yu pursed her lips as she thought about it for a while. Then, she said, “I just think that Jian Qi does not have the capability to win the battle. Moreover, regardless of who it was that day with Instructor, that person would win as well!”

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. That girl sure knew how to lick someone’s boots, she was openly singing his praises.

‘It’s fine for your to praise him, but why would you condemn me at the same time?’

She tilted her head and looked at Tang Jinyu’s expressionless face. She could not help but whisper in her heart. ‘Instructor Tang, she admires you deeply. Now, she is even singing your praises. You should at least appear delighted!’

“It looks like you think that I went against the rules, and also question the result of the drill!”

Tang Jinyu sounded very frosty and dark.

“That… That’s not what I meant.”

“Then, what do you mean?” Tang Jinyu sounded harsh and cold. It was frightening and suppressing. The others could not even breathe properly.

Chu Yu was stunned by him. Soon, Chu Yu understood clearly why Tang Jinyu had made an appearance. From what he said and how he acted, he did not appear to help her but to shield Jian Qi.

It had always been like that from the beginning up until now.

He was on Jian Qi’s side the first time they were late for the training. He only ordered Chu Yu to do a hundred push-ups. Then, he sided with Jian Qi openly in the office when Jian Qi injured her during their close-combat practice. He even argued with her uncle at that time. Now, it was clearly Jian Qi who hit someone else first. He did not even care about that problem but chose to help clear the bad rumors about Jian Qi. He was even willing to go up against Chu Yu for her!


Why was he always on Jian Qi’s side? Moreover, he ignored Chu Yu all the time.

Tang Jinyu appeared cold and distant, and his aura was exuberant. He said frostily, “The result of the drill was just like what had been announced by the academy. Moreover, if you still have any doubts regarding the drill, you can come and see me or go to your instructor. Why do the students here like to gossip so much? It seems like all of you like to spread rumors and make up stories!”

What Tang Jinyu said sounded like a vehement slap on the girls’ faces.

Chu Yu’s facial expression worsened. She felt bad not only because of what Tang Jinyu said but also how he was siding with Jian Qi.

Why? She was dissatisfied!

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