Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 138 - Jian Qi, Come With Me
Chapter 138: Jian Qi, Come With Me

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Feng Yi came at that moment with a pendrive in his hand. Then, he walked straight to a television at the side of the canteen and plugged it in. What happened just now was then shown clearly on the screen.

Everybody turned to look at the screen. The whole incident when Jian Qi was bumped into was shown clearly.

The girl who held the dish tray just now lowered her head, and she appeared anxious. She was scared as she glanced at Tang Jinyu.

In the end, she threw a look at Chu Yu, seemingly asing her to come to her rescue.

Undoubtedly, everybody was now looking at that girl and Chu Yu.

They bumped into Jian Qi intentionally. In the end, one of them acted as if she was wronged, while the other acted like a justice envoy.

All of a sudden, everybody had a different impression on Chu Yu.

The girls who condemned Jian Qi just now had different facial expressions now. They thought that they were just and fair, instead they were being manipulated by someone else.

Chu Yu never thought that she would be humiliated in front of Tang Jinyu like that.

Tang Jinyu then stared at the girl who bumped into Jian Qi just now. His cold stare was rather frightening.

The girl lowered her head and remained quiet.

Tang Jinyu’s aura was strong and suppressing. Nobody dared to return his gaze while being stared at like that by him.

Chu Yu clenched her fists. Her fingernails were cut deep into her palm but she felt no pain. She was filled with a strong sense of jealousy.

Moreover, she hated Jian Qi to the core.

Why? Why was it Jian Qi?

Was it just because of her face?

What if her face had been ruined?

“Since everybody has no objection about the drill, let’s talk about an apology for what happened just now!” Tang Jinyu sounded calm but cold.

That girl clearly did not have strong resolve. She could not endure being treated coldly like that by Tang Jinyu.

“Jian Qi, I’m sorry…” The girl voiced out.

Jian Qi remained quiet. She was slightly surprised.

This meant that Tang Jinyu had been there the whole time.

She was annoyed when he snatched the bowl away from her as she wanted to throw it at Chu Yu. However, the situation was not what it seemed.

Chu Yu looked at Jian Qi with a rather terrible look on her face. She was always the right one who was adored and admired deeply by the others in her world. How could she endure the fact that she had to apologize to someone else?

She moved and was prepared to leave.

However, the chief instructor of the academy came along at that moment. He said solemnly to everyone present, “All of you need to gather at the field now.”

What the chief instructor said had obviously saved Chu Yu from the problematic situation.

Tang Jinyu smirked as a glint of sarcasm flashed across his eyes.

The people from the Chu family had influences everywhere.

With his words, everybody put down their plates and rushed out of the canteen.

Mu Zi said, “Jian Qi, let’s go.”

“Mu Zi, you go on ahead. Jian Qi, you stay behind!” Tang Jinyu said before Jian Qi could say anything else.

Mu Zi nodded as she looked at Tang Jinyu before leaving the canteen.

The chief instructor walked toward them and looked at Jian Qi. He said with a deep voice, “Jian Qi, why are you still standing here? Didn’t you hear what I said?”

Jian Qi was about to respond but Tang Jinyu managed to speak first. He said stonily, “Chief Instructor, I have something to say to her!”

“It can wait!” The chief instructor said.

Tang Jinyu smiled coldly and stared right at the chief instructor, merely giving him a sweeping cold gaze. “Jian Qi, come with me!”

“Yes, Instructor!” Jian Qi stood at attention and said with a loud and clear voice.

Then, Tang Jinyu left. Before leaving, Jian Qi turned around and smiled at the chief instructor. She seemed to be leering at him as she said, “Chief Instructor, goodbye!”

The chief instructor’s lips twitched coldly.

Tang Jinyu was indeed quite daring!

He was the chief instructor and his position in the academy was higher than that of Tang Jinyu’s. How dare Tang Jinyu take him so lightly?

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