Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 139 - Does It Mean that I Have Successfully Gotten a Great Support System?
Chapter 139: Does It Mean that I Have Successfully Gotten a Great Support System?

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Tang Jinyu led her away to an ATV beside the canteen.

Then, he grabbed a backpack from the ATV and threw it at Jian Qi.

“Go and fill it up with the stones.”

When Jian Qi was done, Tang Jinyu was already sitting inside the car.

“Carry the backpack and follow me!” Then, he started the car and drove off.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow and followed behind the car.

Tang Jinyu did not tell her how long she needed to run. He just drove on at a constant speed while Jian Qi ran behind the car.

After half an hour, Tang Jinyu stopped the car. Jian Qi then came close to the car. She was slightly out of breath.

“Instructor, what’s wrong?”

Tang Jinyu looked at the slight smile on Jian Qi’s face. His slight frown indicated that he was not at ease.

“Do you know what would happen if you managed to throw that bowl at Chu Yu?”

Tang Jinyu looked at her and said calmly without any emotions. She could not sense anything from his tone.

Jian Qi then smiled at him softly.

“Then, why did you stand there and look at me throwing bowls at the others?”

A flash of undecipherable glint appeared in Tang Jinyu’s eyes, it disappeared just as quickly as it came.

“You were the first to hit someone. How is it that you still think that you’re right?”

“Who said so? Doesn’t my face tell you how much I regret it? I am even letting you punish me obediently!” Jian Qi hid her face in her hands and cried out loud, “Now that I think about it, I really did cross the line. How could I throw bowls at the other students?”

Then, Jian Qi put down her hands and looked at Tang Jinyu. She snorted and said, “I really should have just used a gun and kill them all!”

Tang Jinyu pursed his lips and took a deep breath. Clearly, he was infuriated.

His eyes darkened when he saw her smug and arrogant face.

Just when she thought that he was about to blow up in her face, he suddenly changed the subject. “I’m leaving the National Defense Academy tomorrow.”

Jian Qi raised her eyebrows. That was indeed a surprise.

Although she knew that Tang Jinyu would not be staying at the National Defense Academy long, she never thought that he would leave so soon.

“The National Defense Academy prohibits fighting…”

“Instructor, I have one shortcoming, which is, I can’t endure being suppressed and bullied by anyone!” Jian Qi said firmly with a seductive smile.

She would never endure being treated unfairly.

Tang Jinyu gazed deeply into her eyes, and they stared at each other for a good whole three minutes.

There was a slightly weird feeling flowing between them.

Jian Qi was smiling rather crudely but she was still placid. On the other hand, Tang Jinyu’s eyes were dark like the deep sea, it was not possible to know what he was thinking.

In the end, he was the one who averted his gaze first and took a document that was beside him. Then, he handed it to her. “If you don’t want to be suppressed or bullied by anyone, go there!”

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. She took the document and opened it.

She then scanned the title of the document. Her lowered eyes glinted with a flash of undecipherable light.

She had won the bet!

He was indeed no ordinary character!

Jian Qi hid her feelings and looked up. Then, she smiled softly and said, “So, do you plan to send me there?”

“Are you afraid?” Tang Jinyu asked her.

Jian Qi’s smile deepend. She looked at Tang Jinyu cheekily. Then, she started flirting blatantly with him. “Will you be there? I’ll go if you’re there!”

Tang Jinyu. “…”

“It seems like you will be there!” Jian Qi laughed smugly. “It’s true that you like me. Why don’t you admit it? You even make use of your power and influence to place me near you for your own sake.”

Tang Jinyu looked at her frostiy. “Before leaving, I think that I should give you more training.”

Jian Qi. “…”

“Continue your run!” Then, Tang Jinyu started the engine once more and drove off.

Jian Qi ran after the car quickly. Then, she tilted her head sideways and asked Tang Jinyu, “Instructor, did I bring you trouble with what I did today?”

“Why didn’t you think about that when you were hitting others?” Tang Jinyu snorted coldly. “The Chu family and the Liang family are not that influential. They can’t harm my people!”

Jian Qi. “…”

Did it mean that she had successfully gotten herself a great support system?

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