Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 140 - I Reject Your Offer
Chapter 140: I Reject Your Offer

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The incident at the canteen was soon put aside and forgotten. The rumors regarding the drill disappeared because of Tang Jinyu’s explanation.

Then with Tang Jinyu’s departure from the academy, Feng Yi left as well.

They left in a hurry and the others only received the news when they had already left.

They had a new instructor and he was not as harsh and strict as Tang Jinyu.

Clearly, their training became much more endurable.

It was soon the holidays. Coco was busy so Jian Qi stayed at home alone for two days.

At night, she ordered takeout. She planned to rest after having dinner.

The doorbell rang just as she hung up her phone.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow and walked toward the door.

“Who is it?”

“Hello, it’s express delivery!” A man standing in front of the door said.

Jian Qi opened the door.

“Miss, it’s your package. Please sign here.” The courier handed her a package.

Jian Qi raised her eyebrows. She did not buy anything online. Did Coco buy something online?

Jian Qi signed for it and took the package from him.

She then opened the package and found a phone and an envelope.

Coco should know that she was not allowed to use a phone in the academy.

Moreover, the phone was an old model that would soon be obsolete.

Jian Qi was about to read the letter when the phone rang.

It was an unknown number.

She was hesitant for a while. Then, she answered the call.

“Hello, who is it?”

“Miss Jian Qi, hello.” There was an unfamiliar male voice at the other end of the call.

“Who are you?”

“Have you seen the envelope? That’s the invitation from our company. May our company recruit you to be a part of our company?”

Jian Qi put the phone in speaker mode. Then, she opened the envelope and found a ten million check inside the envelope. There was also a black invitation card with an eagle logo on it.

Her eyes darkened.

She was familiar with that logo. During her previous life when she was a counter-terrorism agent, she had quite a lot of contact with that company.

That company appeared to be like a normal and ordinary security company. In actual fact, it was an organization that recruited mercenaries. They carried out assassinations and various types of terrorist attacks.

She was slightly surprised. Why did that company want to recruit her?

“Why do you want to recruit me? I’m just a student. I’m not suitable to be recruited as a bodyguard!” Jian Qi pretended to be puzzled as she asked.

“Miss Jian Qi is a famous student in the National Defense Academy. We’ll not send you an invitation card if you’re not capable. That check is merely an earnest payment. If you agree to sign a contract with us, you’ll receive more money in the future.”

“I’m sorry, I reject your offer!” Jian Qi did not even allow him to say anything else. She instantly hung up on him.

However, the phone rang again and Jian Qi did not pick up. Soon, she received a message.

“Miss Jian Qi, please reconsider our offer.”

Jian Qi switched off the phone and put everything back into the box. Then, she walked downstairs and threw the box into the dustbin.

After that, she went upstairs and switched off her lights. She then walked toward the window.

After two hours, somebody went toward the dustbin and searched around for the box. Then, he picked up the box that she had thrown away.

That person opened the box and checked the contents. Then, he used the phone and made a call. It seemed like he was reporting to his superior.

Jian Qi drew the curtains and went to the study.

She switched on the table lamp and took out a document from the drawer. It was the document which was given by Tang Jinyu.

If she wanted to investigate her own death, she needed to return to that place again with a proper identity.

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