Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 141 - Fifteen Minutes?
Chapter 141: Fifteen Minutes?

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Now, she was even closer to where she wanted herself to be!

As such, she had no time for other stuff.

However, she was rather surprised. Why did that organization meddle with the National Defense Academy of A Nation?

Since they were able to find her, would they also look for the others?

With that said, she had no time to be bothered about them!

Jian Qi could not be bothered about them given that she had to place her whole attention on what would happen next.

When she returned to the academy, she soon received a letter asking her to report herself to the military.

Jian Qi looked at Deng Guofeng who was standing before her and smiled calmly. “Principal, what does this mean?”

Deng Guofeng smiled softly and said, “The military is recruiting more forces. Moreover, our National Defense Academy always chooses some of the best students to go to the military. Are you interested?”

She smiled softly. “Goodbye, Principal!”

Deng Guofeng laughed. “Young girl, as your principal, I’ll be slightly sad if you act like that. Did you want to leave this place so eagerly?”

“Principal, you gave this to me on your own initiative. Aren’t you pushing me to leave?” Jian Qi smiled innocently.

Deng Guofeng smiled. That little girl was indeed interesting.

Jian Qi walked out of the academy and a car soon stopped in front of her. The window of the car was rolled down and Crocodile’s handsome face was shown.

“Big Sister Qi, get in.”

Jian Qi was not hesitant. She understood it very well from the letter in her hand. Being recruited by the military was just the beginning for her.

Jian Qi got into the car and closed the door.

Crocodile laughed softly. “Big Sister Qi, welcome to our Special Fire Team.”

Crocodile smiled. Then, he took a file beside him and handed it to her.

“What’s this?” Jian Qi asked.

“We need your personal data if you want to become one of us. We’ve prepared it for you but you need to go somewhere by yourself. You need to get there in fifteen minutes. Moreover, you’ll be eliminated if you’re late.”

“Where is this?” Jian Qi asked as Crocodile still had not started the car engine.

“The suburbs of Liang City.” Crocodile smiled and said.

“Is there anything else?” Jian Qi appeared calm but she had started cursing deep down.

She needed at least forty minutes if she were to go there by car.

Fifteen minutes?

What the heck did they expect her to do? Fly a helicopter?

“Nope. Big Sister Qi, good luck!” Crocodile said in a rather annoying manner.

Jian Qi stared at him coldly. Then, she opened the door and got out of the car.

The driver could not help but whisper, “Crocodile, they gave her twenty minutes. Why did you say it’s fifteen minutes? Aren’t you afraid of vengeance if she were to find out about it later on?”

“Only the heavens and earth know, it’s just between the two of us!” Crocodile laughed happily.

The driver said, “You just do whatever you like!”


A piercing screeching sound could be heard as a red flashy sports car made a sudden appearance. With a perfect and over-the-top drift, it stopped flashily in front of the group of people.

Everybody present was shocked. They stared at the person who stepped out of the car.

Jian Qi was holding a snack in one hand and a document in the other. She walked toward the others with an air of arrogance.

Crocodile’s lips twitched. That girl was indeed fast. How could she reach the place at such a fast speed? Also, where did she get that car?

Jian Qi then walked toward Crocodile and handed him her identity card. Then, she gifted him a snack. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Crocodile. “…”

Why did he feel like he was being humiliated?

Jian Qi lifted her eyes and looked at Tang Jinyu in his military suit. He was handsome still. Then, she walked directly toward him. “Instructor, this is for you. Eat up!”

“Big Sister Qi, you’re bribing him openly!” Lightning smiled and said playfully beside them.

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