Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 142 - Don’t crumble
Chapter 142: Don’t crumble

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“You’re just jealous!” Jian Qi said calmly.

Lightning’s lips twitched visibly. “…”


‘That should be someone else.’

Lightning turned his gaze toward Feng Yi who was looking at Tang Jinyu with a dejected and irritated face, and he suppressed his smile.

Surely, that someone was sad.

Tang Jinyu took a glance at the junk food in the plastic bag. He truly admired her tenacity. How did she have extra time to go and buy junk food when she was given such a short time?

“Go and stand over there!” Tang Jinyu said.

“Alright.” Jian Qi then went to where Tang Jinyu was pointing to.

She turned around and saw a few others standing there, there was even a familiar face amidst them!

Jian Qi smiled. It was indeed interesting!

Jian Qi was sure that with the appearance of this person, the so-called recruitment would assuredly be a tough one!

“Instructor Lu, it has been a long time. You’re here too!” Jian Qi smiled wickedly. She was acting mischievously.

Lu Yao was surprised too. He never thought that he would meet Jian Qi here.

However, from the way Tang Jinyu treated Jian Qi the last time, he then thought that it was highly plausible.

Tang Jinyu was never a person who would waste time in doing unnecessary things.

“You’re much slower than I thought!” Lu Yao sounded cold and withdrawn. He remembered how he was humiliated the last time during the drill. In fact, he did not want to see this woman in front of him.

Jian Qi laughed rather crudely. “I went and bought some food for the instructor. I used up some time to pick the nice ones for him. That’s why I did not arrive earlier.”

Lu Yao. “…”

Jian Qi looked at him and said playfully, “Instructor Lu, you wanted to eliminate Instructor Tang last time. Aren’t you afraid that he’ll take it out on you this time around now that you are here?”

Lu Yao stared at her. She was indeed very noisy!

“Instructor Lu, why don’t you give me some protection money since we’re about to become comrades? I’ll protect you!” Jian Qi smiled and said.

“Young lady, you’ll be beaten up by the others if you act so pompously!” Lu Yao gritted his teeth.

“Instructor, you didn’t mean that. Clearly, you’re the one who wants to beat me up!” Jian Qi smiled cheekily. “Instructor Lu, don’t worry. We’re on the same boat now. Shouldn’t we treat each other well?”

Lu Yao. “…”

He did not want to talk to her anymore!

Crocodile asked Tang Jinyu with some hints of doubt, “Boss, how do they know each other?”

“They met each other during the drill practice between the National Defense Academy and the Military Academy.”

Tang Jinyu stared at Jian Qi’s playful smile. She was truly enjoying herself there.

Did she plan to make enemies for herself when she had just arrived?

Lu Yao would not easily forget what happened. Could she not refrain from messing with him?

Clearly, Tang Jinyu worried too much. Lu Yao was the only one who was enraged throughout the entire ordeal. On the other hand, Jian Qi seemed so relaxed and nonchalant.

“Instructor Lu, let’s talk. It’s so boring being here for such a long time!” Jian Qi said.

“Go and talk to someone else.” Lu Yao appeared cold and distant. “I don’t want to talk to you!”

“Don’t tell me you are still harping on what happened during the drill?” Jian Qi laughed. “It’s not a big deal. Why are you still thinking about it?”

“It’s utter humiliation for me!” Lu Yao gritted his teeth.

Jian Qi was amused. “Utter humiliation. I guess you will be humiliated everyday from now on.”

Lu Yao. “…”

“Instructor Lu, with that mindset of yours, you’re going to crumble!” Jian Qi smiled wickedly. “Be optimistic!”

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