Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 143 - Why Are You so Excited?
Chapter 143: Why Are You so Excited?

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Lu Yao was neither a novice soldier nor a youngster who liked to beat people up when he was annoyed.

Yet, he was so frustrated now that he wanted to grab a knife and start stabbing people.

That girl was indeed annoying!

Tang Jinyu was an insane person. How could he ask that girl to come here?

Did he do it intentionally to annoy Lu Yao?

Jian Qi smiled playfully. “Instructor Lu, steady yourself. Don’t cry.”

Lu Yao. “…”

“Get away from me!” Lu Yao gritted his teeth and warned her with a deep voice.

Jian Qi grinned devilishly. “Instructor Lu, we should be nice to each other since we’re comrades now.”

Lu Yao was frustrated. ‘Damn you!’

As they were chatting, time passed by quickly. The others had also reached the place they were at.

What surprised her was, Jian Qi saw some of the students from the National Defense Academy, including Mu Zi.

Jian Qi was rather surprised to see Mu Zi instead of Chu Yu.

Chu Yu adored Tang Jinyu. It was impossible that she would not come for the recruitment.

In fact, Chu Yu would not fail given her capability.

However, Chu Yu was not here.

It was rather unexpected.

“Congratulations on passing the first test. I hope that you’ll be able to keep up your performance today.” Tang Jinyu said.

He did not bother to say anything else. Then, he said directly to Feng Yi who was standing beside him. “Dismissed. Let’s go back now!”

They got onto the helicopter and went directly to the base of the military.

Mu Zi was delighted to meet Jian Qi again. She knew the other students from the National Defense Academy too.

Aside from the students, most of the people who were taking part in the recruitment test were soldiers who had been working in the military.

After the first test, they managed to eliminate some people.

They gathered once again after alighting from the helicopter.

Jian Qi was standing in attention as she tilted her head and looked at Lu Yao who appeared energetic. She could not help but disturb him, “Instructor Lu, why are you so excited?”

Lu Yao was annoyed. “No one would think that you’re dumb if you keep your mouth shut!”

“I’m just jealous of your stamina. Why aren’t you happy when I praise you?”

Jian Qi grinned wickedly but Lu Yao’s facial expression was rather terrible.

He moved away from her subconsciously.

Jian Qi smiled. He was indeed a vengeful person!

The test continued on before Jian Qi could say anything else to Lu Yao.

The remaining students from the National Defense Academy would now truly know what crazy meant!

Tang Jinyu was too easy on them before.

They had a whole day of stamina tests by the end of which they nearly collapsed there and then.

A quarter of the team were students from different academies. The rest of them were exceptional soldiers from other military teams.

At the same time, they had the same identities. All of them were candidates for the recruitment.

Everybody was exhausted after a whole day of stamina tests. Some of them even passed out directly and had to be carried away, resulting in immediate elimination.

It was just like hell!

“There are ten minutes left before the stamina tests for today come to an end. Everyone keep going!” Feng Yi smiled and said.

On the other hand, Lightning had prepared backpacks for everybody present.

Jian Qi frowned slightly. It seemed like the tests would never end if they had not managed to eliminate half of the candidates.

They came all the way here early in the morning. Now, it was already midnight. The main point was that they did not get to eat anything up until now. After the tests ended, they soon collapsed on the ground and could not get up.

Even Instructor Lu who appeared energetic and excited before was slumped on the ground.

Tang Jinyu scanned the crowd who had collapsed on the ground like corpses. He said to Feng Yi who was standing beside him, “Let’s begin!”

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