Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 144 - Young Lady, You’re Quite Arrogant!
Chapter 144: Young Lady, You’re Quite Arrogant!

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Feng Yi nodded and walked toward them. He said with a smile, “It seems like everybody is exhausted. Now, we’ll play a game to help you relax. Can you see the backpacks over there? Go and carry them on your backs!”

Jian Qi was extremely exhausted after a whole day of extreme stamina tests, it felt as if her bones were going to break into pieces.

However, it was just what she wanted!

She crawled up from the ground slowly. Then, she went toward the backpacks.

Lu Yao got up and went toward the backpacks as well.

The others were slightly slacking behind. Feng Yi could not take it anymore. He grabbed his gun and shot at the ground in front of him.

The others who had collapsed on the ground started to scramble to their feet immediately.

Crocodile laughed playfully. “Only when faced with mortal threat will you have a sudden burst in energy!”

They carried their backpacks and stood at attention. Tang Jinyu then walked toward them and said calmly, “Parachute jumping. I’m sure you’ve learnt that in your military teams or the academies.”

All of them replied in unison, “Yes!”

“Good, get into the plane now. You’ll have a field survival test for seventy two hours. The first ten people who are hunted and killed by the hunters will be eliminated. However, if some of you cannot take it, you’re free to give up on the test using the signalling device. Once you have launched the device, someone will come and get you.”

“Sir, I have a question!” Jian Qi said.

Tang Jinyu looked at her. “Speak.”

“Can we kill the hunters?”

She sounded very arrogant. Everybody turned to stare at her suspiciously.

However, Lu Yao appeared calm.

The reason was because Lu Yao had the same question as Jian Qi.

They were restricted if they were only allowed to hide from the hunters and not be able to resist them at all.

Tang Jinyu did not reply. However, he turned and asked his subordinates behind him. “What do you think?”

What Jian Qi said sounded like a direct challenge from a novice soldier to the experienced soldiers.

That young lady was indeed quite arrogant!

“Of course!” Somebody voiced out from among that team. Then, the others started siding with him. Their voices were loud and clear.

It was somehow related to their pride and dignity.

A glint of smugness flashed across Jian Qi’s eyes as she got what she wanted.

That was good. She was worried that she might have to hide from the hunters for seventy two hours without being able to resist them.

Tang Jinyu tilted his head and asked the three people beside him who remained quiet. “How about the three of you? What do you think?”

Lightning whispered deep down. ‘Can I say no?’

Feng Yi said to himself, ‘She is my goddess. I must not disappoint her! Even though she is quite scary sometimes!’

On the other hand, Crocodile did not want to say anything. He felt that the young lady was wicked and evil!

They soon said in unison as they felt that Tang Jinyu’s stare had become rather dangerous. “Sure!”

If they were to refuse, their teammates behind them would surely kill them!

Tang Jinyu then turned to look at Jian Qi again. “Heard that?”

Jian Qi gave Tang Jinyu a bright smile.

However, Tang Jinyu ignored her.

‘Hmm… Little Tang Tang is shy!”

“Get into the plane. We’ll depart now!” Tang Jinyu said coldly.

When they were airborne, everyone jumped off the plane at different points so they were dispersed in different corners of the forest.

Moreover, they jumped off at different times. As such, it was rather difficult for them to search for their teammates and hide from the hunters at the same time in that enormous forest.

Jian Qi planned to find a secluded place and eat something when she had landed in the forest successfully. After that, she wanted to have a good rest.

However, things went against her will.

The first group of hunters were already waiting for them there in the forest when they had just landed.

They had nothing else in the backpack except for a day’s supply of food, their signal flares and some basic living equipment.

It was a rather bad sign for them as they were not provided with either guns or bullets. They were in fact quite vulnerable!

Fortunately, they were provided with a pair of night goggles. If not, they would be completely ruined.

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