Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 145 - You Should Have Listened to Him!
Chapter 145: You Should Have Listened to Him!

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Tang Jinyu sat in the command room and looked at the monitoring screen of the security system.

Everything was dead silent after they had landed in the forest.

Tang Jinyu smirked. “Let’s give them something extra!”

Feng Yi nodded.

All of the candidates in the forest were exhausted now after a day of intensive stamina tests. Now, they were left alone in the forest. All they wanted to do was find a secluded place to hide themselves and have a good rest.

However, what happened next was beyond their expectation. They had finally hid themselves when a drone started pelting bombs directly into the forest.

All of a sudden, the forest was on fire!

They were unsure whether they would be killed by the bombs if they were to continue hiding themselves.

As such, they got up and started moving about in the forest to get away from the areas that were being bombarded.

Tang Jinyu looked at the moving red dots on the screen. Then, he gave his command, “Let’s begin!”

Several gunshots could be heard rippling through the forest. Everybody in the forest became tense and nervous.

Jian Qi could hear gunshots near her. It meant that somebody was approaching her.

She remained motionless and waited patiently.

It seemed that somebody had been eliminated near her.

Jian Qi could hear footsteps approaching her and she was on full alert.

They were not the students from the Military Academy like the last time.

She was facing a group of specially trained soldiers who were experienced and exceptional after many years of training and battles. It would be a difficult fight given that the condition of her current body was not at its best.

The darkness of the night engulfed everyone.

She could see two people walking toward her from her night goggles.

They were looking about and searching their surroundings carefully and seriously.

Moreover, they had heat sensors in their hands.

Her body emitted heat so the sensors would pick up on her presence when they got closer to her. Then, her location would be exposed.

“Beep! Beep! Beep!” The heat sensors sounded. The two men stared at each other and their eyes gleamed gleefully.

“Come out…” One of the men said. He stared right at where Jian Qi was.

Jian Qi did not think that the heat sensors would detect her location so soon.

She had actually planned to take action later on.

“Come out!” The man then aimed his gun at Jian Qi.

“Don’t shoot, I’ll come out now!” Jian Qi stood up.

“It’s you!”

The two men walked toward her. They soon saw her clearly. Then, they smiled softly and said to her playfully, “Little girl, didn’t you say that you’ll kill us instead? Now, we’ve got you. You never thought that you’ll be eliminated so soon, right?”

Jian Qi smiled rather innocently. “Two Brothers, please let me go.”

“Lightning mentioned to us that you’re quite cunning before we came here. He asked us to be careful around you and to kill you the minute we see you. We must not spare your life!”

The moment he said so, Jian Qi moved swiftly in a rather devilish manner. She attacked the man who was talking just now.

The man came to his senses and pulled the trigger on his gun. However, Jian Qi managed to dodge the attack and turn the gun around to aim it at the other man. That man was directly shot by the gun.

His facial expression changed instantly. He wanted to move but he felt a cold feeling on his neck. It was a knife!

“Brother, you’re dead!” Jian Qi grinned crudely.

That man put down his gun. Jian Qi then withdrew her dagger and snatched the gun away from him. Then, she aimed it right at him and pulled the trigger.

That man was speechless.

He was a dead man now. How dare she shoot him?

The two of them were killed and eliminated.

Jian Qi’s smile deepend. Her row of white teeth seemed rather murderous in the dark night. “You should have listened to him!”

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